Ideas on How to Temporarily Close Off a Fireplace Without it Looking Unsightly

how to temporarily close off a fireplace

A fireplace forms the epicenter of every living room. A well-decorated fireplace is something that every family loves, it improves the beauty of the house, and yes, every visitor will probably be guessing towards the beholding site of such a fireplace.

How to Temporarily Close off a Fireplace

Looking for ideas on How to Temporarily close off a fireplace without it looking unsightly? Is it something you consider budgeting on? 

Well, lucky for you, we have collected 17 ideas to help you close off or decorate the fireplace and turn it to a site to behold.

Using the fireplace as a storage

A fireplace is in the living room or the kid’s room, turning it into a bookshelf helps improve the beauty of the place. Arranging the bookshelf in a cozy manner and stacking the books in a tight configuration helps improve the look. 

You can as well transform the fireplace into a shoe rack by neatly building frames in it and arranging your shoes in it.

Choosing the painting color carefully to paint in a fireplace located in your kids’ room adds beauty to the room, makes it a small paradise for them.

When the fireplace is in the kitchen, you can fit it with well decorated shelves. The shelves can be used in storing jars of grains or even recipe books.

Putting logs in the fireplace

You can store woods in the fireplace as if the idea of lighting a fire was just a matchstick away. You can stark logs of random sizes horizontally to the fireplace. The other way can be cutting logs that are the actual size of the mantel and then fixing them jointly in a tight college.

Logs can be pilled and placed horizontally, leaning on the fireplace to help in improving the theme of the house.

Perforate the logs and pace bulbs inside them works even better. A unique design to prove creativity, even more, can be the idea of placing a basket filled with firewood in the fireplace.

Decoration of the fireplace with wallpapers

Wallpapers are standard in today’s living rooms. Adding one larger and well-fitted wallpaper to the fireplace is an excellent idea to help improve the look of your room.

The wallpaper to be used will depend on the size of the fireplace and remember choosing a color that matches the paint of your room. 

Putting candles in the fireplace

Candles are perhaps a traditional method of temporarily decorating an unused fireplace. You can choose to use candles of different sizes. A mixture of short and longer candles arranged in the firebox will improve the beauty of the fire. The candles can be tied together or sparsely placed inside.

Instead of placing the traditional candles as they are, you can place a collection of candlesticks of varying heights to the firebox.

The candles add the image of actually lighting new flickering flames in the firebox, thereby improving the beauty of your room.

Open shelves in the fireplace

Shelves in the fireplace can help conceal it and bring a new look to the house altogether. The shelves are stacked with nearly anything from kids’ schoolbags, shopping bags to any other thing that can fit into it.

For a fireplace in the kids’ room, the shelves are painted using elegant colors and toys arranged on the shelves. 

Covering the fireplace

If the idea of decorating the fireplace is something that doesn’t work for you, probably it’s time you consider covering it altogether. You can hide the fireplace using decorative fabrics or a dull color according to your taste.

You can put a piece of furniture like a chair in front of the covered fireplace or put a bag of bright roses. 

Covering and sealing the fireplace will eliminate the odors and tar inside the fireplace. The resin and odor can never be removed.  

Putting a piece of art 

Do you have that memorable piece of art, and you are wondering where it would fit in your house? Well, painting the fireplace and putting your piece of art in this place will improve you’re the beauty of your home even more.  

Medals won, purchased old arts, and own made paintings all add to a perfect look when jointly selected and placed carefully into the fireplace.

Hanging a portrait on the fireplace adds more beauty. It changes the center of attention from the mantle to the picture.

Flowers in the fireplace

Well, flowers are life to every home, given the beauty they add to the house. Choosing the best color to fit your interior will even add more to this beauty.

You can choose to plant flowers inside the fireplace and regularly maintain them to improve their look. Alternatively, purchasing bright artificial flowers that match the wall painting also significantly contributes to a beautiful fireplace.

Arrange an array of mismatched pots, in many sizes and shapes, filled with ferns and hearty succulents add more beauty.

Turning the fireplace into a pet’s house

Sounds funny right? Pet’s love such places, and most often, they will be lying and sleeping inside them if it is mantle used. Decorating the fireplace and adding a soft mat on the floor of the fireplace makes it a perfect bed for your pet.

Instances of having your pet sleep on your expensive chair or bed are reduced.

After furnishing this place for your lovely dog, you can then train them and couch them to be living in this place. Try it; they’ll love it.

Make the mantel a focal point

If you don’t want to cover up the mantel or insert things into it, you can still highlight it by making it the focal point of the room. If your fireplace is showing unpleasant signs of old age, you can paint it or add new tiles to it. 

You can decorate the mantel shelf with photos, grocery, and antique pieces. Besides, you can add shelves or wall units around the mantel and painting white to improve on the beauty it adds to the room.

Place a portrait, television on top of the mantel; this will make the fireplace a site to stare at often while in the house. 

Create a Wine Rack

Who doesn’t love a wine rack that is easy to access?  A living room with a well-displayed wine rack would mean good times at home. Purchase portable wine racks that are the size of your mantel and fit it in the mantel. 

Nicely arrange your fantastic wine inside and enjoy every memorable moment you alone or with your invited guests. 

Besides the wine, you can also put in tumblers and other bar accessories at the mantle.

Lights in a fireplace

Having Christmas lights in your house doesn’t necessarily mean celebrating Christmas daily. Your fireplace is the best place to install Christmas lights nicely. 

You can put glowing bulbs inside the mantle to add beauty to your house as well. From dull light bulbs to varying colors, the choice is yours to make.

Go graphic

If the fireplace looks like a sore in the eye, you can cover it up with a colorful screen. Choose a loud graphic that attracts attention, at least to make it stand out.

This graphic screen will add a pop of pattern to the space covered by the mantle.

Junk trunks

Stack trunks in the empty mantle to achieve a vintage feel. You can use logs of different sizes from large ones at the bottom to small ones at the top.

The trunks are useful as safes to store your items and pieces of information.

Whiteout the fireplace

Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to decorate a non-working mantle. Saturate a white color to make space feel airier and lighter.

After painting the place white, staff it with white pieces of art or even white bulbs to increase its attractiveness.

Use the fireplace as a shadow box with a display of your favorite Object

Turk a handsome architectural model or family heirloom into the mantle and put a transparent screen to allow easy viewing.

Use a big visible object that not only feels the space but also shows the creativity of the people living in the house.

Add a vintage look summer front

Find some old summer front charm from a flea market and put it in the mantle to help improve the look of the fireplace.

The summer front used should match the room décor used for uniformity and avoid vagueness of the color selection.

Old fireplace reduces the aesthetic beauty of a room, making it dull and a sore sight to behold. To improve the image of the room, spending few dollars to decorate the fireplace works best, and the results are always amazing. A well-furnished home has the tendency of repeat visitors something that every family loves. Try out one of the solutions and you never know, maybe it is exactly what you were looking for.