How To Organize Kids Rooms

How To Organize Kids Rooms

How to organize kids’ rooms without spending a lot of time? A million-dollar question for every parent who is busy with work. And even if you are a stay-at-home parent, keeping a kid’s room organized is one of the toughest challenges you may have to face.

Working or not, organizing your kid’s rooms takes a lot of time and effort. But there are ways to do it faster. This guide will take you on a step-by-step journey to learn how to organize kids’ rooms.

How to organize your kids’ rooms

The following steps will walk you through a how-to guide that will help you organize your kid’s room without much hassle—wondering how to organize kids’ rooms? Here are the tips to follow.

Throw Away the Trash

One of the most important things to do before rearranging everything in your kid’s room is to remove anything unnecessary. By throwing away all the trash, you make room for things that matter.

Start by throwing away old, broken toys, unwearable clothes, or school papers that they no longer need.

Once you complete the cleaning process, rearrange the things that you want to store or donate.

Collect All the Clothes

After you throw away all the trash, it is time you look through their clothes. Many times, children tend to accumulate more clothes than they need. You can either go through the entire closet at once or sort one wardrobe at a time.

Divide them into three sections —

  • Wearables — Keep the clothes that your kids can/will wear in the future.
  • For donation — These are clothes that won’t fit your child any longer, or they don’t like to wear or are out of season. You can donate such clothes to the children who need them the most.
  • Store — Are there any clothes that hold emotional value? Or clothes that you want to pass on to another child? Then store them.

Storing clothes can be easy if you are using reliable totes with handles or storage bags. Check out these great storage bags by House of Quirk on Amazon.

Organize All the Toys

The next big step you need to take while rearranging your kids’ room is to store all the toys.

Pro Tip: Take help from your kids when you are sorting through the toys.

Could you encourage them to take part in the task? The process can be a great learning activity. It will provide them a chance to understand the difference between what they want and what they need.

Keep toys that your child(ren) loves to play with or hold significant importance or emotional connection to their lives.

Arrange The Books

Once you are sure about which toys you will keep, it is time to take care of the books.

Look through your storage capacity. Are you sure you can store all the books and there will still be enough room for future books?

If you see there is not enough space, do not bring any more books until you find a way to give some old books away.

Clean Under the Bed

Many parents ask this question often — how to organize kids’ rooms when it is a shared room? Well, if your kids share a single room, start by cleaning under the bed.

Chances are, you will find innumerable things under your children’s bed. Pull everything out and throw them away.

Vacuum or Clean Everything

Clean the surfaces, mop under the bed, and dust all the dressers. There, you have a squeaky clean, perfect room for your kids.

Get Rid of the Broken Furniture.

While you are getting rid of the useless stuff in your kid’s rooms, pay attention to the broken chair or tables too. If you are unable to fix those, replace them with new ones.

Clean the Desks and Drawers

Children keep many unnecessary things hidden in their desks and drawers. Empty the boxes, drawers, and desks. Follow the same procedure of store/donate/trash whenever necessary.

Make the Bed

There is one finishing touch that you cannot miss out on. Make your kid’s bed. Making the bed will make your kid’s room look fresher and cleaner.

While making the bed, please look at the types of things your kids like to keep in their beds. Do they keep books or stuffed animals on their bed? Are they taking up a lot of space?

Find a more suitable place to store this stuff.

Create a List of Chores for Your Kids to Follow

Once you finish cleaning your kid’s room, here is what you can ask your kids to do:

  • Make their bed every morning.
  • Keep the toys away after playing.
  • Teach them to throw away the trash
  • Teach them to fold clothes

Those mentioned above are a few answers to your never-ending question, how to organize kids’ rooms. But, if you wish to keep your kid’s room neat and clean, there are a few things you can try.

Keep Your Kid’s Room Organized: Four Simple Steps.

To finish organizing your kid’s room is a significant achievement. It is the type of project that you do not wish to pursue.

Are you looking for ways to keep your kid’s rooms the way they are after cleaning them? Here are four incredible ways you can do that

Reward Your Kids

Start with a reward game with your kids, where you set up rewards for them. Each time they help you clean up the room, you reward them with something.

These rewards can be of any form — dessert after dinner or a little extra cash on pocket money. Whatever works well for your family.

Make a Habit of Storage System Maintenance.

The storage system in your kid’s rooms needs a little extra care. When you see your tubs and shelves are full all the time, make a habit of emptying them. You can either donate or throw stuff that is no longer needed.

Celebrate Any Special Event by Donating

If there is a birthday coming up, or there is a holiday season, there is a chance that your kids will get new things. Create room for the new stuff even before they arrive at your home.

Donating old stuff to someone who needs them is always a great way to celebrate a special event. Be kind — be proactive.

Make Your Storage Units Kid Friendly

To make your child understand which stuff goes to which drawer or storage unit, you need to make the storage units accessible to kids. Put book-shelves where your kids can reach them.

Label the storage units with names.

If your kids are too young to read, draw pictures on the labels.

Wrap Up

Kids can be messy. And Keeping your kid’s room organized can be challenging. But it is not impossible if you follow the right steps. The tips mentioned above will surely help you keep your kids’ rooms more polished, fresh, and cleaner.

You can also teach your kids to be more organized. Teach them how to keep their room clean, fold their clothes or store their books. This lesson will help them understand the value of cleanliness and organization.

We hope the guide mentioned above will help you with the process. Follow these steps for a better, organized kid’s room.