How to Organize a Small Closet?

How to organize small closet

Do you find it hard to organize your closet because it is small? Tiny closets and oddly-shaped ones can indeed be challenging to manage. Have you ever thought of how to organize a small closet?

Keeping your closet organized will always be an ongoing process (because you keep updating your wardrobe with new clothes every time). There are a lot of organizational tools and styling tricks that can help you organize your closet. The key is to use the proper storage solution to maximize the space you have.

Common Organizing Mistakes With Small Closets

Not Decluttering

If you like to keep every clothes you buy and have a small closet, it is challenging to keep it organized. The first step in organizing any closet is to streamline things. With a small closet, you have to work with minimal space. So it becomes essential to declutter clothes you don’t wear.

Using Wrong Hangers

Using hangers of different shapes, sizes and styles can ruin your most organized closet. Try to keep hangers of the same type and size so that they can fit together well.

Cramming all the clothes in your closet

People have seasonal clothing. So there is no reason to have off-season clothes to be kept in your closet if you won’t be wearing them for months.

You can keep the off-season clothes under your bed and free up your closet space. It will allow you to access the seasonal pieces of your clothes easily.

Using Inappropriate Organization Products

Storage boxes and dividers are very useful in organizing your closet. But you have to use it appropriately. If you have a small space in your closet, avoid unnecessary products that take the most space.

Look for streamlined products like acrylic dividers that are suitable for the exact things you want to keep.

Not having a System

When you have a small closet, you might think you cannot find your things easily. How can you look at a pair of jeans in a closet? It is easy not to see something if you do not organize your closet properly. You will even struggle to find the item you need when your clothes are packed tightly in a small closet.

Ideas On How To Organize A Small Closet

If you don’t know how to organize a small closet, we have found these fantastic ideas to make the most of even the smallest closets:

Put Resources Into Matching Hangers

A bunch of coordinating holders looks tastefully satisfying and guarantees garments sit pleasantly against each other. It monitors valuable space in your storage room.

Assign Hanging Space For Long Clothes

Instead of folding your dress over on them, hang them up according to their size and space. By doing this, everything stays neat, and you will have room for all your different clothes.

Mark Everything

If you are using any storage box to keep your things, make sure that you are labeling everything so it is easy for you to find anything you need. it is an incredible method to monitor your kid’s clothes as you can mark garments that are of different sizes.

Re-Organize Seasonal Items

You can store your unseasonal items under the bed or on upper shelves.  You can organize your basket by storing your seasonal clothes in one rack.

As the seasons change, you can keep the clothes that you need on the shelf and just change them with the other ones. Like in the winter season, you can move your winter clothes on the lower rack and summer clothes on the upper side of the rack.

Extra Drawer

If your wardrobe does not have built-in drawers, you can utilize extra space under the racks. You can place your things by hanging your clothes in a drawer with a rod.

Color-code Your Wardrobe

Do you find it difficult to find what you need from your closet? Organizing clothes by color is a tedious job. Though, the result will make picking out an outfit much more comfortable. You can arrange your clothes with the same color shades. By this way it looks good and you can pick your coordinating outfits quickly.

Store Your Most Used Outfit At Eye Level

Try to keep everything you wear daily in the middle of your closet. It makes it easy to find and wear in your early morning pre-coffee haze.

Hang Jewelry

If you don’t have a drawer to keep your jewelry, you can consider organizing your earrings, bracelet, and necklaces in a storage organizer with some pockets and hang it somewhere you find suitable.

We recommend you Misslo Jewelry hanging organizer. It is perfect closet jewelry with 32 clear pockets and 18 hook and loop closures. It is the most stylish way to store a pair of earrings, hair clips, necklaces, and bracelets.

Shelf Dividers On The Upper Side Of The Closet

You can use a Shelf divider to neatly organize your things. You can use it to keep accessories like tote bags and small purses. You mostly keep these on shelves otherwise.

If you are looking for an acrylic shelf divider, we recommend you CY craft Acrylic divider. It helps maximize your storage space and helps keep it clean and tidy. You can easily stack things like your clutches, blankets, or clothing.

Use Clear Shelves To Find Things Easily

You can use clear shelves so to find things you are looking for with ease anytime. It is mainly suitable for storing accessories like earrings and necklaces.  This way, you can find any of your jewelry that goes on with your clothes quickly.

Maximize Every Space

You can use extra space to store things that are small and difficult to find—things like a cap, stoles, ties, and other small items that you might use.

Use Door Organizers.

Do you have things that are difficult to fold, like belts, blankets, or swaddles? You can use door organizers to keep those things and make space for other things.

If you are looking for a door organizer, we recommend you Kmeivol over the door organizer. You can use it as an additional storage space. You can organize small items like shoes, an umbrella, pens, belts, scarves, socks, and more.

Use A Rotating Tray

You can use a rotating tray and save your shelf space by organizing your beauty products into a convenient location. As the tray rotates, it makes it easy to find things you need.

Add A Rod

You can double your closet’s storage space by adding a rod that is above the standard height. By increasing the height you will get more free space below. You can install drawers and keep things organized way.

Add One More Rod

Do you require more rod to hang your clothes? You can place your clothing rod a bit above and set the second rod below it. If you don’t want to install a new rod, you can even maximize space by using an adjustable rod that can be expanded. You can hang it from the existing rod in your wardrobe.

Use Dividers

How much ever you love your outfits and accessories, you won’t be able to use them if you cannot find them up. You can keep your tote bags, clutches, and purses in your wardrobe using a divider to keep its shape. Make sure you can easily take them out from your closet and is in your reach.

Hang Purses Using Hooks The Door

To maximize space in your closet, you can hang large bags and purses using hooks on the door. It helps free up a lot of space in your closet.


It is essential to think about how to organize a small closet. It would help if you considered sorting clothes according to type and color within each type. You will be surprised how much space you have created by just making a few changes in your closet.