It can be difficult to work with a bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of floor space or is just on the smaller side of most average bedrooms. How are you supposed to make your bedroom feel like “you,” when you’re given such a small canvas to work with?

Well, for starters, make the canvas appear slightly larger. There are always ways that you can change the space quickly in order to make your bedroom look bigger than it actually is. Sometimes, you just need a little guidance to get started – so here are some tips on how to make your bedroom look bigger, fast!

Be Ruthless When Decluttering

Is your room a wreck? Does it slightly resemble the aftermath of a monster truck rally or perhaps a tornado through a shopping mall? Time to declutter.

“Decluttering” is probably the most useful way to free up more space in general, but you should focus a lot of your attention on what’s on the floor. Things that are on the floor don’t have a home, and therefore you need to find that home within a cupboard, drawer, or in some other storage space.

The fewer items on the floor, the more floor space you free up, giving your bedroom a more spacious appearance. Cluttered countertops and tables are one thing, but nothing screams “this place is a mess!” quite like floors smothered in books and week-old smelly laundry (Does that sound suspiciously specific?).

Decluttering doesn’t just mean throwing stuff in the trash – it simply means getting stuff organised and preferably, out of sight. Better shelving solutions in your room, a nice-looking desk or cabinet, or even a bed with underbed storage are all great and effective ways to help you declutter.

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When it comes to decluttering, be ruthless. Try to separate your emotions from the task at hand wherever you can so you’re not continuing to hold onto things that are just rubbish.

Try to do a big clear-out now, getting rid of the biggest and most obvious sources of clutter, and then stay on top of it as you go throughout the year. Try to have a small decluttering session weekly. It’s also worth doing a big declutter at the start and end of every season. That way, you don’t let the clutter build up and catch you by surprise!

If you need more info on this, here’s a big list of helpful places to start decluttering in all rooms of your house.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you’re looking to save money, then a fast and free option to create more space is simply by rearranging your furniture. There are lots of different ways you could place furniture around your room in order to create more space, so experiment!

When rearranging furniture, start with the biggest item first – likely, your bed – and then start moving your smaller items around. Once you’ve decided where your bed and wardrobe will be, you’ve likely already done most of the work! A lot of experts have a lot of differing opinions on where it’s best to place your bed, so try out a few possible configurations.

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space as well, and they help to bring in more natural light around the room. This combination is a real winner when making your bedroom look bigger, so put your mirrors in direct line of your windows.

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Switch Up Your Dark Colours For Lighter Options

Dark colours are never going to make your bedroom feel spacious, and if anything they’ll just have the opposite effect. With that being said, it’s worth switching up your dark colours for lighter options.

This will make everything less heavy within the space so that even your kingsize bed will look smaller. Soft furnishings are easy to switch up and take a matter of minutes if you’ve got a helping hand to tag-team the duvet with you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then it’s worth seeing what trends are currently in fashion on popular home interior magazines and websites. If in doubt, neutral colours and white will be your best option.

Let In The Light

Letting in the light can be a real mood booster for yourself but not only that, it can help make your bedroom feel a lot bigger than it is. Try to remove anything that might be blocking your windows from letting in the daylight. If you have heavy curtains, then create handles on the side so that you can tie them up and out of the way.

With blinds, you could look at getting ones that are light filtering and therefore let the light in, even if they’re quite thick in material. The more bare you can leave your windows, the better.

Try to embrace more natural daylight, especially during the long summer months. There’s nothing like the sunset to really set the mood within your space.

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Saving on space is obviously the most important factor when it comes to making your bedroom feel bigger. Space-saving furniture has become very trendy, especially for city living, where space might be limited throughout the whole property.

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Get a bed that you lift up and has storage underneath. Look at floating shelves and any sort of storage that serves something else. The more space-saving furniture that you can get, the better.

You can get vanity chairs that have a removable seat and a bit of storage space underneath it. The opportunities are endless, and you can even save more space within wardrobes and drawers by using inserts.

Making your bedroom look bigger is a challenge, but one that can certainly be done. Regardless of the space, you have available, it’s all about what you have in the space and tricking the eye to see it as something bigger than it actually is. Use these tips to get the most out of your bedroom so that you can feel more freedom in it, and less confinement.