How To Make Curtains Longer: 3 Ways To Extend Curtain Length Beautifully

how to make longer curtains

The demand for long curtains is on the rise. Sometimes, a 90-inch drop isn’t just enough, and wanting a bit more length is always desired. Curtains that are too short can make your room look smaller. This is the reason why most people opt to look for curtains with a 108-inch drop. The problem though is knowing How To Make Curtains Longer and maintain its beauty. 

How to Make Curtains Longer

You need to have a longer curtain if your building has a tall ceiling and a 90-inch curtain cannot fit in. These longer curtains are also seen to be very stylish as the ‘ceiling to floor’ look is becoming increasingly popular when people are choosing curtains for their homes. Longer curtains can make your smaller room feel spacious. However, did you know that you can make your curtains longer on your own? The following are three ways How To Make Curtains Longer.

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How to Make Curtains Longer

1. Purchase Curtain Rings

Curtain rings can help to add several inches to your curtains. This gives you the length that you need to have your curtains reach the floor or just above it. You, therefore, need to set a budget for these rings. Sometimes, you might have to dig deeper into your pocket if you buy them from certain stores. 

The good news is that you can buy them from Amazon and still get a discount. In most cases, these rings usually come in different sizes. They can come in either 1.5 inches or 2 inches. When buying these rings, you should check the width of your curtain rods. This is because these rings need to fit on the rod easily.

Each panel can have at least seven rings or even more if the panel is wide. However, the most important thing is to space the rings out. The clips on the rings will help you to hang your curtain well. These rings can help you make your curtains long enough. Your curtain might just hang above the floor or just graze it.


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2. Redo the Bottom Seam

The bottom seam of any curtain is usually a large edge of fabric that is folded over and then a smaller amount of material folded and sewn. If your curtains are short in length, you can undo the seam and create a new seam where you can fold a small amount of fabric cover. A seam ripper can help you to undo your seam. Once you open the first fold, only one fold will be left on the fabric. This fold will be left with no stitches. Two ways can help you redo the bottom seam where the fold is at.

One of these ways is to sew it. Using a sewing machine, you can run a straight line of stitches along the fabric, and you will have lengthened your curtains by a few inches. If you do not have a sewing machine at home, you can try to increase the bottom edge of your curtain. 

Here you can get a ribbon-like roll type of a fabric tape known as stitch witchery and then roll it out in two pieces of fabric. Once this is done, you can heat the iron and then press the areas that you have placed the stitch witchery. This can help to fuse the two pieces. One advantage of using stitch witchery is that it can make your curtain last for many years despite being handled carelessly.

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3. Sew On Some Additional Fabric

This is an easy way of adding more inches to your curtains. All you have to do is to sew the fabric that you have onto the bottom of the curtain. As you do this, you need to choose a color that goes well with the current fabric of the curtain. However, as you plan to add some fabric onto your curtain, you should follow certain steps. 

First and foremost, you should hang the curtain and get an accurate measure of how much material you want to add. Here you should measure the distance between the end of the curtain to the floor. You should then double up this distance as you will have to fold the material you want to sew to the bottom of the curtain panel. For the seam allowance, you can add one more inch.

Having determined these dimensions, you can then cut your material and then use a hot iron to fold the material into two. This can help you make a neat edge and hide the frayed edge. You can then add this material to your curtain and then sew it. Once this is done, you can then use a hot iron to press the seams and curtain for a beautiful finished look.

As you add some fabric on your curtain, you can consider creating a contrasting or a monochromatic effect. All these depend on your preferences and your overall decorative style.

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There are instances when you’ll prefer to sew on some lace on your curtain. However, you must ensure that your curtain goes well with the lace. You can then add a piece of lace at the bottom of your curtain. Remember that the lace requires more refined sewing. It will help if you are careful so that it can retain a beautiful outlook once you have added it separately. A sewing machine with a fine needle can help you achieve this objective. Once you have sewed it, you can then iron the curtain and then hang it on the rod to look more appealing.

If you choose to add a ribbon to your curtain, you should ensure that it complements the color of your curtain and the theme of the room. When you use it with lace ruffles, your curtain n will look longer than before. A longer curtain can help to prevent light from getting into your bedroom at night. Besides, it can also help to optimize your privacy. 

No one will be able to peep from outside. Long curtains can make your room look bigger than it is. These ideas can help increase the length of your curtain beautifully. Try them today, and you will not be frustrated. Then hang two curtains on one rod with these tips.

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