Let’s get it straight; the house you buy will always have a few cons as perfection is a distant-dream in this age. We tend to think that the comfort zone for which we burnt our pockets should match our imagination.

Trust me, it never does. Turning a house into a home takes a lot of effort. And the emotional roller-coaster ride always keeps your brain-tickling.

Once you get things done, then the heart always keeps wanting more. The reason behind the same is, we all feel perfection is a utopia.

When you shift into a new house, you have to take plenty of things to take care of. For instance, while you keep the budget in mind, you have to take care of the house’s entire interior.

The first big issue that you may have to face is a windowless living room. Bummer, isn’t it? But the pros of the place superseded the cons, and we embarked upon a journey to find solutions.

So, How To Make a Dark Room Look Brighter?

You may face a similar dilemma at your place with a shabby and gloomy room and wonder how to make a room look brighter.

Let’s be real, folks, we may like a cozy little space in our homes, but they don’t go along with brightening up our moods, do they?

So, what should you do? Based on my experience, we are going to put forward a few solutions you may try. These tips will make your rooms look bigger, brighter, and full of life:

  1. Better lighting
  2. Paint colors to make a room look bigger and brighter
  3. Choice of furniture
  4. Enhanced flooring
  5. Choice of curtains
  6. Plants to the rescue

Better Lighting

If you live in a basement like me, you may not have all the rooms with windows to provide natural lighting. In that case, you may opt for proper artificial lighting to go along and illuminate the space.

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A chandelier in the living room not only may reflect the sunlight during the daytime but also acts as a central source of light after sunset.

The big, bright shiny object would also be a center of attraction, adding value to the décor of your space. There are a variety of tips and tricks that you can follow, acting as a perfect guide to choose your chandelier. Getting a chandelier is one of the best answers to your question, how to make a dark room look brighter.

Additionally, you can choose various lamps that may save your dark-space and corners, whether it’s beside your TV or the sofa. It helps you make a room look brighter and cuts down on the space to make your room look bigger.

Customers and designers alike nowadays tend to prefer false ceilings. It can be another way to brighten up your roof and provide you with artificial luminosity.

Paint Colors To Make a Room Look Bigger and Brighter

When looking for ways and finding answers to making a dark room brighter, think about the wall shades. Before you decide upon the stuff that would go in each room, paint colors to make a room look bigger and brighter; for instance, single colors are usually the go-to choice, but contemporary designs lean onto gradients. Bright colors like blue, shades of red are beneficial to the cause.

Contrary to common-sense, having matte-colored walls reflect light in all directions rather than glossy walls. Also, matte is what many designers believe gives a classy touch. The glossy walls but may seem tacky.

You may even go a step further and color your ceiling. The primary reflection takes place, and coloring them with light blue shades may create an illusion of the bright sky. So, a glossy ceiling would reflect more light and make your room look brighter.

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Choice of Furniture

While many opt-outs from buying light color furniture, let alone white, this brave move might be worth the risk on your journey to how to make a dark room look brighter.

Yes, having pets, or young kids, or even careless adults may put a strain on your furniture and a dagger in your heart. But trust us when we say this, choosing light-colored furniture makes the room look brighter.

Not only that but using long furniture also takes less space as compared to a stocky one and thus making your living space look bigger.

Additionally, you may choose appropriate accessories with glossy surfaces that would help radiate brightness in the whole room. You may also go by our choice and opt for mirrors in the room, a natural solution to make your room brighter.

Your choice of furniture and accessories goes a long way in transforming your dreary space. Not just your furniture and accessories, few paintings on the wall also add value to the cause.

It happens to be a great stimulant to glow up your room and your mood.

Enhanced Flooring

Whenever you need light, wooden flooring can be a good acquaintance for your home décor. However, warm places me opt out of it as wood tends to increase the room temperature.

For people staying in temperate and tropical places, a beautiful rug can be an excellent option to brighten up your room. It not only defines the area of your room but also adds value to the aesthetic appeal.

Marbled flooring can also be an economical option to light up space, and trust me, and it helps to keep the room cooler.

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Choice of Curtains

We are sure you will not even buy a windowless place. So, wherever you have it, make sure to use translucent curtains with light colors. These do not absorb the light and help you brighten up your room during the day-time.

Dark and heavy curtains are to be avoided, as they not only make your house feel like an old haunted palace with lost royalty but also absorbs the light that you have been craving for.

The curtains do not provide you with privacy, but the hanging drapes’ elegance boosts your aesthetic appeal.

So why not make the correct choice of color that makes a room brighter and steps towards solving a dark room.

Plants To the Rescue

Plants always add life to space and tend to make you feel alive. While dark rooms would increase your responsibility of properly taking care of them, adding a few light-colored plants does provide the much-needed zeal to your living space.

Aloe veras and bonsai plants are the few that many choose. And trust us when we say this, you will not miss out on a chance to boast about your choices.

Your house is yours to make a home, and all the little things that we tend to forget or ignore does help a lot in making your rooms brighter and bigger.

Unless you are a vampire in his/her lair trying to find comfort in the darkness, you may give a thought about the things we handpicked to help you find your answers to how to make a dark room look brighter.

The abode that you have acquired and hope to cherish for your whole life needs to be as close to your dream, and these little things get you closer to it.