How to Install a Cast Iron Tub: Everything You Need to Know Beforehand

Why would you want to learn about How to Install a Cast Iron Tub? Cast iron tubs have become common because they are sturdy and strong. These tubs are also elegant looking and easy to clean and therefore many people prefer installing cast iron tubs in their homes as compared to other types of tubs.

How to Install a Cast Iron Tub

It is now easy to create the bathroom of your dreams by using cast iron tubs and giving your space an elegant and modern look that is also timeless with a tub that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

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Advantages of Installing Cast Iron Tubs

Cast irons have many advantages over other types of tubs like steel, fiberglass or even plastic.

Durability: cast iron is very durable and this is why it is preferred by many when installing tubs. You are ensured that a cast iron tub will last years and will not cost you a lot when it needs maintenance. Cast iron is sure to resist the test of time compared to other tubs so if you want a tub that will last you a lifetime, then consider investing in a good cast iron tub. This is a tub that is scratch-free and resistant to corrosion.

Maintenance: this is a very easy material to maintain and clean because nothing much is needed to keep the tub looking clean. If you clean your tub well, you are sure that it will retain its original look and color for a long time and you will not need to replace it ever. Natural ingredients can be used to easily clean cast iron and you will not need the use of harsh chemicals and scouring pads to keep your tub looking clean.

Stability: Apart from being durable, installing a cast iron tub ensures the user that they are getting a very stable and sturdy tub. This is a tub that can be used by people of all sizes and weights, however proper consideration must be taken when installing them on floors so that they do not damage the floors in case they have not been reinforced properly. If the user is a bit heavy then you must make sure that the floor is reinforced to hold the weight of the tub, water, and the individual using the tub.

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Variety: if you are tired of the normal all white tubs, then the cast iron tub is just what you need because they come in a variety of colors that you can add to match your décor and transform your space. Different shapes are also available for the user to choose from rectangular tubs to oval and many others. You can now get the perfect shape for your space. If you have a modern home or just want to transform your home and give it a much more modern look, choose between the wide variety of colors and shapes and get one that properly suits your style.

Heat retention: everyone loves to have a warm bath because it is relaxing and therapeutic. A cast iron tub is the best option because your bath water will remain warm for a while unlike other tubs like steel that cools water fast. These tubs are thick and you are sure that you will have warm water for your soak for a long while and you will not need to keep refreshing the water when you are in the tub.

Versatility: Built-in tubs are very rigid and it is very difficult to style them in any other way but cast iron stand tubs are versatile and can fit well in any kind of bathroom. You can change positions easily if you want to.

Disadvantages of Installing a Cast Iron Tub

Apart from the many advantages of the cast iron tub, it also has some disadvantages that are worth mentioning and put into mind before one decides to purchase and install them in the home. The following g are some of the disadvantages:

Weight: cast iron tubs are very heavy, this means that they may not be ideal if they are being used by heavy people. If the tub is being installed on an upper floor bathroom then proper measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the people using it and that they will not damage floors especially if the floors are not properly reinforced to hold the weight.

Heat: Cast iron may retain heat for a long time and give you a warm soak for long but it also takes time to heat up to the temperature you want. Ensure that you give the cast iron a bit more time to heat up before you get in for a soak since you might be surprised that the water is warm but the tub is still a little cold against your skin.

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Bulky: If you have a small bathroom, fitting a cast iron tub can be quite tricky since they are larger compared to other tubs.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Cast Iron Tub

Before you install a cast iron tub, you need to ensure that you have everything set up and consider a few important factors that will ensure that you get the right tub for your home:

Cast iron tubs do not need frames because their strength will allow their feet to be bolted on their bodies. They can support themselves and their contents safely.

Consider the weight of the person who will be using the tub and the water and ensure that the tub you have will hold the weight without being strained. This is because you need to consider the floor that you are installing the tub in especially if you are installing it in a bathroom that is not on the ground floor.

Ensure that you have enough room for your tub and leave enough space for cleaning and for entering and leaving the tub.

Treat the floors and timbers if there are any and reinforce any joists in case you are replacing your old tub with a new cast iron tub. This is because of the extra weight especially if the previous tub was lighter.

Make sure you have enough space to fit your desired tub before you buy it. Remember that cast iron tubs are generally larger than other types of tubs so they need a bigger space for them to fit well. Measure and mark the space so that you have the proper dimensions especially if you do not have a spacious bathroom.

The size and shape of your tub of choice are also important because it will determine how it will fit in the space you have for it.

You might also want to consider the color of the tub you want against the overall décor of the bathroom so that you can get a tub that will properly fit your style and décor.

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Before you start installing the tub of your choice, ensure that you have checked the quality of the tub you want to buy. Tubs need to be inspected and approved that they have passed the appropriate safety standards. You need to be sure that the tub is being sold by a reputable vendor and that they have assured their quality according to the ADA rule and regulations.

This way you have the surety that the tub you are about to install in your home is safe and it will work the way you intend it to. Consult a plumber who is also certified to check and assure you that the plumbing in your home is ok and that the tub can be installed in the place you want.

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Installation of the Tub

Once you receive your new tub, take a pencil and mark the floor dimensions so that you have the position of the tub properly identified. Make sure that the floor in this position is leveled and can properly hold your tub.

Place the tub into the position you have marked and drop a plumb line from the tub to the overflow drain. This is to ensure that if your tub overflows, the water will not soak the floor and end up damaging it.

Install the proper plumbing. These are waste drains and piping. You can then set up the tub into the position and apply silicon so that the feet of the tub remains in place.

When you are done with your installation, trim the drain pipe and overflow pipe to the appropriate length and ensure that you have places plumbers tape to the pipe threads to minimize leakages.

It is easy to enjoy a soak in your properly installed tub so ensure that you choose the correct one and follow proper instructions when installing it. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning will ensure that your tub lasts longer and retains its original color since cast iron tubs do not fade. If you have ensured that your plumbing is done well, then you are sure that no damage will come to your floors and there will be no leakages as you enjoy your bath. Then decorate your bathroom with these quirky ideas.

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