How to Hang Two Curtains on One Rod

Windows are one of the essential elements of a home. These structures not only allow natural light to get into a room but if well covered, they can be an extension of your interior design.

In this post we are going to cover the following methods for hanging two curtains on one rod:

  • Double Layered Curtains
  • The Three Layered Curtain Style
  • The Bungee Cord Method
  • Using Double-Sided Hooks
  • Add A Scarf Valance

The best way you can achieve this is by layering curtains. If you are stuck with having to use one curtain rod for the desired window treatments, you will have to learn how to hang two curtains on one rod to achieve the layered look.

Here are some easy tips that you can follow if you are unsure of how to layer curtains using a single rod.

How to Hang Two Curtains on One Rod

Double Layered Curtains

In window treatment, layering refers to using more than two-panel pairs of curtains to dress your windows. Commonly, people layer two different curtain styles. In most cases, this involves combining the prominent main curtains which have solid patterns or colors with sheer curtains.

To achieve this look, slide one panel of the main curtains onto the rod

The main curtains are placed to the right and left edges of the curtain rods while the sheer curtains occupy the middle part. This kind of placement brings out a chic and uniquely balanced style. The panels placed at the end of the rod often appear as if they have been placed on a separate rod and also offer protection from excessive sunlight.

To achieve this look, slide one panel of the main curtains onto the rod. Move it to the very end to create space for additional panels. After that, add one or two of the sheer panel on to the rod. The number you add depends on your taste. Finally, slide the remaining main panel and then adjust the panels to make them look neat. 

Using this four-panel style will, however, limit your ability to close your curtains. The sheers, which are placed in the middle of the rod, restrict the movement of the main curtains. The sheers you select, therefore, determine the amount of light that enters the room and the level of privacy that you get to enjoy.

Choosing sheers that have prints or lace patterns can help to filter out the light and improve the level of privacy within a room that has this kind of window treatment. 

Alternatively, you can substitute the sheer curtains with white curtains or light-colored ones that complement your main curtains. This will help to preserve the room.s privacy while maintaining the chic style of a light-colored mid-area. If you opt for this route, you will have little or no natural light streaming into the room. 

The Three Layered Curtain Style

This method involves layering six curtain panels with three styles rather than the conventional two styles with four panels. With this window treatment method, You can select a curtain styled with a solid color to anchor at both ends of the window.

The second curtain style should have a fun pattern that features the color of the anchor curtains.

Finally, incorporate a sheer curtain for the third style. A white or light-colored curtain that complements the other two curtain styles can be used as well. 

When arranging the curtains on the rod, start with the solid colored panel. Slide it onto the rod and then push it to the very end to create space for the other panels. The patterned curtain should follow.

When you have done this, add the two sheered panels followed by the patterned panel and finally, the solid colored panel at the end. Adjust the panels accordingly to achieve a neat final look. 

The result will be a beautiful gradient of colors and textures. This type of design is best suited for large windows that have an extended width. Applying this method to a small window may make it look squeezed and untidy. 

Bungee Cord Method

When you hear of bungee cords, thrill-seekers who jump off bridges or cliffs often come to mind. The cords that we are referring to in this case are, however, much smaller and less powerful. B

Bungee cords are made of a thick elastic cord that hooks at both ends and is covered with colorful fabric or plastic material.

The hooks can be used to lock onto each other or latched onto other surfaces. 

Because they come in a wide range of sizes and they can withstand stretching without damage, bungee cords are perfect for use on windows.

To utilize bungee cords to create a layered treatment for your windows, you need two pairs of curtain panels. The first pair should be standard and the other sheer.

When creating a layered look using bungee cords, place both of the sheer curtain panels on the bungee cords. Slide the cord through the openings where you would typically slide a rod to achieve this. After you have done this, attach each of the cord ends to the window brackets using the hooks that are provided.

Ensure that the cord is well secured and adjust the sheers to make them look neat. Then place the standard panels on the rod and hang it in front of the cord. The cord will serve as a second rod without the actual need for one. 

Using Double-Sided Hooks

Another smart way to achieve a layered look using a single rod is to use double-sided hooks. Though these are often used in bathrooms for shower curtains,  they can be adopted in other rooms as well.

Double-sided hooks have two hooks on opposite sides, which can be used to hold two curtain panels at the same time. When selecting the hooks, ensure that you go for a design that can be able to withstand the weight of the curtain fabric without getting damaged

Add A Scarf Valance

If you wish to layer your curtains with a scarf valance, select one that has a long and flowing fabric. After you have slid your curtains on to the rod, simply drape the valance over the rod to give your window more design depth and beauty.

With these design tips, your curtains will add style to your room and leave your interior a sight to behold. Also, learn how to combine your curtain colors and carpet.