How to Hang Heavy Curtains without Getting Damaged: Our Expert Advice

a woman standing in a room with curtains

Hanging curtains in a room in another part of practicing interior décor. In most cases, hanging curtains is very cumbersome. Getting the right dimensions to be used on your curtains could be very daunting at times. Simply because you can do it repeatedly and still not do it the right way?

That is why such processes need time and great amounts of patience for it to be successful. Besides, if you want the outcome to go your way, then you must go with the right measurements, which will, in turn, bring you the correct position. There is absolutely no shortcut to having the dimensions right. Lest you get it all wrong, and could even end up with uneven curtains on the windows.

We all have our reasons as to why we hang curtains in our rooms. It could be to cover that extra space inside the room, preventing snoopy neighbors from peeping, or simply just blocking the excess sunlight that usually streams into the room during the day, then you must find that particular curtain, which suits the occasion for which it is meant to serve. In that case, you must choose wisely.

Even though heavier curtains will suit you just fine, they also have disadvantages, which must be approached with care if you are to get the best out of these curtains. One disadvantage that you will notice firsthand will come from the amount of effort, which you will put in when hanging them.

On most occasions, it will be best to have adequate preparation for hanging these heavy curtains well. This will also ensure that you do not have a hard time. You must also ensure to get the correct accessories for doing the job thoroughly at your disposal. They include essential tools like rods, which in most instances will be able to withstand the weight, and brackets to be used for installation, including hanging these heavy curtains as well.

In that regard, we have so many techniques on how to hang heavy curtains without much trouble. It will seem very hard from the onset but once you get wind of it, it shall flow easily.

Choosing a Suitable Rod to be Used When Hanging the Curtains

To go for your preferred rod, you will, first of all, get all the weights for your heavy curtains and note them down in the process. The next important step will be about dividing these recorded weights with the size then compare it with the number of rods needed for completion of that particular task. Thereafter, what you will do is to measure the rods per foot, before choosing the right ones.

Moreover, if you want to get the correct size, then it is important for you not to overlook the information on the label. It will give you clarity on what to go for. Moreover, when buying the screws, you should make sure that they are of the correct size. You do want to be going back for more every time you find that something is missing as it will eat into your tight schedule.

What it Entails to Install the Curtains

Before installing the curtains, it is also very important for you to ascertain that all the measurements are the right ones between the floor and up to the bracket. This will make it very easy for finding a way of hanging the heavy curtains. Apart from that, it will guide you on the exact measurements for the rods to be used for this purpose.

The Process of Installing the Brackets

One of the easiest ways of installing these brackets in question is finding an amicable method of screwing your anchors firmly in place. Then what you will do in the next steps that follow, will be to strategically tape these hooks from the back with double-sided tape, before pinning it onto the wall then screwing them in their rightful place.
Other Useful Alternative methods you can use to hang the heavy curtains:

How about Hooks for hanging Coats?

Unknown to very many people, coat hooks can perform very many functions apart from just being used for hanging coats inside their wardrobes. It is a well-calculated and surprising move that will also make the curtains to hang without damaging the surrounding especially your walls. Therefore, if you are using them, then you will, first of all, find an easy way of installing them.

After the successful installation of the hooks, what you do next will be to space them each at an equal distance along with the window in which the heavy curtains will be hanged.

Thereafter, you can now go about looping the holes one after the other until you hang the heavy curtains. Thus, coat hooks can be a very convenient way of hanging your curtains. You do not even have to drill your wall when installing them.

However, with coat hooks, there is a need to have the right measurements as any wrong turn will bring about great difficulties when opening or closing the curtains. Furthermore, they add great value to your interior décor for the room and adjacent windows, especially those that do not need any further readjustments on them.

How About Curtain Rod Brackets?

Most people always find themselves at crossroads when hanging their curtains. This is because they are torn in between having the right sizes for the walls is normally difficult and might end up getting damaged when installing them.

However, there is no cause for worry, as you can have as many options as possible today that will take these types of stress away from you.

One of these very simple alternatives is the curtain rod brackets from Kwik-Hang. They are very easy to install, and there is still more to it. There is also no need for any measurements before installation. Just put them in their rightful positions at the window corners. Gently tap the brackets in with a hammer or mallet made of rubber.

Commandeering Hooks

You can have very many diverse ways that you can use these hooks. Nonetheless, it will depend on your creativity levels. If you are creative enough, this is the best opportunity for using commandeering hooks to hang their heavy curtains. For starters, when using these hooks, what you will do is to take the measurements for your window.

If it is above thirty inches long, then you will need three of these hooks for giving maximum support in the middle of either end. But if it is less than that then you will only be required to use two.

Since they come in a variety of textures and quality, which in most cases include nickel that has been polished and bronze made of oiled rubber, and to get that invigorating and aesthetic value to the interiors of your rooms, you can creatively mix both colors freely. Especially the ones, which go hand in hand with the decorations.

To get a perfect fit for your window, it is normally advisable to choose a rod, whose diameter is thin by design. Anything, which is thicker than that will result in having the curtains fixed in a crookedly.

Next after measuring your curtains is peeling off the protective adhesive tape before pressing the hooks firmly but gently against the wall. Do this for the two sides of the window, then wait for some time before hanging your curtains?

Additionally, you should take note of the maximum weight that can be sustained by these hooks, as they can only manage about 5 pounds. Anything more than this recommended weight will result in the hooks peeling off from the wall. Although they can at times be used on heavier curtains, they will not last that long. Another downside to these hooks is that over time, they normally lose their stickiness. Hence, will not serve you better for longer.

Rod Curtains-Stretch

Simply put, these models can stand immense pressure exerted on them by stretching out. They do this by stretching out internally going towards the external areas and can be installed and used easily without any problems.

Another very effective ways to hang the heavy curtains include:

The Initial Step

It normally involves very complete processes of measuring both your windows’ sizes to get accuracy. Furthermore, these measurements are what will greatly determine the curtain rod, which will be used for hanging the curtains, and its size must be longer than that of the window by about six inches in measurement.

Step Number Two

In this category, it is very important to buy a strong rod that is strong enough to be able to withstand the whole weight for the heavy curtains. Anything less will eventually make the curtains to sag downwards, creating a very ugly picture. Therefore, a rod made of steel is more preferable than aluminum.

The Third Step

This step normally involves the installation of a stud onto the wall where the curtain rod and curtain itself will be hanged. Unlike lighter curtains, heavier ones will require very strong anchorage if they are to last longer.

The main reason as to why a strong anchor is encouraged is because the brackets will be attached directly to the wall with the anchor as an intermediary. If you are not sure about their positions, then before installation, mark the areas using a light pencil or erasable marker.

The Fourth Step

This is all about the location. The position in which to put the brackets is of great importance and will rely very much on the exact location for installing the studs on your wall. They can also be used to spreading your curtains wider.

Step Number Five

You must measure the sizes of your windows, instead of blindly putting in place the brackets. Doing this will enable you to know exactly how to install them. Hence, it is just another way of preventing any problems from arising shortly. Give enough room for your curtains and the underlying floor. While at the same time, making sure that they adequately cover the windows like they were intended for.

Step Number Six

Before gently hammering the accessories for hanging your heavy curtains, then you must get the positions right. Proceed to measure the exact spots for the subsequent installation of the curtain rods. However, all this is highly dependent on studs’ key positions on the windows, including the height for hanging the curtains. Therefore, if you want the best possible angle for hanging the curtains, then you should simply remember to place the studs in the same position.

The Seventh Step

To avoid much trouble, you must install the brackets in the exact position and proceed to mark these places using a very light pencil, which can be erased with ease before you screw these brackets in.

The Eighth Step

The steps get more crucial as we move forward. Here, what you will simply do is to make sizeable holes using a nail. These are the spots where you will finally squeeze in the screws for holding the curtain brackets firmly in place, ensuring that they do not become loose, which may compromise the whole process and you do not want to go through the process again from the start.

The Ninth Step

What you will most importantly do in this step is to screw the brackets firmly in their rightful place. Before screwing them in, what you should give priority is ensuring that these brackets have been lined up properly with the holes for the screws to fit perfectly. This will most likely prevent them from becoming loose therefore, not firm as they should be.

Step Number Ten

In this last step, your task is to ensure that everything is in its rightful place. On the same note, you should also make sure the curtains are in the right position as well.

If you follow this step by step guide on how to hang heavy curtains without Getting Damaged, you won’t need to worry about anything. Your curtains will not just remain in good shape, you’ll also be able to adjust them to allow in air and light without compromising on their stability.