How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling: 4 Ingenious, Discreet Methods 

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

The decorations you decide to put in your room can change its look and feel, and the best place to hang them is ordinarily from the ceiling! It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to hang; there is a wide range of alternatives to handle the task. Thus, it doesn’t have to be daunting when it comes to planning how to hang decorations from the ceiling. Whether you want to hang permanent decor or party decorations, there’re a couple of plentiful alternatives from simple-to-use and basic supplies to those crafty DIYs.

How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling 

The following are the four ingenious and discreet methods that you should think about! 

Method 1: Using Adhesives 

You can utilize adhesives to stick your ceiling decorations easily. This method is ideal for lightweight items such as streamers. Applying tape or sticky tack is most likely the best option. It’s also something that you’ll regularly have lying around the house. 

  • Put mounting putty or tape on the ending of your decoration, and connect it to the ceiling. Cover it up and apply some pressure to make sure it doesn’t tumble off. 
  • The tape is particularly helpful on the off chance that you are utilizing one that won’t chip the paint off the ceiling when the decorations are pulled down. Gaffer’s Tape is an excellent alternative to guarantee this. 
  • Mounting putty, otherwise called sticky tack, is likewise incredible for lightweight substances, and you can reuse it. Like mounting putty and tape, you may also give adhesive hooks a try for lightweight items. 
  • You can likewise utilize self-adhesive Velcro within your decorations. Append one side to the ceiling while the next side should hold your ribbon. At that point, attach Velcro back together! 

Method 2: Adding Thumbtacks, Hooks or Nails 

If you’re hanging heavy objects, holding them using tape won’t merely do. Since you’re searching for a more permanent solution, you shouldn’t mind puncturing your ceiling. Attach nails, hooks, or thumbtacks to the ceiling to enable holding of the sturdier mount. This will likewise last longer during the time. 

  • Out of the tree, thumbtacks are the least complex. You can easily pop directly via your decorations and onto the ceiling. These are, however, ideal for lighter items. 
  • You may likewise utilize a hammer for hooks and nails or screw drill in your ceiling. These also enable you to hang or tie objects. The option is much ideal for heavy items since screws, nails, and hooks can support more weight. 

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

Hanging a Hook from a Ceiling 

Embedding a hook into your ceiling is fundamental for hanging plant crates, paper lights, module pendant lights, and other suspended decor. If you don’t hang the hook properly, you may end up damaging your ceiling or your suspended decor. As determined by the heaviness of the item, a toggle bolt may be used to hang decor from the drywall or hang the hook right from the ceiling joist. 

Stuck on Hooks 

While some adhesive-backed hooks can hold to approximately 15 pounds, they depend on the surface you cling them. Before you use such an attachment to hold substantial art or decorations, check the label well for the right preparation and mounting. The producer may guide you to clean your wall, and caution against hanging heirlooms or valuable items and utilizing the wallpaper hooks. 

Method 3: Attaching String, Twine or Fishing Wire 

This should be possible, for instance, by folding it over a hook on the ceiling. Once you have hung them, you may include your decorations from side to side of your hanging line. 

  • Yarn or string is vital since you can find different thicknesses and colors to put to your theme and decor. 
  • Twine is a decent alternative if you’re looking for an increasingly natural feel. 
  • Fishing wire exceptionally serves two helpful needs when hanging decor. It’s strong, and because it is clear and thin, you can easily hide from sight. 

Method 4: Using Clothespins along a Rope 

Maybe you want to hang items such as bulbs or photos from the ceiling. Attach the two ends of the rope from one side to another in your room. Allow the cord to drop in the middle slightly. Utilize clothespins and hang your decor along the rope. 

Getting Creative to Hang your Decorations 

  1. Attach your decorations to exposed beams or ceiling rafters. 

Secure your decorations to ceiling rafters or uncovered bars. Some rooms give you somewhat slacker than a typical flat ceiling. In this case, you can append your decorations to the exposed beams or ceiling rafters. These are more likely to access and are closer to the floor. 

  • Utilize zip ties to fold your decorations over the rafters or shafts safely, so you may easily cut them once you’re done. 
  • You should be capable of tying twine, fishing wire or string, or even the item directly on the rafters or beams in a tight knot. 
  1. Fold your decorations over a light apparatus rather than the ceiling. If you have got a hanging light fixture or chandelier on the roof, it’s easier to tie your decorations items such as streamers or balloons to the light apparatus itself. 

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

Ensure you get the decoration far from the light, or turn off the light to ensure the decoration doesn’t heat or catch fire. 

  1. Slip the endings of your stylistic layout between the ceiling tiles. In case you’re hanging substances from a ceiling with ceiling tiles, for instance, in a classroom, you’ll have the option to slip one ending of your decoration beneath the lifted ceiling tile. Once you put back the ceiling tile to its resting place, it will firmly secure your decor item. 
  • When using clothespins, use lightweight décor items such as streamers or ribbons. It ensures your decor doesn’t slip past the ceiling tiles.  

You have now learned how to hang decorations from the ceiling of your room. Use the above four ingenious and discreet methods to change the appearance and feel of your room! 

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