How to Get Crayon out of Carpet Without Ruining It

How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

There are some parts or places that may not be written or marked with ordinary markers. For this reason, it requires you to find a special tool to use. One of the most common sticks used to mark wet, oily, slick or dry surfaces is a crayon. It is usually made of colored wax, charcoal or chalk. 

How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

However, getting the crayon out of a carpet becomes daunting at times. You may end up ruining your carpet while trying to get the crayon out of your carpet. However, there are some techniques that can be used to get the crayon out of your carpet without ruining it. In this article, we shall analyze some if not all of the methods you can use to get the crayon out of your carpet without ruining it. Continue reading this article to find out more about.

Before we start it is good to know there are two types of crayon stains namely the dry crayon and the melted crayon. Let us start with how to get the dry one. There are two approaches to this method. Here is the first one.

Method 1

  • Use a Dull Knife

As soon as you discover that there is a crayon stain on your carpet, you can use a knife to see if you are able to remove the excess wax out of the carpet. Note that the knife must be dull. This is because when you use a sharp knife, you might end up cutting the carpet hence destroying it completely.

  • Use of an Ice Cube

After removing the excess wax using a dull knife, look for an ice cube and place it in a plastic bag. After that place the plastic bag on the area that has the crayon stain on your carpet. The reason of placing the ice cube is to freeze any remains of wax residue.

  • Covering the Affected Area

After you are through with freezing the area, you must then find a clean dry cloth to cover the stained area. It is best if you use a white cloth to cover the stained area.

  • Ironing

The next step is to use the tip of a warm iron and gently press it on the cloth you used to cover the stained area. This step allows the colored wax to move to the cloth from the carpet.

The above is just but one method or removing crayon from carpet without ruining it. If the above technique does not work for you, or if you have a melted crayon on your carpet, then you should go for this next method.

Method 2

  • Spotting the Stain and Scrapping Off

Immediately after you discover that your carpet has a crayon stain, you should quickly try and scrape off the residues of the crayon stains from the surface. This prevents the crayon stain from spreading further to the whole surface of the carpet.

  • Use of a Carpet Cleaner

After removing or scraping the excess residues on the carpet surface, you should look for a good carpet cleaner and pour it on the stained surface. You should only pour a small amount of the carpet cleaner to the stained area. After adding the carpet cleaner to the affected area, you should use a clean towel or absorbent pad to blot the area.

  • Repeating

The above steps should be repeated continuously until there are no more stains of crayons on the carpet. Do not get tired of repeating the procedures above incase the stains are not removed completely.

  • Drying

After you have repeated the above procedure and you are sure there are no crayon stains on the carpet, you should leave the crayon stain to dry. After drying, there will be no more crayon stains on your carpet. Also, your carpet will not be ruined.

The above methods are used for removing crayon stains that are not melted from your carpet. However, there are some crayon stains that are melted. This will require a different procedure and technique not like the one above. Below is a guide on how to get crayon out of a carpet without ruining it.

How to Get Melted Crayon Out of Carpet Without Ruining it

Melted crayon can be so hard to deal with. It is not easy to get it out of the carpet without causing damage to the carpet. However, there is a procedure that you can follow to remove the melted crayon on your carpet. Let’s take a look at it.

  • Prepare Solutions

The ingredients for the preparation of the solution are soap and warm water. The first step is to mix several drops of dish soap with a cup of water. You should make sure that they mix perfectly. It is good to use liquid soap. The water should be warm and not hot.

  • Covering the Stained Area

The stained area should be well covered with a piece of cloth. The cloth should be placed directly on the stained part of your carpet. To be precise, you should use a white piece of cloth.

  • Testing the Solution

We are not sure if the solution will work best to remove the crayon stain from the carpet. For this reason, a test must be conducted. The solution should, therefore, be tested on a small area on the carpet. The reason for testing is to make sure that the solution will not cause more discoloration on the carpet.

  • Soaking

After testing the solution and you are sure of it, it is now time to put it in full use. Pour the solution on the cloth that is covering the stained area. The soapy water should be able to soak in the crayon stain. Leave it for like five minutes to soak well. Do not be in a hurry to remove the cloth immediately after soaking it as it may have not worked the way it is supposed to be.

  • Drying the Surface

After the five minutes are over, you are required to blot the area. This process should be done by the use of a white clean piece of cloth. In order to avoid damaging the carpet fibers, you should be careful so that you do not to rub the surface that contains the stain.

  • Rinsing

The spot should then be rinsed using cold water. The reason for rinsing the surface with cold water is to make sure that there is no excess cleaning solutions on the carpet. Therefore, rinsing removes the excess cleaning solution for the carpet.

  • Soaking up Extra Moisture

After rinsing with cold water, there might be extra moisture at the spot. The moisture is supposed to be removed using a white paper towel. The white paper soaks up extra moisture at the place. Also, using a non-staining glass or a ceramic object, weigh down the white paper towel. The object should not be capable of causing further stains or damage to the carpet. After weighing them, leave them to sit for some time, probably one night.

  • Vacuuming the Area

After drying the carpet overnight using the white paper towel, you are then supposed to vacuum the area. The reason why we choose to vacuum the area after drying it is to restore the texture of the carpet.

  • Results

After completing the above steps, it is now time to find out whether our method worked or not. In case you followed all the above steps keenly and deed a perfect job, then there should be no more crayon stains on your carpet. If you find out that there are some stains that are still on the carpet, you should try and repeat the above steps. This time around you should keenly follow the steps correctly. If there are still crayon stains even after repeating the steps several times, then you should seek help from a professional cleaner.

How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet?

In conclusion, the above methods will help you when you’re wondering how to get crayon out of carpet without ruining it. The methods are safe and very easy to use. This is because the things and solutions used are easily accessible and cheaper to obtain. Also, the methods are environment-friendly hence you will not cause any kind of pollution to the environment. The methods can be conducted by yourself or you may choose to hire someone to do it for you in case you are unable to do it by yourself. 

However, in the case where the crayon stain seems to be permanent, or if you feel you cannot remove the stain from your carpet safely, you should go for a professional cleaner. The professional cleaners are skilled in stain removal and may help you get the crayon stain out of your carpet without ruining it. However, this will come at a cost. You should be prepared to incur some costs depending on the type of stain, the extent of the stain on your carpet, the value of your carpet, the size of your carpet or the type of cleaning professional you choose. However, before going for the professional, you should try it yourself because practice makes perfect.