How to Design a Bathroom Layout

The bathroom is not the first thing that you would love to prioritize when the concern is about renovating your house. Although it’s not the first, it is one of the most important spaces in your home. You have to ensure that your bathroom designs run hand-in-hand with your home decor.

Some designers say that it’s not important to make all things matching, but you should also not make things too different. A lot of differences in designs can look distracting. Hence, plan something unique when the concern is about designing a bathroom layout and ensuring that your bathroom layout complements each other.

Whether you are creating a new or renovating an existing one, the layout of your bathroom plays a huge role. We will be discussing how to layout a bathroom design in this article.

#1. Essential Considerations While Planning Bathroom Layout

The beauty or perfection of your bathroom depends on the design you consider based on the bathroom layout. You can create an elegant bathroom if it matches all your needs. For example, if you want to create a bathroom in a hall, you must consider durable materials as most people will be using them. Here are some of the factors you have to consider while renovating your bathroom.

Available Space in Bathroom

You cannot expect a king-sized bathroom in your existing room. You should consider making your bathroom the best with the available space. You can also take help from the best designers who can help you in planning the bathroom. You cannot bring in a double-sized bathroom tub as you have minimum space. Some people also like to have both a bathtub and shower, but you will need the space for design.

Items You Will Store in Your Bathroom

You should never underestimate your layout as you can do wonders if you can use it in the right essence. From the size of your bathtub to the sink and various things, you will store in your bathroom. Are you planning to bring in shelves where you can store basic amenities like toothpaste, brushes, soaps, and detergent, etc.?

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#2. Different Types of Bathroom Layouts to Consider

If you are building a new bathroom and reading this article, you are lucky to provide some of the best layout ideas that can make you free from stress. Designing bathrooms without a layout is quite similar to a car without wheels. Undoubtedly, you cannot drive a car without wheels, whereas you cannot design a bathroom without a layout.

Here are some of the best layout ideas you can prefer when renovating or building a new bathroom.

Small Full Bathroom

You can go with a small full bathroom layout if you have a space of 35-40 square feet in your bathroom. Bring in a lavish toilet along with a shower and a small bathtub. If you own a flat in a city, you must opt for this type of simple layout. One of the best advantages of using this layout is using a lot of available space inside the room. Moreover, you also don’t block too much space in cramp 2 or 3 bedroom apartments.

Long-Narrow and Three Quarter Bathroom

One of the best advantages of using this idea is that multiple people can access the bathroom with enough privacy. You have a sink, shower, bathtub, and a door between the sink and the shower room. You can easily accommodate two people for different jobs in the bathroom.

For example, you can shave in the sink, and someone can take a shower with enough privacy. You can also attach a modern mirror with enough shelves to store all your essential tools. If you need a bathroom in the hall, you must go with this kind of layout as many people would love to use this place.

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What About a Walk Through Shower?

People who want to enjoy premium bathroom features in small bathrooms can use this type of layout. In this layout, your bathtub and shower room share the place to make your bathroom look rich and elegant. Most people also complain that the warm nature of the shower can be affected if you keep it in a large zone. You can keep a glass divider if you want a difference between the bathtub and shower room.

Perfect Layout for Cube Sized Bathroom

If you have a cube-sized bathroom, finding the right layout for the bathroom can be a daunting task. You must be looking for an answer to the question: how to design a bathroom tile layout? Nothing to worry about, as you can still make it your master bathroom. You can add a sink and toilet at one corner and a bathtub and shower in the other. You can use the dimensions in the best way to ensure that you can make the most of it.

Layout for a Large or Spa Like Bathroom:

Having a larger space opens up room for creativity and customization. You can add many doors to divide each section into a cabinet. You can also keep things simple to ensure that there is a lot of room to walk and keep conditions light. Also, ensure that you select standard-sized glass doors as they will make your bathroom look gorgeous and give a rich feel.

#3. How to Plan Bathroom Layout?

Selecting the Right Toilet Seat

If you are building a new bathroom, then you can plan to keep the toilet seat in an ideal place. On the other hand, you cannot do the same as moving the toilet during renovation can cost you a lot of money and time.

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Many People Sharing the Bathroom

If you have only one bathroom in the house, then selecting the layout can be complicated. You have to understand the numbers to ensure that you build the right bathroom.

Storage Is Essential

If the number of people using the bathroom is high, you will also accommodate adequate storage options. You have to provide room for personal cabinets where one can store their towels and basic needs.

#4. Selecting the Right Walls and Floors


There is a lot you can do when the concern is bringing the best walls in the space. If you want to be conventional, then go with tiles that match your designs. There are various types of wall tiles available in the market; hence select the one that is easy to clean.


Now that you are clear about the layout and walls, then the next thing you have to consider is the floor. You have options like tiles, vinyl, or lamination. You can also use the same tiles of your walls to look beautiful and complement your walls.


Undoubtedly, bathrooms are always under-rated as they don’t get the attention which they deserve. You can follow the tips mentioned above but also take help from a professional interior designer. They can understand your needs as they have the right men for the job. We hope you enjoyed reading the bathroom layout guide. You can also mention your bathroom designing experience in the comment section.

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