How to Decorate Your Cubicle?

How To Decorate Your Cubicle

Did you get your dream job, and are you excited to join soon? Are you in search of something to make your cubicle as comfy as possible? There are many like you who spend a significant amount of time in office cubicles. To make the workplace more familiar and keep your calm, it is always ok to decorate your cubicle. We will help you do this; when you finish reading this article, you will have a clear idea of decorating your cubicle.

How To Decorate Your Cubicle At Work?

When you talk about your cubicle, things that come to mind are desk, wall, and chair. But bare walls are not much fun! Let us see how to decorate our cubicle too!


The office desk is where we tend to keep everything like laptops, stationery, books, files, and more. When you keep your desk mess-free, it will help you work better. Here’s how we can do it:

  • Tray: You can always use some fancy and stylish trays to put your stationery on. This will help you find regular stuff and makes your work easy. Simple Trending has a nice 5-level tray desk.
  • Boxes: You can get some boxes, sort and put stuff in them and place them in a corner. Color any regular boxes you find at home with paint to make them look appealing. Colorful boxes will add a classy look to the desk.
  • Book holders: If you love reading books and can’t keep them away from work. We can get customized bookends to hold them. Trays to hold books and magazines make a good pick too.
  • Calendar: It is of regular use and a must on your desk as you tend to make entries and mark your schedules. Don’t forget to get one.
  • Plants: Plants are all about adding beauty and giving fresh air. Plants you also keep your mood calm. Get yourself a small and low-maintenance plant and add it to your desk. If not, you can get a vase, bring fresh flowers every day, and water them.
  • Accessories holder: You need not always buy costly things to give a rich look. You can get some wooden holders or some jars, some colorful baskets and put accessories in them. There is a nice pen holder from MOOYOA, which you may like.
  • Lamp: Adding extra light is going to make your cubicle look larger. Additional light will increase productivity and decrease the strain on your eyes.
  • Colors: You can change your desk’s look by adding some colors to pick your favorite ones, making the desk look bright and paint. Pick light colors
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How To Decorate Office Cubicle


When we talk about a cubicle’s wall, the wall can be used for multi-purposes, and we save some space on the desk.

  • Wallpaper: To make the wall look different, add some colorful wallpaper to it.
  • Photos or quotes or art pieces: To increase motivation or make you feel at home, you can stick family photos, art pieces, or inspirational quotes on your wall. I like the seven rules of life poster very much.
  • Shelf: We find shelves, pegboards, or organizing bins in the market these days. These can be used to save space and keep things handy around us.
  • Whiteboard: This will help you to jot down your thoughts which you may miss out on in your busy schedule. These will serve as a reminder later. This Lockways magnetic dry erase board is an excellent option,
  • Sticky notes: To-do list is a must in your busy times. Don’t miss out to keep it on your table.


The chair is one thing which you are going to stay on the whole day while you work. So, never compromise on this. Because the wrong posture will lead to back pain, neck pain, and more severe health issues, so picking the chair which suits your height and fits your posture is an important one.

Don’t hesitate to get your choice to the office. Adding a pillow to make it look good or make you feel comfortable is always an excellent addition to your cubicle.

These are some of the essential things you have to consider when you want to decorate your cubicle.

How To Decorate Your Office Cubicle For Christmas?

When we hear the word Christmas the things that cross our mind are the Christmas tree, lights, Santa Claus, and candies. The thought of Christmas brings a smile to our faces, so it is essential to decorate our workplace according to it to enjoy the season.

  • Lights: Christmas is all about lights. Add some lights, either white or colored ones, from the top of the cubicle.
  • Cards: You receive many holiday cards during the Christmas season. Decorate your cubicle wall with these cards.
  • Tree: Get yourself a small Christmas tree and add it to your desk or shelf on the wall.
  • Wrapping paper: Always ok to add wrapping paper with a Christmas theme on your cubicle wall. It will make you and your co-workers have the feel of Christmas.
  • Paperweight: Get yourself a snow globe or Santa Claus to put on your papers. If you love coffee, get a mug of holiday theme and enjoy your drink.
  • Carpet: We find many carpets or rugs during Christmas. Buy one and add it to your cubicle space.
  • Candy Jar: Pick some unique jars and fill them with flavored candies. The flavors will satisfy the taste buds of you and your colleagues too.
  • Background: Small changes do make a big difference; change your desktop background to a Christmas-themed one.
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You can try any of these to decorate your cubicle for Christmas.

How Should We Decorate Our Office Cubicle For Halloween?

Halloween is all about fun. When we move around the streets during Halloween, we see a pumpkin, witches, candy, black cat, tombstones, skeletons, and more.

  • Wallpaper: Use some brick design, spider webs as wallpaper. The wallpaper is going to change the look of your cubicle into a scary one.
  • Hangings: Hang some caps from the ceiling, or you can also hang some pumpkin toys or crows from the top.
  • Paperweight: You can choose some skeleton-shaped or pumpkin-shaped weights to keep on your table.
  • Decorative stuff: Get some rubber skeleton hands or tombstones to keep on your shelf.
  • Candy: Put a candy bowl on your table and fill it with different candies to satisfy your tastebuds.

These are some tips to decorate your cubicle for Halloween.

How To Decorate Your Office Cubicle For Men?

When you decorate the cubicle for men, you have to keep the following criteria in your mind.

  • Colors: Always keep the colors less bright and calm. Light and quiet colors will help to keep the cubicles look less girly and less flashy.
  • Desk: When you start buying stuff for the cubicle for me, prioritize desk organizers like the pen holder, tissue box, and more. Choose the articles made of leather when you buy something. Keep the stuff minimal on the desk.
  • Sockets: Try to keep a minimum of four-socket points. Multiple sockets will help the men to charge their mobile, laptop, and other electronic devices.
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How To Decorate Office Cubicle For Men

How Do You Decorate Your Cubicle Using Wall Tillandsia?

Tillandsia is nothing but air plants. They grow without the help of soil. They absorb all necessary nutrients and water from the surrounding atmosphere. So if you are a plant lover and want to see them around you, this makes the best choice. So grab them from the nearest store and make them part of your desk. You can either decorate them on the shelf on the wall or on your desk. For

Tillandsia plants to grow, they need a warm atmosphere. Place them where they can receive some sunlight even though they take water from the surrounding; you need to pour water weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should We Avoid When We Decorate Our Office Cubicle?

Before you do anything in your cubicle:

  1. Find out about the rules of your office.
  2. Don’t do everything in a day; plan slowly and start organizing during weekends.
  3. Remember that your office is not home, so the pictures or quotes you keep in the cubicle should be carefully chosen, and avoid your private photos here.
  4. Don’t overdo things in the cubicle such that it disturbs your co-worker’s concentration and work.

Why Should We Decorate Our Office Cubicle?

We spend most of the time in the office. To make you feel comfortable and give productive results, it is always good to style our workplace based on our choice. Recreation of the cubicle will make us feel at home and also depicts our nature to others. When you personalize your cubicle based on your choice, you can be stress-free and with a calm mind. So don’t hesitate to decorate your cubicle on your preference.


Who doesn’t like to have a homely atmosphere at the workplace? This article of ours is going to help you to make your office feel like home. But do remember everything has a limit. So don’t over-decorate your cubicle at the office; keep things minimal and elegant. The reason is, your cubicle represents you so see that it impresses your boss and colleagues too and majorly keep your mind positive and calm. I hope we were helpful. Try our suggestions and update us on how it worked for you.

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