How to Decorate With Throw Pillows

How to Decorate With Throw Pillows

If you are bored of the wall paint and dull furniture of your room, and wondering what can be done to have a new personality of your room. Here is a great solution, get throw pillows. Your room needs a vibrant and bright color to make it more pleasing.

Using throw pillows is one of the easiest and affordable ways to decorate your space. As per research, you will get various throw pillows at less than $20, which makes it a perfect way to change your room’s look.

Updating your room’s environment with beautifully textured and bright throw pillows will never disappoint you. It is another way to upgrade your home decor. If you are wondering how to decorate with throw pillows?

Here we will provide you some easy and straightforward tips on how you can use throw pillows to give a more pleasing look to your room.

You will get all suggestions on how to decorate with pillows in the below content. They are a perfect piece of decor mix, and especially the neutral colors would enhance the entire look.

Ways To Change Your Home’s Look With Throw Pillows

#1 Go For Anchor Color

If you have any furniture in your room with bright and pop-up colors, don’t forget to highlight the room without putting extra popping color into it. Like if you have a red gold ottoman in your living room or bedroom, go for a striped colored throw pillow for other furniture, like a bed or sofa. Subtle-based and striped throw pillows would work best to have a great look in your room.

It is never a big deal to get new introduced matte-colored throw pillows like grey tone will do best with bright colored furniture to make your room more exciting. Also, contrast your area with anchor color, such as blue throw pillows, if you have light paint in the room.

#2 Mix And Match

It is never a repenting decision to mix and match colors, patterns, and sizes. If you wonder how to decorate a couch with throw pillows, then mixing and matching throw pillows is the best way to have a new look on your couch. You should not hesitate to decorate your couch or any other furniture like a sofa with different throw pillows.

Once you have graphic pillows, you can match them with neutral shaded and floral printed pillows to give another look to your couch. Also, mix and match would provide a great contrast to your white walls. Although you will also get readymade mixed pillows options in the market, they may consist of different striped, floral, and other textured pillows in one set. All you need to do is, check the right one as per your wall color or maybe the rug of your room, and considering buying the ones that contrast your things.

#3 Play With Size And Shape

Never underestimate the look of throw pillows; no matter you have square-shaped furniture or round-shaped, throw pillows will give a new look to your room. There are numerous throw pillows options available in the market. You need to check how each piece of furniture has a unique piece, shape, and style.

#4 Give Every Base A Pillow

How to decorate a sofa with pillows? We all want to have a friendly and cozy feel from our sofa, and for that, you need to cover all surfaces. There is no doubt that we all would have thrown pillows here and there to cover the bases in our childhood, the same way you can make your living room look like a grown-up room but without losing the childhood excitement. However, if you want a formal look at your room, you can only have few throw pillows, but if you again wish to change the environment, go for a throw pillow in every seating option. Giving every seatback support with the help of a Lumber pillow will beautify your seat and at the same time offers excellent comfort.

#5 You Need To Check The Symmetry

Once you have thrown pillows with you, the next task starts when you have to decorate a bed with pillows. If you want to have an asymmetry look, then go for a random and effortless throw pillows look. This symmetry option is best when it comes to decorating a bed with throw pillows. Just throw and layer up the pillows randomly. Get throw pillows with wild patterns into a mix with bed arrangement.

#6 Staying Neutral Is A Great Option

For another consideration on how to decorate a bed with throw pillows, go for neutral shade pillows. You must go colorless, as your bedroom is the place where you feel more personal and cozy. When you need to think about your comfort the most, changing your environment to a calm place is wise. There are no hardships if you are fond of bright colors or neutral colors inspire you; change the look by different patterns, textures, and shapes of the pillows.

#7 Textures Are In Trend

According to many Interior designers, having a faux fur pillow on a single seating option is never a bad deal. If you have an empty corner or random nook, then try putting a chair with a shaggy fur throw pillow is a good option. The fun way to give every seat a different look out of the same color, shape, or style, having another textured throw pillow that will never disappoint you. For a bedroom, pairing it with a blanket will give you a more cozy and calm feel.

#8 Arrange Your Throw Pillows By Style

Once you have ordered your throw pillows, you must be having in your mind, what should you do next? The step you must take is, arranging them by style; by doing so, your area or seating place will look more attractive. The best and easiest way to organize is to pick the odd number of pillows regarding different colors, patterns, or shapes. If you don’t like mixing and matching, then this is your sort; go for mixing the textures. You can easily place more giant pillows on the sides and place the medium-sized in the middle.

Essential Tips On Decorating With Throw Pillows

#1 Arrangement

If you want to have a modern look in your room, go for accent pillows with odd numbers like three, five, and seven to decorate your room. Having an asymmetrical group of pillows gives a non-traditional look this way, your room will look more balanced. For a traditional look, you can anytime go for even numbers.

#2 Size and Shape

The standard pillow size is 18 by 18 inches, and you must go for different shapes and sizes of throw pillows to make your place more attractive. You can always have small pillows with large pillows; for an additional look, get a tassel or fringe pillow in between two shapes or sizes of the throw pillows.

#3 Fabric

You will get different fabrics of throw pillows; if you are confused about decorating a black leather sofa with throw pillows, you must get velvet fabric. Otherwise, you can go for smooth silk fabric. There is also an option to combine solid prints with floral prints for a better room environment.

#4 Color

When we talk about choosing the color of throw pillows, the first thing you must consider is the pillow’s fabric and other room accents. You need to check on the standard accent color of the room and then match the pillows accordingly. You don’t need to get precisely matched pillows, and contrast would work the best. A slight change in the color pattern will give you a natural look. You can always check the accessories’ color to match the pillows.

#5 Storage

You must have a storage basket in your room to keep throw pillows when you are not using them. Keeping them into storage will save your pillows from any damage and also tend to be cleaner than keeping them out permanently.

Wrap Up

Throw pillows are versatile and stylish items that you can add to your decoration part.

You can use throw pillows in every room of your house, whether it is a living room or bedroom; decorating with throw pillows will bring out the best of the space.

Before you move ahead to your room, you must know how to have proper arrangements and color schemes to decorate with throw pillows like a professional interior designer in no time.

Having throw pillows will give you an elegant and balanced theme for your home decor. Throw pillows will give your black leather sofa or a couch or bed a soft and attractive look. If you favor decorating your bedroom or living room with throw pillows, you must incorporate the tips mentioned above to have a more visually pleasing look at your house.

You can either purchase new throw pillows or cover them with new throw pillow covers if you have existing ones. To give another design scheme to your home, throw pillows is an easy and affordable option.