How to Decorate With Plants?

How to Decorate With Plants

I love gardening and love to have plants around. Green plants all around keep me at peace and happy. There is no room in my house where you will not find a plant. If you are a plant lover too and looking to use them innovatively around you, then you are in the right place.

I will give you some tips on how to decorate plants in and around the house. You can decorate your house with plants, making it beautiful, and get multiple benefits like reduced stress and better mood.

How to Decorate Your House With Plants?

When we talk about decorating your home with plants, we can speak of the living room or study room or kitchen or bathroom or dining area.

We can choose from a wide range of options to decorate with plants; if you are new to growing plants, don’t worry, some plants are easy to grow and take low maintenance.

  • If you have a single color in your room that looks empty, you can mount some planters, giving a refreshing look to the wall.
  • If you have a bookshelf that looks plain in a study room, you can place some bonsai plant pots on them.
  • In a dining area, you can always get some plant stands and place some pots on them.
  • You can place a classy vase on the living room or dining area table and add fresh flowers or cuts in them, adding a fresh fragrance to the room.
  • One corner of the drawing-room can be filled with plants, eliminating the feeling of emptiness in the corner.
  • In case your room has a high ceiling, you can get a tall plant and place it in the room making, and the room looks unique.
  • The staircase in your house need not be left empty; you can put some small pots on the staircase wall.
  • You can get some unique wall hangers and place your plants in them and make your wall interesting.
  • On an empty table in your living room, you can add a group of plants from different species adding variety to the room.
  • You can place a leaning plant in the corner of the living room where you get some light; this will keep the plants lively and add a fresh feeling to your room.
  • You can place some small plant pots on the bathroom shelves or hang one from the top. See that they are not overwatered and get some sunlight.
    How to Decorate Your Home With Plants
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How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Plants?

Bedroom plants add a new look to your indoor room and add energy to the bedroom. Choosing the right plant to decorate your bedroom is crucial as most plants give out carbon dioxide at night; this may impact your health and sleep.

It is always good to pick plants that give a good fragrance and purify the air, creating a healthy bedroom environment. Here are some options to decorate your bedroom with plants:

  • You can get plants like succulents, orchids, bromeliads, and snake plants that emit oxygen at night and help give you optimal sleep.
  • Plants like lavender, jasmine, and gardenia add a fresh fragrance to your bedroom, helping you sleep better at night.
  • Plants like aloe vera, spider plant, and snake plant work as air purifiers eliminating toxins and making your health better.
  • You can place bonsai plants on your bedroom shelves or add a single tall plant giving a classy look to your bedroom.
  • If you have less space, you can hang spider plant, English Ivy, which are the best examples for hanging planters; these plants purify the air and keep you free from harmful chemicals.
  • If you have a small room, you can decorate your bedroom with some tall plants and place some small plants around it. You can take the help of some plant stands to make things look different.
    How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Plants

The number and type of plants with which you decorate your room depends on the size and the furniture you have in your room. It varies from person to person and room to room. So, you can choose from any of the above ideas and can decorate your bedroom using plants.

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How to Decorate Your Patio With Plants?

Patio in one’s house is a fascinating place as it is where most of us relax and have some relaxation time with our loved ones. Let us see some ways to decorate your patio with plants.

  • You can add a large pot in the center of the seating area and place some small plants around them to add beauty to the patio.
  • If you have an adjacent wall near the patio, you can add pots vertically and highlight that wall.
  • You can choose plants that require low maintenance but still add beauty to the patio. For this purpose, you can pick succulents that live on less water.
  • You can add beauty to the patio by growing grass, which looks like a carpet, making your patio look like a lawn.
  • You can bring some plants giving different colored flowers that will add a vibrant look and sweet fragrance to your patio.
  • Get a plant stand, place it in your patio corner, and put some plants on them.
  • If you love nature and like to be surrounded by butterflies, get some plants like Zinnia, cosmos that will attract butterflies.
  • You can either place a single plant or plants in a group in different sizes to add an attractive look to your patio.
  • You can place a vase on the center table and put some fresh branches or cuts and flowers in them, adding a fresh feel to your day.

Decorating your patio with plants will make it more relaxing and add a vibrant, unique look to your house. So pick your choice and decorate your patio with plants.

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How to Decorate a Home With Air Plants?

The best part of decorating your home with air plants is you don’t need to place them in soil and easily decorate using them in many ways. You can choose different kinds of containers to place the air plant and easily maintain them.

How to Decorate Your HomeWith Air Plants

  • You can use an air plant terrarium and place it on your house’s side table or shelf.
  • You can stick an air plant on the wall in your home, which will make your walls look attractive.
  • You can choose some holders like pot, candle stands, stones, glass terrarium for your air plants and add them to your room on shelves or your room windows.
  • You can get a hanging grass planter and place an air plant terrarium inside it. Terrarium consists of sand or gravel and stones or rocks. Add an air plant to them; you can make an air plant terrarium easily at home.

When you decorate your room with air plants, though it absorbs nutrients and water from the surroundings, you will have to see that they receive indirect sunlight at least. Occasionally you will have to water them using a water spray to keep them alive and eliminate them from rotting off.


Decorating your home with plants adds beauty and has a lot of benefits. There are various options to choose from and are the best ways to add innovation to your house. They reduce your stress levels, boost immunity and keep your surroundings healthy. So, make a healthy and innovative choice today, and let us know how it brought a change in your life.

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