How to Decorate Kitchen Counters?

We all require a kitchen counter to keep all our kitchen essentials handy as we indulge in preparing meals. But how many of us decorate this space? We are sure not many. Most of us use this space to keep our utensils and raw material while cooking and empty them after that. But why leave it empty when you can decorate it beautifully?

You don’t have to have a large kitchen counter to deck up space. You can decorate even smaller counters creatively. Here are a few good ideas with you want to learn how to decorate kitchen counters quickly without investing much money.

Fruit Basket

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your kitchen counters with something that enhances the beauty of your kitchen and renders utility, this can be a good option. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to fruit baskets. There are so many beautiful pieces you can pick.

It is a good idea to bring home two or three fancy fruit baskets. You can fill one of these with fresh fruits and place it on the kitchen counter. The sweet fragrance of your favorite fruits will keep you in high spirits, and this addition will also add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Moreover, you will have some healthy options handy in case you feel hungry in-between the meals. You can replace the basket every few weeks to give a new look to this space.

Fancy Cutlery

Fancy cutlery makes for another great addition to the kitchen counter. It may include a beautiful salt and pepper holder, a wooden cutlery stand, a multipurpose ceramic stand, a designer spoon stand, a revolving spice tower, and the likes.

If you can’t decide how to decorate small kitchen counters the right way, then go for one of these items without a second thought. Such fancy items are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

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You may choose a piece that is appropriate as per the size of your counter. It will not only add beauty to this space but also boost its utility. We are sure you must already have a few of these items lying somewhere in the kitchen cabinet. If not, then you can easily order these online.


Planters are undoubtedly one of the best ways to deck your kitchen counter or any other space in your house. Fresh green ferns in designer ceramic pots are an excellent choice for this space.

Small flowering plants planted in a glass jar look equally good. You can choose the size of the planter depending upon the size of your kitchen counter. You can also select the number of pots accordingly.

There are various options when it comes to indoor plants. A wide variety of jars are also available in the market. So, you can choose these to match the ambiance of your kitchen.

Coffee Canister and Mug Rack

The coffee canister and mug rack is another beautiful addition to your kitchen counter. Designer mug racks in a variety of stunning designs are available in the market. You may hang colorful mugs on the stand to enhance its appeal.

Placing this set beside your simple coffee canister will add to the beauty of your kitchen counter. It will also add to the utility of this space.

Hanging Lamp Shades

Even if you have a small kitchen counter with enough space to fit designer cutlery, planters, or any other item, you can still decorate this space. How? By utilizing the area above the counter.

Hanging beautiful lampshades above the counter can amp the appeal of this space in an instant. Likewise, you may hang beautiful flower baskets with ferns hanging down. This lovely addition will also enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.

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Knife Block

A classy knife block can be another trendy addition to the kitchen counter. This functional item will keep your kitchen tools handy and also add to the beauty of the space. Designer wooden knife blocks render a trendy appeal. The ones crafted with metal also look good. However, you must not go for this if you have small kids or pets at home.

Add to the Festive Mood

It is a good idea to deck your kitchen counter as per the ongoing festive season. For instance, during Easter, you can place small Easter baskets and Easter bunnies on the counter. Around Halloween, you can change the look entirely by placing a pumpkin, Jack-o’-lantern, and trick-or-treat basket.

There are several innovative ways to carve and decorate pumpkins. Likewise, you can decorate the space beautifully by placing a small Christmas tree on the counter and hanging fairy lights around Christmas and New Year.

These small additions will uplift the festive mood and also enhance the appeal of your kitchen. You can place a small planter or a fancy piece of cutlery on the counter during the usual days.

Goodies Basket

You can also place a beautiful basket filled with chocolates, muffins, juice cans, and other similar stuff on the kitchen counter. A fancy goodies basket will enhance the appeal of this space. Besides, your family members, particularly your kids, will love this addition. However, you may require refilling it several times a month. So, be prepared!

Rae Dunn Pottery

How to decorate my Rae Dunn on kitchen counters? It is one question many homeowners seek an answer to. Rae Dunn’s pottery is undeniably beautiful. If you have a few pieces of this designer pottery, then you can go ahead and deck your kitchen counter with them.

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You may place three or four of these items in a beautiful ceramic or metal stand. You can even place these directly on the counter. If you don’t own these lovely pieces already, then you may shop for these to revamp your kitchen counter. Rae Dunn offers a fantastic collection of coffee mugs, tumblers, teapots, bottles, vases, cheese sets, and more.

Scented Candles

This beautiful addition to your kitchen top will not only accentuate the appeal of your kitchen but will also fill the space with a sweet aroma. Scented candles are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

Fruit-shaped candles are a good choice for this space. You may even go for floral designs if they match your kitchen decor. It would be best if you shopped for stylish candle stands to place these designer candles. The stands will add more charm to your kitchen.

Wrap Up

So, if you have been thinking about how to decorate my kitchen counter lately, we are sure this piece of writing will give you a fair idea about the various ways in which you can accomplish this task. All these ideas are cost-effective and relatively easy to implement.

It is always good to redecorate your kitchen counter every few months to give them a refreshing new look. You can use these ideas alternatively to beautify the space. Do let us know which one of these you like the most. Also, tell us if you have already tried any of these ideas.

And do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. They might benefit from the information.

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