How To Decorate Baby Boys Room

How To Decorate Baby Boy Room

We all know that a house’s interior is an important aspect when we settle in a new house and call it our home! Similarly, when we expect a tiny little family member, he/she also deserves a space specially created for their needs and comfort.

There are many ways in which we can change a room into a nursery or baby’s room. If you are looking for some great ideas to decorate a baby boy’s room, then you are at the right place!

Here, we are listing different ways of decorating a room meant for a baby boy! Before starting, the main things to consider are the theme, color, furniture, accessories, and budget to achieve our target.

How to Decorate Newborn Baby Boy Room: Things to Consider

The main thing is to understand that the way you organize or decorate your baby boy’s room will affect you and your baby both. The room should have proper sunlight and should convert easily in the nighttime with curtains and lights. One should feel positive and happy while entering the room!


Your baby is very small to decide his choices. When you choose any theme for the boy’s room, make sure to alter the changes later. Many themes attract the baby’s attention. You can paint or put wallpaper related to the theme with other accessories. Some examples can be:

  • Animals/Zoo Theme Every kid loves animals. This theme will bring love and compassion towards animals. The baby will be happy when he will see the animals in nature.
  • Sailor Theme This theme perfectly goes with blue color. Kids, especially boys, love all kinds of wheels, and the ships will be extra attractive to them. You can have any automobile theme as well.
  • Sports Theme Sports theme includes all kinds of balls and bats they will see and play. Kids will relate to it and love having their zone in the room too!
  • Stars/Universe Theme Stars, Moon is the most attractive and soothing environment for the kids to have a good sleep and imagination.
  • Geometric Theme A very artistic and intellectual theme, and you can play around with the shapes a lot. This theme will help in increasing the observation of your baby to see similar things around.
  • Natural or Wood Theme – A wooden theme will increase love for nature and surroundings. The aesthetics can be made very attractive yet subtle with this theme.
  • Vintage Style Theme – If you love vintage items and the house also has a vintage interior, this theme perfectly syncs with everything.


The color of your baby boy’s room may not be mandatorily blue. You can play around with specific or mix colors as per the theme you decide.

Avoid having very bright and neon colors. Have a mix of solid, pastel colors which soothe the environment.

You can use – Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Yellow, Mint green, Chocolate, Creme, Tan, Black & white, or any combinations of the colors. Avoid mixing many colors altogether.


You should arrange the furniture of the baby’s room neatly. There should be a lot of floor space for the baby and you to move around.

Must-have furniture –

  • Crib – A baby spends most of the time sleeping in the crib. So, it should be the most comfortable and cozy space for him to have a calm and peaceful sleep. Invest for quality and comfort. The mattress, sheets, blankets are equally important too. Avoid having many pillows and extra sheets in the crib.
  • Nursing Chair and Pillows- The Nursing chair should support the parent’s comfort and needs. It is for you as you also have to spend a lot of your time here. Choose good and long-term material. In Pillows, you should have a C-shape pillow for the initial months to support the head and posture while feeding your baby. Extra cushions and pillows should also be in reach as and when needed.
  • Changing Table- The changing table is again an important part of the baby’s room. All the activities of cleaning and dressing your baby will happen here. It should be comfortable, and the top mattress should have waterproof sheets. You should make all the wipes, diapers, toiletries, towels easily reachable while changing the baby’s clothes or diaper. You can convert a dresser’s top as changing station to have easy access to required items. It should be near to the crib for urgent situations.
  • Drawer/Dresser- A Drawer or dresser must be in the baby’s room to keep all the essential clothes. The baby’s clothes are very small in size, but multiple in numbers, hence a dresser with many drawers would be more suitable.
  • Toys Cabinet – Although the toys will be small in number initially, eventually, the number grows. You should have extra space for future toys too in the room. You can arrange storybooks and soft toys on top of the cabinet.


The Decor of the room is equally important for the theme. Your boy would love to see the decals and stickers on the walls and furniture after few months.

  • Washable Wallpaper- Washable wallpaper will save you from changing them again soon. The drawings can be easily wiped off from them, making them new again. It is a good point to consider beforehand and saves you from future irritations.
  • Paint – The Paint should again be waterproof. While deciding the color and theme, make sure to check if the same paint color is available to avoid coming back to the first step again!
  • Decals and Stickers – The decals give an edge to the room. One height chart decal on the wall will be very helpful. You can leave some space for the baby’s choice of stickers in the room.
  • Curtains- The baby’s room should be bright during playtime and dark while sleeping. You can dim the light with curtains. You can also use blinds instead of curtains. The material should be thick and not see-through to create the nighttime atmosphere easily.
  • Lights – A dim light is good for sleep. You can make and do the DIY to change any light bulb into a night lamp. You can also choose the shape and design of lights as per the theme.
  • Art Pieces – Hang some art pieces like a Dream catcher, Macrame hanging, Windchime, etc., to increase energy flow in the room. You can easily match it with the theme you decide on. The artwork will beautify your baby’s room and create a relaxing atmosphere.

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These are not essential but very useful for the baby’s room.

  • Crib Mobile: This is the most visible toy a baby will have. The crib mobile will increase the interactions and understanding of colors. It can be electronic or manual and according to the theme of the room.
  • Photo frames: After some months, when your baby will start to recognize the faces, he will love to see the photos in the room. Create a memory wall and put some photo frames of all the family members, including pets, on the crib’s front wall.
  • CCTV – You can put CCTV and other electronic alarms in the room for the baby’s safety as per your requirement.
  • Projector: The toy projectors with calming sounds and cute images will be an added device to make your baby calm and asleep faster.

Steps To Decorate a Baby Boy Room

  • Measure room area
  • Decide the theme and color.
  • Buy matching wallpaper and decals.
  • Arrange the furniture as per the need
  • Arrange the accessories and toys at last

Decoration with Limitations:

Decoration for Small room

Even when you think that the room’s size is small, you can still do the decoration and make-over of your baby boy’s room. You have to choose the furniture and accessories as per the size of the room.

  • Put Mini crib instead of the regular one to save some space.
  • Combine dresser and changing station.
  • Use the wall for keeping toys and books by hanging the boxes.


All of us can not have every piece of furniture and accessories which comes up in our mind. We have to think about our budget before buying.

  • You can avoid nonessential furniture. Prioritize and make a list.
  • Use old chairs and almirahs.
  • Create DIY or take help from a carpenter and change the bed as a crib.
  • Go for preloved furniture and accessories.
  • Reuse, Recycle.

Wrap Up

Decoration and make-over of a baby boy’s room need a little effort. But the result will be worth every second of your time and effort. The priority should be the comfort of the baby and the easiness of movement.

The baby will easily start recognizing his space and will make himself comfortable soon. You will also love it and feel nice and happy while staying in the room with your baby.

The make-over will bring all the positive energy needed for the environment for the baby. So, don’t think much and start making a list already.

I hope this article has helped in your decisions and provided a better picture for decorating your baby boy’s room. Please share and provide your feedback to make it more helpful for others.