Are you a creative person and would love to preserve memories in a different form? Are you looking for some beautiful art form to do this activity? A shadowbox has a glass in front, which encloses the box and also makes the craft visible.

The box contains items that you want to stick inside the box. You can select the objects according to the theme you have chosen. You can make it for someone as a gift or preserve special memories of your life.

Here we have suggested a few ideas on how to decorate a shadow box. You can see all of them and can pick anyone if you like it.

How to Make Your Own Shadow Box?

Buying a readymade shadow box can be expensive sometimes; to reduce that cost, you can make the shadow box on your own. Here is a rough idea of how you can make a shadow box.

  • Step 1: The first step is to figure out how big a shadow box you want and assemble things accordingly. You will need wide edge picture frames, screws, hinges, craft board, wood glue, craft glue, drill, nail gun, four lumber pieces.
  • Step 2: Remove the back from the frame and stick the glass to the frame using constructive adhesive. Adhesive will attach the glass tightly to the frame and not fall when you move it.
  • Step 3: Now, cut the wood according to the size of the frame. Put some wood glue along the edges and nail one piece with the other. At last, you will get a box-like shape. Now, attach a craft board to the box to give a more strong frame. Also, keep in mind that if you want a deep shadow box, you have to keep the wooden side larger to keep things on the edges.
  • Step 4: Take hinges and join the frame and box using them. The box will have a door now, and it can be now easily opened and closed.
  • Step 5: Now, paste all the items on the background and stick them firmly. You need wider edges, so they don’t fall or move when you move the shadow box. You can also add some refreshing flowers, glitters, etc., to give a stylish look. The shadow box is complete now, and you can see everything inside the box from the glass door.
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How to Decorate a Shadow Box for a Christmas Theme?

  • Step 1: Note down the list of the items required to make a shadow box. You can either purchase a shadow box or make it by yourself. The other things needed are snowflakes for the wintery scene, bottlebrush trees, black paper, scissors, hot glue gun, cardstock, white paint pen, small caps, etc.
  • Step 2: Now, you can make either a regular shadow box or a deep shadow box. In a deep shadow box, you can decorate using the edges of the box also. So, firstly paste a suitable Christmas theme wallpaper in the box. Please paste it neatly so that it doesn’t have any wrinkles on it.
  • Step 3: After that, make a rough drawing on paper and adjust the things to give a nice Christmas visual. Then, start pasting things with the glue gun. You can paste the bottle brush trees on the backside or in the deep box, or you can place them on the edges.
  • Step 4: Then, place all the accessories elegantly and adequately and stick them tightly so that they don’t fall when you move the box. At last, you can sprinkle the snow all over the box to give a refreshing look of December.
  • Step 5: Finally, take the cardstock, write the message with the paint pen, and replace it with the cardstock. You can also put dots with a white paint pen on the glass door to give a more snowy look.

How to Decorate a Wedding Shadow Box?

Wedding is the happiest day in anyone’s life and capturing its moments and giving them to your partner is the beautiful thing. Here are few steps you can go through to decorate a wedding shadow box:

  • Select the box: The first and foremost thing is to select the box. Before that, you need to figure out what items you want to keep in the box and decide the size accordingly. You must take a box which will give you space and won’t make the arrangements clumsy. Also, it should not look empty. So, get the estimation and make the box accordingly.
  • Decorate: You have to choose the covering and the frame and all the items you want to include in the box. You can use patterned papers or different types of papers to give a beautiful background on which you can add the items related to your wedding like a cake topper, piece of cloth, etc.
  • Arrange: In a paper or a notebook, make a rough drawing to see where you can put which item and what will go next to one particular thing. This way, you can get a rough picture before you start. It will be difficult for you to take out the accessories once you have pasted them. Doing so may ruin your background paper or may leave glue residue.
  • Final step: Lastly, stick the items and fill them with flowers, glitters, etc. This way, you can make them more colorful instead of a plain and uninteresting theme. Colorful themes will attract more audience and will enhance the look of the shadow box.
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You can use a shadow box for various occasions to capture memories uniquely. You can also think about How to Decorate a Sports Shadow Box. Again, you have to follow similar steps in making the shadow box for sports lovers.

How to Decorate a Sports Shadow Box?

  • First, you need to jot down things you want to paste or keep in the box. Then you have to select the perfect size for the box. You have to make sure that the box looks neat and not clumsy.
  • For sports shadow boxes, you can use the player’s jersey, trophies, bat, ball, racket, etc. You have to use accessories related to the sport to give a familiar look.
  • Once you get your box ready with you, you have to design the interior of it. You can go for a sporty background wallpaper or quotes related to sports in the background. Instead of randomly putting stuff in the shadow box, you have to make a rough picture of how you will paste things to make it a sensible shadow box.
  • After that, you can stick the items on the box. You can also make shelves to play around it with the pieces you have. You need to paste the parts firmly not to fall when you are transferring the shadow box.
  • You can also make it customized according to the requirements. You can also decorate a basketball shadow box. For basketball, you can use, small basket, a small ball, or a picture of it. You can also use the jersey of a famous player or your favorite player. You can also add some slogans related to the basketball game. You can add pictures or miniature forms of the trophies of the tournaments. You can even keep an orange-colored theme as it is related to basketball. These themes will give a customized and familiar look to the box.
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How to Decorate a Shadow Box Frame?

The frame of the shadow box is something people will see first. It gives strength and makes it more sturdy. You can make a normal frame or a deep shadow frame. For a normal frame, you need to put an edge that is not very broad, and you have to paste the items on the background wall.

For a deep shadow box, you need wider edges to keep some stuff on edge to make it more designer. You can select the size according to the design. You need to make sure that the arrangements should not look clumsy, and it should also not look empty. You can color the frame according to the theme.

You can paint the frame or make a beautiful texture design, or you can also paste some papers to make it look beautiful. When you will add a glass door to it, make sure you use hinges that go with the color of the frame. You can go for black, silver, or golden hinges, which will go with almost all the colors.


The shadow box is an old concept and is related to the military. The military store their medals and trophies in a shadow box. These days, personalized gifts are in the trend, and shadow boxes are one such option.

You can make a customized shadow box on any theme you want. You just have to collect the related part and items, and you are good to go. I hope you like the tips mentioned above and if you use any of them, please let us know the review. Happy crafting!