How to Decorate a Room With Slanted Walls

Rooms with slanted walls are charming. They are very distinctive from standard rooms and share a chance to decorate in your creative way.

I feel you are fortunate to have a room with a slanted wall as most of us do not have it and can only imagine living in the same. It might need some extra effort to decorate it, but don’t worry.

I have loads and loads of sparkling ideas on how to decorate a room with slanted walls.

Let us get going, read along to explore the ideas, and pick that suits you the best.

Make It Your Bed Back Wall

If you want to utilize all the space in your room, then the best you can do is place your bed along with it. It makes it a bed back wall and gives you the rest of the room to accessorize in the best possible way.

If you opt for such a setting, you can paint that wall with a darker shade than the rest of the walls. There are few such arrangements shared about how to decorate slanted walls on Pinterest.

Create Storage and a Creative Unit

If you are looking to add loads of color and storage to your room, this slanted wall is truly a blessing. You can easily customize a chest of drawers to medium height. You can get colored white that goes superbly well with all wall colors. You can even get these drawers painted with floral or geometric, or even animated patterns adding a different mood to your room. You will surely be thankful for these extra drawers.

On the top of the shelves, you can put up an elegant lampshade, and wow, that’s it! This storage and creative blend is the perfect answer to how to decorate slanted walls.

Turn It Into a Scenic Beauty

All the nature lovers will love my idea. Why don’t you turn this slanted wall into a picturesque view? If you incline sea, you can look out for beach painting and get it framed. Likewise, if you admire mountains, then take a beautiful picture, convert it into a poster, and hang it on that wall.

You can create a frame as big as the diagonal part of the wall. This way, your room will always cheer you up with the view.

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Use Skylights

If you want a well-lit room, then adding a few more lights is a fantastic solution. You can put up skylights for adding color and also improve the lighting of the room. There are an array of skylights available in the market. You can create a down ceiling and use rope lights to color your room. Such ideas turn out to be as dreamy as pictures shared on decorating slanted walls on Pinterest.

Create a Wall of Inspiration

You can convert the sloping walls in your room to a ‘Wall of Inspiration.’ You can put up inspiring quotation frames or putting up goals or things that inspire you to change. With the rest of the wall draped in a fantastic shade of a pastel color, the frames of the slanting walls will turn up nicely. You can also experiment with a similar idea on how to decorate slanted walls with rough boards.

So, whenever you are going to look up, the sloping walls will leave you on a positive note.

Printed Wallpapers

Another easy yet happening answer to decorating a bedroom with slanted walls is using designer or printed wallpapers. You can choose from a range of wallpapers. You can get animated wallpapers with bird or floral prints.

Such prints add life to your rooms.

There is no need to use wallpaper all over your room. You can opt for only slanting walls or parallel walls. So, if you want to finish redecorating quickly, this is one bright option.

Shades of Grey

For a sober, elegant look, use different shades of grey on the walls. A darker shade will be impactful on the slanting walls. The lighter ones can cover the rest.

With the base being grey, you can easily use any color for the interiors. Pearl white goes classically well. You can opt for a bed with similar color back along with the bedding. Also, you can complete the look by adding a bedside table and a soft rug in similar tones.

Such a blend is relaxed and comforting.

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Decals and Stencils

If you want to recreate your room in a very short interval of time, then decals and stencils are few viable options. There are plenty of patterned wall sticker decals available. All you need to do is choose, order, and arrange it well on your slanting wall.

Another option is you can paint through the stencils. You can paint a bending tree or stars. Moreover, to create a fantastic effect, you can use a whisk of both.

Being Under Stars

If you are wondering how to decorate a bonus room with slanted walls and up for a few permanent renovations, I have one excellent idea that you cannot refuse. You can opt for windows on your slanting roof and admire the beauty of being under the stars. How dreamy is it?

This is not all. This window will share extra light during the daytime and will also help in ventilation. So, think about it.

A Chandelier Can Never Go Wrong

When decorating a room with slanting walls on both sides, you can never ignore the power of the chandelier. A beautiful chandelier hanging in the middle of the room lends a very classy and sophisticated look. You can choose from a crystal or brass. Both types gel well with the room type.

Add on Some Hangings

Another hip idea is you can put up hangings to beautify your room. This could be the perfect solution for how to decorate slanted walls. You can add colorful glass lamps in a stair form. It could be of the same or different colors.

Another trick is you can customize photo frames and hang them. That will warm up your room. Also, you can make your hangings like windchimes or puppets. So, get creative and put up strings along with your collection.

Freshen up With Planters

Being close to nature always keeps you cool and composed. To maintain a beautiful atmosphere, you can always add some indoor plants.

You can hang planters alongside the ceiling of the slanted wall. If you wonder how to decorate a bonus room with slanted walls, this idea will do the trick. You can even make small planters with the old used bottles and hang them along a normal jute rope. It will lend a rusty look to your place. So, consider this idea; it will turn out nice for a single as well as a pair of slanting walls.

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Curtain It Up

We have another exclusive out-of-the-box idea. You can put up traditional curtains along the slanting wall. Are you wondering how it will look? Well! Trust us; it turns out into real beauty. Nobody has ever imagined that a slanting wall can be curtained up, but a set of patterned curtains along the ceiling brings in an amazing effect to your decor.

It turns your simple room into a royal space. You can pick beige and black or beige and wine color curtains. They will look stunning.

A Bold Clock Piece

If you do not want to crowd up space and want to keep it neat, clean, and significant, then we have a really interesting idea for you. You can opt for a bold or huge clock for your slanting wall.

It will look prominent and add significance to space. You can opt for huge designer clocks available. A huge gold brass clock will make its impression on the place. A black base with golden color numbers will also share a dignified look.

Glow up stickers

To brighten up your slanting walls, you can even use glow-up stickers. These are neon stickers and glow up as you switch off your lights. They are available in different shapes, including stars, moon, planets, and a lot more.

This decor is best suitable for a kid’s room. Children will love it. So, you can check the range available. Also, it is very easy to use. Just order and stick where you like. You are all set with the decor.

In these 15 ideas, I have tried to share exclusive decorating ideas. Now, it is your turn to pick up what you liked the most. I advise you to make the best use of your slanting. These are simple ideas on how to decorate a room with slanted walls. Create and send me your feedback and pictures. All the best!

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