How to Decorate a Long Wall?

Are you bored and tired of having a blank or plain long wall in your home? If yes, you are not in the minority, as according to a recent survey, 71% of the people in America are looking to decorate or make changes to their home’s interior. A long blank wall can be pretty dull and boring. If you can decorate and make changes to your long wall, then you feel different.

Even if you make some minor changes to your home, you start to get a different vibe. As a result, decorating a blank wall will lift your house’s appeal or look, which can even help you raise your spirits. There are some simple fixes for a plain long wall that you can easily carry out.

How To Decorate A Long Wall: 8 Amazing Ideas

Decorating a large and longwall by yourself can be a little intimidating. Still, it is always an excellent option to keep the decoration simple without overcomplicating things and making a mess.

Your long wall turns out to be great if it reflects your personality and style. Some of the best ideas on how to decorate your longwall are.

#1 Use Artwork

You can use various kinds of artwork such as paintings, abstract art, etc. You will enjoy staring at your longwall if the art piece depicts something that you are fond of. You can also select a painting that depicts a message that resonates with you. Hanging a large artwork covers up the vertical space on your longwall efficiently.

This painting will also capture the people’s attention has unique textures or colors that compliment the interior of your room. This large art piece or painting will also act as the central focal point in your room.

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#2 Unorganized Gallery Wall

If you cannot find the perfect large painting that suits your long wall, you can also create a gallery on this long wall. For creating an unorganized gallery, you can use different art styles, drawings, or paintings to make your longwall appealing.

You can form any design or pattern you wish to create with these paintings and drawings in this kind of setup. Not all the art pieces on your long gallery wall need to be of the same size and shape.

People that are into abstract art would appreciate your creativity and effort to decorate your long wall.

#3 Organized Gallery Wall

This arrangement is similar to the previous method, but the difference here is that the paintings and drawings in this setup are of the same size and shape. You can arrange these paintings in a pleasing and symmetrical pattern that appears neat to the eye.

In most cases, these small paintings can also depict some portion of a larger picture that you can see after arranging them in the ideal pattern. People that everything to be perfect and measured will prefer to have this arrangement on their long walls.

#4 Setup Mirrors

You can use mirrors for covering the long walls if you are not into paintings and drawings. If you attach mirrors onto the long wall, this will make your room appear to be more comprehensive as mirrors add more depth as they reflect the light. Wall mirrors are available in different shapes and fun sizes, due to which they will also act as sculptures that catch people’s attention.

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You can either choose a single large mirror or choose multiple smaller mirrors set up in a distinct design or pattern. These mirrors will cover up most of the space on your long wall, and your room will no longer appear to be bland.

#5 Use Wallpapers

Wallpapers are also great for covering up long walls; you can use these wallpapers just on the long wall or cover the entire room with them. You must select a wallpaper that has a creative and appealing design. Avoid using colors that do not go well with your interior. In most cases, it is ideal if you select lighter shades of wallpapers.

A significant benefit of using wallpapers is that you can switch and replace them conveniently after some of them to give your room a new look. You are selecting a vibrant tone and pattern that mimics nature, such as leaves, wood, sky, marble, and so on. Your wallpaper on a long wall will serve as the main focal point that captures the people’s attention.

#6 Murals

Murals are similar to paintings, but instead of painted on a canvas, you can paint murals on cloth or wallpaper. Using a mural on the long walls will add texture and richness to your room and interior. Murals are available in different sizes. You can use these paintings to give an authentic vibe to your room.

The most common murals have drawings of nature, and similar to the wallpapers, your mural doesn’t need to be a permanent decoration for your long wall. You can always replace or change the mural to freshen things up.

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#7 Bookshelf

If you are a person that is an avid reader, then you can also install a bookshelf in your room. You can go for a giant bookshelf or even go for multiple smaller bookshelves. A bookshelf is a perfect way of covering the plain and blank long wells with something that will be beneficial for you; these bookshelves will allow you to organize and store the books in a convenient manner.

#8 Use Plants

Decorating walls with plants is an excellent idea as it helps you in many ways. Keeping plants in your home will filter and improve the air quality while also decorating the wall. You must choose plants that can easily survive being inside a room with minimal sunlight.


Decorating bland or long blank walls is necessary as long plain walls diminish your home’s entire look and appeal. Moreover, self decorating your home gives you a sense of accomplishment, while the decoration can also serve as an outlet for your creativity. This article consists of some of the best methods you can follow to decorate a long wall.

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