How to Decorate a Laundry Room

Every house owner will keep the laundry room for the end when the concern is of decorating. The laundry room can be a place for you to be alone with your thoughts and ideas, and therefore deserves special attention.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate a laundry room to suit your mood and style.

#1 Providing Room for Cabinets

You can start by including cabinets if you have plenty of space in your laundry room, as it will make your job easy. Explore the below-mentioned cabinet ideas.

  • Overhead cabinets: Turn free ceiling walls of your laundry room into functional space. Add rooftop cabinets or overhead cabinets to turn them into storage space.
  • Custom cabinets: Provide room for innovation as it will help during decoration. Bring in shaker cabinets designs to turn the laundry room into a gorgeous space.

#2 How to Decorate a Laundry Room Wall

There was a time when laundry rooms used to be a space with dark or dim lighting in the basement. Today, it brings the total value to your home. You can select white cabinets if you like dark wallpapers. Wallpapers will define your utility room in the right essence.

  • Pet-Friendly Wallpapers. Get dog-print wallpaper if your family loves dogs. You will get various pet-friendly wallpapers that can lighten your laundry room wall.
  • Metal Sidings: You can also install metal sidings on your wall, which can be helpful while doing daily chores
  • Selecting the right designs: The selection of suitable wallpaper depends on the taste of your family.

#3 Planning Based on Layout

Finding answers for How to decorate a closet-sized laundry room is a daunting task. In such cases, the best you can do is compellingly using every inch. Bring in a sink, washer, dryer, and all other necessities. Indeed, your layout will decide the laundry room designs. A layout will also help while installing drying rods and other amenities.

  • Natural Lights: If you have a window or natural lighting in your utility room, plan your decoration around the window.
  • Appliances: Pen down your appliances and virtually arrange them in the layout to help you understand the space.
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#4 Be Innovative While Selecting Designs

Make tedious washing and drying experience to the next level by bringing creative designs. Washing clothes can bore your family members. Hence getting innovative solutions will turn washing and drying into a memorable hangout.

#5 Select the Best Materials

It is vital to select commercial quality materials if you want to focus on the long run. From countertops to wooden furniture, ensure that everything belongs to excellent quality. Moreover, your mind may also crave cheap materials because of pricing. So, you will have to listen to your heart as it will give you the best suggestion.

#6 Best Floor Tiles

Selecting the right floor tiles can screw up your brain. There are a lot of different types of floor tiles available in the market. You can go with elegant options like hexagon tiles, stone tiles, and checkered tiles. Select the floor tiles based on your interior as they should match your laundry room designs.

#7 Choosing the Right Lighting

If you rent or buy an old-fashioned home, you will find dim or pretty dark laundry room lights most of the time. You can bring in motion sensor lights that will automatically turn on and off as you enter or leave the room. Although, motion sensor lights are expensive and you should prefer them for your own house. Spending so much on lighting is not a good idea while renting a home.

#8 Why Should You Have a Laundry Cart?

Most of the people have left-over space between their washer and dryer. You can make the best out of the space by adding a laundry cart. You can Store essential products like vinegar, bleach, and washing powder in the laundry cart. There is no doubt that you will have cabinets in your laundry room, but a cart is handier.

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#9 Adding Wall Hooks

Well, wall hooks are handy when you can hang shoe bags or dresses that need dry cleaning. Also, add them at an appropriate height so anyone can reach them. Wall hooks also add functional value to your utility room walls. Don’t forget them to paint as it will spoil the decor.

#10 Hide Machines Behind Skirts

If you live in a cramped apartment, then you don’t have too much space to use. Thus, you can use skirts to cover the washer and dryer to use your laundry room as a party room. Select the best curtain that matches your wall colors. You can also check for ideas at (

#11 Give Your Walls an Artistic Feel

Now that you have cozy wallpapers and creative wall paint, an artistic touch is missing in your utility room. Bring in wall art or any other art form (Check some options here: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design). Artwork will also help you relax while washing and drying clothes.

#12 How to Decorate a Closet Size Laundry Room

Renting a two-BHK apartment in a city is a big task hence you don’t have much space for a laundry room. You can add your washer and hanging drying rack in your closet. Check out the example of famous designer David Kaihoi who used the same model in his work.

#13 Display Essential Amenities

By doing so, you will ensure that anyone can access essential products with ease. For example, displaying items like bleach and washing powder on the top-most tray will make it easy for others. It is not always you who will be visiting this place quite often.

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#14 Incorporate Glass Jars

The idea of adding glass jars is conventional, but it is pretty much convincing. It is also one of the best ways to decorate your laundry room. Some people might find it challenging to transfer utilities, and for others, it will only take 5 minutes. Glass jars look elegant and add an aesthetic value to your laundry room. Don’t forget to add labels to the glass jars, as jars without tags will confuse newcomers.

#15 Encouraging French Country Styles

French country styles can make your laundry room look lavish. This type of decor also demands a medium or large-sized laundry room. You will get a lot of ventilation and lighting fixtures here. You can also add classic blue cabinets and blue paint to countertops. One of the best advantages of this decor is you can clean the room with ease. The decor also provides enough space for drying or hanging racks for clothes.

#16 Don’t Miss Out Ironing Station

Most people love to add an ironing station in the laundry room to keep things simple and straightforward. You can dedicate a cabinet for ironing supplies to make your utility room look organized. Bring in a fold-able ironing board as it will help you in saving space.

#17 Greenery!

The last time when you searched about decoration, you must have read articles describing the importance of plants. It doesn’t matter if plants are fake or real 90% of house owners love to decorate their utility room with green pots. Plant-style decor can make your old-fashioned laundry room into a contemporary one.

Wrap Up

We hope you guys enjoyed the decoration as mentioned above and the designing list. Share the list with your kith and kin and drop your worthy opinions below.

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