How To Decorate A Foyer

Whether you have a big entryway with a lot of room or an entryway that directly takes you to the studio apartment, there are a couple of things your entrance should have.

Are you thinking about how to decorate a foyer to make it look inviting and appealing?

Whether it is a big house or a small studio apartment, a well-decorated foyer is the first thing that makes an impression.

If you are looking at some ideas on how to decorate a foyer, make sure to include a number of things to make your place valuable.

Bookshelf or A Cabinet

Each lobby has a type of surface where you can keep your keys, mail, spare change, or whatever you pick or drop off as you go into and leave your home.

A rack with a storage unit is an excellent way to place your things if you have sufficient space.

If not, you can keep a shelf or a wall divider. You can get a lot of space without sacrificing your space.

We recommend you YAHEETECH storage shelves. It features a robust construction. It has two drawers with symmetric pulls to keep things like keys and glasses. You can use it in the entryway, living room, and hallway.

Place Mirror On The Wall

Most of us have a habit of looking at the mirror before moving out of our homes. It’s a smart thought to place a mirror while decorating a foyer.

You can place a large mirror if you have that much space, or you can hang it somewhere you find convenient and looks perfect.

Mirrors are valuable as they make the space look big and are reflective. If you have a small entrance placing a mirror on a wall can make the place look spacious.

Overhead Light Fixtures or Installing Chandeliers

Most foyers have a crystal fixture or have overhead fixtures, which look just perfect. It is also great to have other light fixtures such as a wall light or a table light. If you come from a dark place by chance and don’t want to look at any bright light, you can just turn on the dim light. This way, you won’t stress your eyes. Dim lights can create an inviting environment for visitors as well.

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Are you looking for wall sconces for your living room or foyer? We recommend you Wall sconces. You can place them in your living room, lobby, or near your seating area.

A Rug For The Entrance

Placing a rug or a mat is very inviting for your guests. It makes your space look good and welcoming. Don’t place any mat that is thick as it becomes difficult to open and close the door.

It will be perfect to choose something that can handle

It would help if you chose something that can be used on rough surfaces and ensure it’s suitable in any public area.

A Rack To Keep Your Shoes

It’s great to have a place to keep shoes as you enter your house. You can place a rack to keep all your shoes in one place that looks perfect and fits in your place.

If a rack doesn’t fit your place, you can place a mat to keep all your shoes. Arrange them in a tidy way, so it looks clean. Else most of the people remove their footwear anywhere on the floor. Thus, blocking the entrance area.

If you are looking for a shoe rack, we recommend you VASAGLE shoe rack. You can take a seat on a comfortable, removable seat cushion and put on your shoes without any hurry.

Placing Furniture Off The Wall

Furniture placed off the wall makes space for more. Placing furniture off the wall saves a lot of space on the floor. You can put some patterned tiles and make a seating on the side.

Placing Frames On the Walls

Placing some good Portrait and artworks gives a beautiful look to your walls. Some artwork contrasts well with the wall colors. You can place artwork made by you on a canvas that matches your furniture.

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Stylish Wallpaper

Stylish wallpaper creates the first impression. You can place a cabinet on the side to store your things and place the wallpaper on its top. You can place your mails, keys and other things over the cabinet.

Photo Frames On The Wall

You can place photo frames on the walls near your foyer. You can add your best memory and achievements so guests can have a glance at it.

On the sidewall, you can add some stylish textures to give an interesting look to your space.

If you are looking for a picture gallery set, we recommend Umbrella exhibit picture frames. You can display your favorite pictures to give an eye-catchy look using these five hanging, gallery-style frames.

Display Your Achievements

You can display all your achievements on the wall and hang a yellow light on the top. You can place a comfortable couch at the bottom. You can sit and wear your footwear or just relax before moving out.

Metallic Textured Frame

You can place a textured divider at the entrance. It will help divide your entrance and living space if you have a small foyer. You can place a chair and table on the side to give it a perfect look.


Having very little space at the entrance? Thinking of adding a partition?

You can place a wooden divider to divide the rack to place your shoes and the rest of the space.

You can place some good artworks and paints that match your wall color to give it a look.

Have a look at some other things you need to consider:

  • Blazers. If you do not have a wardrobe to hang your blazers at the foyer, you can place a cloth rack or small hooks to hang your blazers and purses. You need to see if you can store your caps, belts, and other small items. You can place drawers, seating with a storage, or place baskets to store your things.
  • Umbrella. You can place a stand to hang an umbrella on the side if you have enough space. It gives a nice perfect look to your foyer.
  • Key Hanger. You can place a key hanger on the cabinet or just a hook on the wall to hang your keys in one place. This way you will not lose your keys.
  • Vase. A flower vase gives a beautiful look to your space. Most people like to see fresh flowers as they enter the foyer. It looks very appealing and fresh.
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Different Types Of Foyer Designs

Modern Foyer Design

You can design your foyer with some modern designs. Modern designs are great for both small and big homes.

A modern foyer design can be a part of a compact home entrance or even a large one. A modern foyer design is mostly minimalistic by placing some fixtures and add some neutral colors on the walls.


Most houses already have a traditional space for the entrance. You can place a mirror on the wall, have a seating area with a storage unit.

Makeshift Or Temporary

This foyer is suitable for small houses that don’t have a specified space for the entrance. You can add a partition using a divider to separate your living room and your entranceway.


This type of foyer is suitable for apartments. If space leads to the lift or stairs, you can make a foyer space by placing a seating and storage unit.


There is nothing more impressive than a striking entryway. A good foyer design sets the tone for your home and puts in more creativity. Look at these fantastic ideas on decorating a foyer and making even the tiny space charming and useful.

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