How to Decorate a Corner Wall?

If you have been trying to figure out how to decorate a corner wall aesthetically, you have reached the right place. We have compiled some of the best ideas to deck this wall uniquely and innovatively. By incorporating these, you shall be able to render a unique appeal to the overall ambiance of your room. So, let’s get started!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a perfect amalgamation of style and utility. They serve as an ideal addition to your corner wall. It is best to opt for good quality shelves that can withhold some weight. Alright, so you already have got stylish floating shelves affixed. But don’t know how to decorate a corner wall shelf? Well, we have some lovely ideas for you.

You can place a few books on this shelf. Putting a photo frame with a picture of your family members is also a great idea. You may even place small planters, showpieces, or antiques to deck this space.

Photo Frames

Hang multiple photo frames on the corner wall to enhance its appeal. Select the most beautiful moments captured with your family and friends to fill the frames. You can hang these frames in a straight row, diagonally, in a zig-zag manner, or any which way you like.

The frames can be of varying sizes. You may use your creativity to hang these innovatively and make this corner look unique. You can change the pictures every few months to give this wall a refreshing new look.


This is one of the safest bets when it comes to decorating walls. Though relatively common, this is not a boring idea. There are several unique and attractive paintings available in the market. You can cover this corner with one that goes well with the color and theme of your room.

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You may hang two or three paintings of different sizes if you don’t like the idea of hanging one big frame. It is suggested to go for images that are appealing and render a positive message. Pictures of running horses, blooming flowers, sunrise, and birds flying freely in the sky are some of the examples of paintings that you should hang in the said corner. On the other hand, you must avoid images of dried trees, sunset, animals chasing their prey, and the likes as they negatively impact our subconscious mind.

Hanging Ferns

Most house owners seek an answer to how to decorate a corner wall over a TV. You can’t risk hanging something bulky on this spot. The chosen object must also not be very bright. It has to be light yet attractive. The best bet is to opt for artificial hanging ferns. These are just perfect to beautify this corner.


A tall lampshade can be a great addition if you are looking for something to decorate your corner wall. A big-sized, attractive lampshade can augment the look of this spot. You may hang a medium-sized painting to enhance its appeal further.


Turning your corner wall into a bookshelf can be yet another fabulous option. Different types of stylish and colorful bookshelves are available in the market. You may buy one and get it affixed in this corner.

Alternatively, you may get a customized piece to match the ambiance of your living space. Place the books systematically to render a prim look. You may also place a small flower vase beside the books to beautify the place further.

A Big Mirror

A big mirror embedded in a beautiful metal or wooden frame can be a delightful addition to this corner. If you have been thinking about decorating a corner wall with minimal effort and resources, just buy this one object.

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Hang it in the middle of the wall, and that’s it. You do not require anything else to deck up this wall if you hang a beautiful oversized mirror on it.


How about hanging a swing in this corner? It is indeed a great idea. Hang it at a small distance from the wall so that you can sit and relax on it. To enhance the look further, you may get beautiful scenery or picture of flowers, trees, or birds painted on the wall.

Abstract Wall Decor

Abstract wall decor renders a chic look. You may hire a professional to get the corner wall painted with abstract art. If you have been looking for ideas on decorating a corner wall behind a TV, this is especially a fabulous idea. You may get the entire wall painted with this unique art or only the visible part.

Wood Burning Stove

It is also a good idea to place a wood-burning stove in this corner. This is especially recommended for small rooms since burning wood even in the corner will quickly render warmth to the entire space.

You may hang an antique item on the wall or place it alongside the stove to complete the look. However, if the wood-burning stove is big, you need not keep any additional items here.

Work Station

You can place a small table beside the corner wall, hang a whiteboard on the wall and paste a few motivational quotes to turn this place into your workspace. Isn’t it a good idea?

You may place a small planter and a pen holder on the table to complete the look. Pull a comfortable chair each time you sit to work and see your productivity boost. Just make sure you keep the place neat and organized at all times.

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A Big Plant

If you are looking for ideas on decorating a corner wall in the bedroom, this can be an excellent option. A big plant planted in a beautiful large-sized pot enhances the appeal of the corner wall and the overall ambiance of the room. However, beware of the plant you choose.

The plant must not only look beautiful but should also exhale oxygen even during the night hours. Some such plants are aloe vera, areca palm, snake plant, Christmas cactus, and peace lily.

Keeping plants that give carbon dioxide at night can be a bad idea as it can impact your health negatively. So, be careful.

Storage Space

You can place a small cabinet beside this wall to cover it partly and hang a painting above it. We all need that extra storage space to keep our stuff, isn’t it? So, why not use your corner wall for this purpose.

You may use the space above the cabinet to place decorative items or even things of utility. For instance, you can display your novels here. You may even place some artifacts to enhance the appeal of this corner. In case there is enough room to get a small cabinet embedded in the wall, it is better to go for it.

Wrap Up

We hope you liked this extensive list of ideas to decorate the corner wall in your bedroom/ living room. Do let us know which of these ideas you loved the most and are planning to incorporate. If you liked the information shared here, don’t forget to share this article with your near and dear ones. It might turn out to be beneficial for them too!

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