How To Decorate A Boy’s Room

How To Decorate A Boy's Room

Who says your little one’s room can’t be beautiful? You can make your kid’s bedroom as adorable and appealing as the rest of the space in your house.

It will help if you select the choices that your kids like. Place the furniture and other fixtures according to your kids’ age and personality. Design the room so that even you can spend time with your child in the room. Are you looking for some ideas on how to decorate a boy’s room?

From bold wallpaper to some elegant furniture, you can decorate a boy’s room in style to suit his personality.

Let’s look at some ideas and designs on how to decorate a boy’s room.

Treehouse Bed

Does your child like to stay in a treehouse? You can design your kid’s room like a treehouse. You can have some wooden finished throughout the bed to give it a look.

You can give some design on the wall using reclaimed wood and give it a natural finish. This way, you can design your kid’s room like a treehouse.

One of the affordable ways to achieve the look is reusing old wooden floor planks or upcycling any wooden pallet.

You can utilize a coordinating wood color to make it look like a wooden wall. You can keep the other parts of the room with some basic furniture and use contrasting color tones.

Smart Storage

You can utilize the walls to store things in your child’s bedroom. You can hang storage baskets on the walls. By hanging the storage basket, you can utilize the floor space for some other purpose.

Your kid can have a better play area in the room.

To coordinate with the aesthetic, you can use a smart wicker basket. It can be kept under your kids bed for some extra storage. You can decorate the room with some warm coral tones to complement the basic materials you have.

We recommend you sansheng wall-hanging storage bags. They are made with high-quality fabric and are very convenient as they are foldable and washable.

Design With Some Sunny Shades

You can go with any tones and shades for your kid’s bedroom. The brighter the room, the better it is. You can choose a vibrant yellow color that fills your kid’s room with light.

The yellow shade is known for hope, positivity, and happiness. What more would you want for your little one’s bedroom. Thus making it perfect for empowering youthful personalities.

Hang Artwork At Lower Height

You can hang some artwork according to your kid’s height. This way, they can appreciate the photos and artwork like you do. You can add floating shelves, which is a great way to feature your child’s book. Along with it, you can string some decorative lights to project a delicate shine over the room while your kids sleep at night.

Add Loft Bed

Whether your kids share the bedroom or have friends coming up frequently, you can buy or design a loft bed. Thanks to its compact design, a loft bed takes less space, and your kids can have extra space to play.

With more space in the room, kids can play with their games and even study in the open space. An open space for your kids to play is a must if you don’t have much space in your house.

Bed With A Storage Unit

You can add an extra storage solution by designing a bed with a cabin. You can have a drawer under your bed to store things. It is great for kids of any age.

A cabin bed is excellent for your kid’s room that has less space. It can even have a shelf for your kids to keep their storybooks and other things.

You can go with some vibrant color themes in your kid’s bedroom with some colorful carpet. You can put some colorful wall art that suits your child’s taste.

We recommend you livebox kids play rug. It is made of 100% microfiber material. The kids’ play mat is non-toxic and skin-friendly. Kids won’t get hurt while having fun in their newly designed room.

Design Themes All Over The Room

To give your child’s room an attractive look, you can design the specific theme all over the room, including wall frames, and carpets.

Specific cartoon character design or some simple shapes with monochrome shade are some popular choices among kids.
You can add a bean bag or chair with a soft cushion, which can be a perfect space for your kids to read a storybook.

Add Hexagon Shaped Shelves

You can transform some shelves to create a unique pattern. Like you can arrange some hexagon shape shelves in any order on the wall. Your kids can display their favorite games or teddy bear.

The amazing thing about these hexagon-shaped shelves is that they are durable and versatile, and you won’t need to change their design as your kids grow into teens. Changing the shelves display and color as the choice of your kid’s changes with time, it will give a completely new look.

We recommend you NAUMOO wooden hexagon shelves. These wall shelves are very sturdy and can hold heavy items. You can arrange it in many ways. It will add a unique charm to your kids’ room.

Accent Color Choices

Traditional colors like the shades of blue and red are a basic option to choose from. You can even go with bright yellow shades or some calming pastel color if you look for something different.

You can even try painting the loft beds in a contrasting color to make them a focal point. If you choose to brighten up your kid’s bed, it’s good to keep the walls and floor light and neutral. This way, the room will look great.

Maximize Corners By Shelving

You can utilize the space of your kid’s room by adding wall shelves. You can add the shelves in the corners to utilize the unused space. You can position different size shelves next to each other to create a V-shape.

If the shelves are of the same size, you can match them up by placing them in the corner and cutting their edges.

Monochrome Design

Your childrens’ bedroom does not necessarily be pale and pretty. You can accept dull and cranky tones to give it a sensational look and add depth to it.
A monochrome design can assist many patterns to lift space, while a funky art design adds some style to the boys’ room.

Theme Based Personality

If your child is young, they will be attracted to bright colors that refresh their senses. You can choose a theme that adds to your child’s personality and design it all over your kid’s bedroom.

Brighten Up A Small Space

You can brighten up your kid’s room by painting it with a light neutral shade. Along with it, you can go for cherry bed linen and pillows and create a playful and bright look. You can decorate with some colorful wall arts or paste some stickers on the wall.

Floor Design

You can design a play area for your kid by painting the floor with different shades. You can choose your child’s favorite shade. You can paint them with two color shades. You can even use shading cards as motivation.


Decorating a boys’ bedroom is not an easy task. While you may want to decorate your kid’s room with neon walls, superhero bedding, and some toys, your kid may have some other ideas.

I hope you liked these ideas on how to decorate a boy’s room. You can decorate the room with the things he loves and add a healthy dose of fun.