How to Decorate a Bedroom With No Money

Our homes are very close to our hearts. They are a big part of our existence. The décor reflects our lifestyle and our outlook towards our lives. A well-maintained space, nicely decorated place conveys a lot about our personality.

Bedrooms are the uttermost important parts of our houses. It is the one place where we spend a lot of time. We are most comfortable here. It is supposed to be the best place in the world.

Our bedroom is all about comfort, but a bright room never hurts. After a long day, when you come back to a beautifully decorated room, it fills you with pleasure and relaxes you. Most of us think that decorating means using a lot of money.

But the good news is you can decorate your bedroom with no money. Yes! You heard it right. We will spill some exciting room decorating ideas that can help you without making a hole in your pocket.

Excited? Read on to find extremely economical ideas that will change the face of your room.

#1 Bring Back Your Memories

Are you confused? We are talking about putting up pictures of your loved ones together in a collage. This is a very simple Do-It-Yourself project. All you need is cardboard and a colored paper to cover it and some photographs or printouts of the pictures.

First of all, cut the cardboard in a shape you like including a circle, square, or heart. Cover it with a paper of your choice once you have created a base, put up your favorite pictures with family, friends, pets, or places.

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This simple hand-made collage will lend a warm touch to your room. You can even create a pretty collage for places you want to visit or goals you want to accomplish. So, quickly you can make and place it on the wall. You will be warm and happy every time you look at it.

#2. Recycle Your Old Stuff and Add Colors

Adding bright colors is a good option. It will change the mood of your room. Many times we have old bright colored t-shirts, printed bed sheets that are of no use. You can always cut them in patterns and get them framed and convert them into wall hangings.

You can create a unique series and decorate your bedroom wall with it. It can simply add color and freshness to your room. Also, you can wear your old bright colored clothes and convert them to cushions.

You can add color to your bedding. This idea is a great answer as to how to decorate a bedroom with no money.

#3 Tape It Up

Another idea to recreate your room with absolutely no money is to get creative with colored tapes. Yes! If you a plain wall, just use different colored neons or colored tapes and create what you like.

Give wings to your imagination and bring it out. Trust us; you will not regret this amazing creation. Also, it is temporary, and you can change it within no time.

#4 Add a Swing

If you have a spacious bedroom, then we have an amazing idea for you. You can create a hanging sitting. Yes! You can simply take a sturdy rope and add a cushion to it. You are ready to go for a swing.

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Instead of a cushion, you can add a tray and convert it into a hanging shelf. Isn’t it pretty cool? Do try this and share the pictures with us.

#5 Paint It Green

Suppose you are a plant lover. Then you do not even have to think about how to decorate a bedroom with no money. You can take normal bottles or cups and paint them the color of your choice.

Then you can easily get indoor plants and add greenery to your room space. This will keep your room fresh and fragrant. Imagine entering you and plants greeting you sound amazing. Give this idea a try.

#6 Add Strings of Lights

Adding strings of colorful lights will also jazz up your room. It will add colors and lighten up your room. These lights are very relaxing and soothing after a tiring day; who would not love to have a relaxing room with amazing music.

#7 Get Creative With Your Old Furniture

You can always get creative with your old furniture. If you have an old side table, you can simply paint it or mix-match it with stickers or even paper or cloth art and manage something vibrant and different. Using your old furniture is a money-saving technique, and you can add new vibes to your space.

#8 Mix and Match Old Hangings

Most of the time, we have many broken hangings, wind chimes, and other decorative things. You can pick up what is left and easily create a customized wall hanging. This way, you can recycle your old favorites into a new look.

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Wrap Up

Creating up a new space or redecorating does not always mean shelling out a lot of money. Your imagination and creative side can bring a lot of change to your living space. Just think about what you want and what all changes you are looking for?

Once you are clear with your thoughts, you may opt to add colors if you like bright colors. If you love being cozy and warm, then you look for subtle options like collages.

So, do not limit yourself to the budget. Just look for inspiration and create and paint out your spirit, love, happiness, and joy. Just pour out your feelings and create a masterpiece. Most importantly, do not forget us to send in your feedback and images. We would love to see what you made out of our ideas and how you evolved your styles and techniques out of them.

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