How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

We usually give importance to décor in our living room, bedroom, and kitchen of our house. Bathrooms are generally neglected. But, in actuality, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It is a place of relaxation. So, you should give equal importance to it as compared to other rooms of your dwelling.

We should start from the bathroom counter. We visit this place many times a day. You should decorate in such a way that it creates a positive vibe within us. A well-organized bathroom counter creates an inviting and warm atmosphere.

The other word of decoration is art. You don’t need to buy many things from the market and put them on the bathroom counter to decorate your bathrooms. It will have a negative impact.

You should organize all the things on the bathroom counter properly. If you want to invest a little money in decorating your bathroom counter, you may prefer a few classy stuff that will be eye-catching.

By changing some of the counter accessories, your bathroom counter will create a wow effect not only within you but also for guests. There are numerous ideas on how to decorate a bathroom counter. Well, here you will get a few ideas.

Ideas to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

#1. Decorative Tray

Nowadays, trays are not used only for cooking or serving tea to guests. You can use a decorative tray on your bathroom counter. Trays are coming in various designs and styles. It’s your decision whether to invest in a cheaper tray or an expensive tray.

With the help of a tray, we can gather all essential items together. You don’t need to search here and there about any daily use product. After all, time is significant. For each product, you should not waste time searching.

Bamboo trays can be an excellent choice to decorate the bathroom counter. These trays are durable. Even its color blends easily with any color on the bathroom counter.

You may also prefer a mirrored tray, which will enhance all the tray items because of its reflection capability. It will give an elegant look.

#2. Dispensers

Dispensers play an essential role in the bathroom counter. The bathroom counter usually has a washbasin. You go to the bathroom counter to wash your hands. So, keeping a pump dispenser bottle is a must on the bathroom counter. It symbolizes cleanliness and style. Different varieties of pump dispenser bottles are available in the market.

The glass bottles with colorful flowers on them can be a good pump dispenser bottle to keep on your bathroom counter.

You may choose a mason jar dispenser. It is also a good option. The lid of this pump dispenser bottle is made up of stainless steel, which is usually durable. It will not rust easily. So, it is just perfect for the bathroom. It will create a rustic charm for your bathroom counter.

#3. Organization and Storage

You may say goodbye to old storage and try to keep all the bathroom essentials like bath salts, cotton balls, swabs, hair accessories in a separately designed bottle. The bottle can be made up of glass with various designs.

You try to keep all the items separately in an organized manner. You should also keep your perfumes and lipsticks separately. As a result, you need to search here and there for your items. Just arrange everything neatly and cleanly in your vanity countertop organizer.

You may buy five to six acrylic bathroom organizers to keep various items like earbuds, cotton balls, and different other things. All the items can be displayed outside and will give an elegant look to the bathroom counter.

Vanity drawer beauty organizers are a good option for ladies. It has 3 three small drawers and 13 sized square boxes to keep various beauty and cosmetic items.

#4. Countertop Lighting

Using a lamp or some arrangement of extra light on the bathroom counter will enhance the beauty of the bathroom counter.

You may choose a touch control lamp to lighten your bathroom counter. It not only provides extra light but also gives a modern look to the bathroom counter. Well, various led lamps are also available in the market. The colorful design lamps at the corner of the bathroom counter will enhance the style.

You may choose a simple slate grey lamp to decorate your bathroom counter. This lamp will give a versatile look to your bathroom counter. The color of this lamp usually blends with any color of the bathroom counter.

#5. Greenery of Floral Arrangements

There are several ideas to decorate a bathroom counter. Greenery arrangement is one of them. You can keep some indoor plants on your bathroom counter, which will give a fresh, greenery look to your counter.

You may choose faux mini plants to keep on the bathroom counter. Try to keep at least three to five faux mini plants.

The indoor plants are available in plenty. You don’t need to be so specific about any plant. Someone may choose a snake plant or a money plant to decorate the bathroom counter.

#6. Photos of Artwork

You may place some photos which will be having some artwork on the bathroom. But, there are various other choices too. You may place some pictures of your family. It will give a personal touch to your bathroom counter.

#7. Candles

Another great idea to decorate a bathroom counter is candles. You can create a warm feeling on your bathroom counter by the use of candles. When they are lit up, they spread fragrance in the bathroom, which makes a wow effect.

You may prefer to buy fresh linen scented candles or fruity scented candles. In a fruity scented candle, the outside of the candle is also decorated, which is eye-catching. Even no poisonous materials are used while making this candle.

#8. Ceramic or Other Glassware

Ceramic pieces are available plenty in the market, which is available in various shapes and designs. You can choose any of them and decorate your bathroom counter, which adds value to the bathroom counter. White ceramic honeycomb vases are now in trend.

#9. Hand towel

Hanging a hand towel is a must on the bathroom counter. You may prefer to buy a good quality hand towel to dry your hands or face.

#10. Wallpaper

‘How to decorate a small bathroom counter’ usually this question arises when your space is tiny. If you have a small bathroom counter, then you can prefer to use wallpaper. It will make the area a bit interesting.

#11. Mismatch Wall Art Gallery

You may place some photo frames that are not of equal size, create a mismatched wall art gallery, and hang it beside the mirror. A mismatched wall art gallery can also be made by quotes, themes, and images depicting a story.

Wrap Up

The bathroom counter is a tiny space. So, it has high chances to get messed up quickly. You must clean and organize all the things properly to create a refreshing look in the bathroom. You may choose some of the above ideas to decorate a bathroom counter and declutter your bathroom counter.

Decoration of the bathroom counter does not require hiring an interior designer. You need to pick a few precious items and put them on your bathroom counter. Even the draws and cabinets should be maintained day in and day out.