How to Decorate a 400 Sq. Ft. Studio Apartment

Staying in a small apartment is not a good idea to think about. But if you work smart, it can also lead to super smart design solutions. Staying in a studio apartment means converting a single room into a bedroom, kitchen, and living space.

Have you thought of how to decorate a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment?

You need to have good furniture and decorative items to make your studio apartment look appealing. Make use of everything you can for your comfort.

Let’s look at some ideas for decorating a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment.

Stick to Basics

The more things you buy for your apartment, the more space it utilizes. Always try to buy the things you require and are essential. Don’t overstuff things you don’t even use.

You might want to have a wardrobe to keep your clothes organized. It will take much of your space, making your house look even smaller. Try organising your clothes in the racks you have.

Set A Glass Divider

To separate your bedroom and living room, you can use a glass divider. If you are staying all alone and don’t have any privacy problem as such, then having a glass divider is a great option.

By this, you can divide the room into two parts and can get a lot of light to flow through

Hang Floating Art

You can separate your sleeping area from the rest of your studio apartment by hanging a floor-to-ceiling curtain and then hang a floating painting to make it distinguish from the rest area. When you close the curtain, you can partition that space.

Be Resourceful

You can have a folding room divider when you need to change clothes and need some privacy. You can have a few extra seating for your guests when they come over.

Use A Room Divider

If you want to divide a studio apartment but don’t want to install permanent dividers, you can use a folding screen to create an illusion of privacy and separateness.

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If you are looking for one, we recommend you the Legacy Décor room divider. The frame is made of wood and folds flat for easy storage. It can divide the bedroom or any space.

Use A Single Paint

Do you want to transform an ample space into something you can live in?

Consider having flooring that is different in the sitting area. It makes you feel like your studio apartment has a room as well. If you want to make your floor look different you can add a floor mat.

Folding Bed

When your studio apartment is compact and cannot keep both your sofa and bed, you can go for a folding bed come sofa. You can consider buying a truckle bed as well.  During the day you can convert your bed into a sofa and sit on it. When you have guests at your place, you can have a good living space.

Hang Curtains On The Door

A door takes up a lot of space in a studio apartment. To save some extra space, you can hang curtains near your bed to have some privacy. You can choose a translucent fabric for your curtain. By this light can flow in and will not make it dull.

Think In Terms Of Zones

You can add a bench at the end of the bed. It signals a conversation area. It helps to keep your sleeping area separate from the hangout zone.

Use Smart Storage

You can have open shelving in your studio apartment. It is a great way to use your vertical space.

Keep The Bed Away From The Door

You can establish a nook inside the front door as its entryway. You can set the sofa on the side. Keep the bed away from the door as much as possible.

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Make Use Of Things You Have

You can store your things under your bed by putting your mattress on the top of the storage unit.

Most of the studio apartments are not very spacious. You need to use the space that is available to you to the fullest. You can find many ways to make it useful. You can add few elegant showpieces to make your apartment attractive and appealing.

Once you have utilized all the floor space, you can store few things in the wall cabinets. You can add shelves and hooks to keep your things and some decorative items.

Loft Your Bed

You can have a strategic layout of your apartment that keeps the kitchen and eating area under your lofted bed. The staircase can provide a perk, functioning as a hidden storage box. An extra storage unit is of utmost importance in any small studio apartment.

Create Cohesion

You can use the same paint throughout the space, which makes it feel cohesive.

Functional Furniture

Your living space has to be functional all the time. When you stay up in a small apartment, you will have to utilize the space you have to the maximum. You can have a bed come storage unit.

Instead of placing a sofa or a bench on the side, you can have a storage box with a bench. This way you can store your things inside and your apartment will look neat and tidy. The storage units help you store a lot of things. be it your bed sheets, blankets, clothes, or any essential item.

You can get a folding table that is convenient and easy to store back anywhere. It is great to keep it in your kitchen or you can even mount it on your wall.

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You just need to be smart enough to find furniture that can be used in multiple ways.

We recommend the best choice folding sofa for a compact living if you are looking for a convertible folding sofa. It has removable arm pillows and an adjustable back to switch from sofa to bed in seconds.

Create Optical Illusions With Your Curtains

You can hang curtains above the window. It imparts airiness and height. A big mirror helps brighten up space and makes it feel bigger.


Your apartment looks appealing when there is good light. You can have some extra lightings to brighten up your home. Don’t install any dull lights in your studio apartment.

Always select lightings that are simple. Don’t go for big lights for small apartments as it will take space and make your apartment look smaller.

You can place a mirror in your living area to make it look bigger than it is. It will help brighten up the living area with the natural sunlight that comes in.

Choose to paint the walls with neutral shades. Dark tones make your living area look small. Colors like beige, white, or any light shade will make your apartment look very lively.


Living in a small apartment can be comfortable and provide all the functionality you need in a home if you make good use of décor and furniture. Follow the above ideas on how to decorate a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment and make the most of small space living.

It is you who is going to be living in a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. So make it a place that represents you.

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