How To Create An Accent Wall?

Are you someone who loves to try new with everything? Are you bored of seeing the same walls every day at home? If you like to be creative and don’t hesitate to try new ones at home, we have something for you. Make a creative change to your house using colors. The difference can be made by creating an accent wall. It is time to learn how to create an accent wall and what it is all about.

How To Create An Accent Wall?

An accent wall is all about painting one wall in a room different from all other walls. An accent wall can be chosen to be either an interior wall or an exterior wall. A regular wall can be made as an accent wall either by adding a new color, new pattern, new shade of the same colour, and new material different from the other walls.

Why Do We Need An Accent Wall?

  • The room looks routine, or you want to make it look different, then you can go for an accent wall.
  • You want to add a unique element to your room; then, you can pick an accent wall.
  • Your room lacks a focal point, and you want to add one, then try an accent wall.
  • If You’re going to make a particular fact highlighted in your room and make it look stand out, then paint one wall differently.

Can Any Wall In Any Room Be An Accent Wall?

There is no restriction on which room should be painted with an accent wall. Be it kitchen, living, dining, or bedroom; any room can be painted and created as an accent wall. The accent wall serves the purpose of making the room look unique. Let us see some examples of which wall makes a creative accent wall.

  • Living room: If you have a bookshelf or fireplace or a wall where you want to put on some photos, you can make this wall an accent wall.
  • Bedroom: The wall which is behind your bed or your headboards makes a good accent wall. If you have some excellent furniture that you want to highlight in the room, choose the wall behind as an accent wall.
  • Study room: If you have some beautiful bookshelf or art piece hanging in the room, the wall behind is the best choice.
  • Dining room: The wall which your eye catches first when you enter the dining room can be picked to create an accent wall.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen wall having plates on the shelf or other ceramic stuff makes an accent wall’s apt choice.
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How To Create An Accent Wall With Paint?

An accent wall can be created either using paint, wallpaper, or using a different wall material. Let us talk about using paint for an accent wall. The following are how you can create an accent wall with paint.

  • Using darker shade: One way of creating an accent wall is coloring a darker shade of the same color used in the other room walls.
  • Using complementary colors: You can completely pick a complementary color when compared to other wall colors. You can create an accent wall with a bright red color contrast with light blue walls.
  • Using cool colors: There is also scope to paint light gray as an accent wall when other walls have light blue. This will balance the cool colors in the room.

If you are confused about creating an accent wall with paint, try applying some sample of the color on a wall. This will help you understand how well that goes in the room and how it looks in the mornings and nights.

Which Colors Have To Be Avoided When You Create An Accent Wall With Paint?

The colors we use in rooms tend to create the mood when we enter or stay in the room. So the choices of color vary from room to room.

  • When you want to create an accent wall in the bathroom, it is good to pick green.
  • If you are looking to create an accent wall in the bedroom, pick blue over red because blue is soothing, making it difficult to sleep. The Blue accent wall looks fantastic when the other walls are colored with colors like brown or pink, giving a warm feel.
  • In the dining room, avoid blue and green colors because blue makes you sleepy, and green makes you energetic. Both are not great colors to have around the dining table.
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How To Create An Accent Wall With No Paint?

When you want to create an accent wall with no paint, you can use the following ways to create an accent wall in your room.

  • Wallpaper: One of the top choices we can adopt to create an accent wall with no paint is wallpaper. Choosing a wallpaper that is bold or subtle is entirely based on your priority. You can add suitable furniture, carpet, or window drapes to match and highlight the accent wall with wallpaper. An art piece that will complement your wallpaper can also be hanged on the accent wall with wallpaper to make it eye-catchy. You can go for this wallpaper by NuWallpaper to give your space a floral touch.
  • Wall decals: If adding a whole wallpaper is not your choice, you can always pick some wall decals and paste them on your walls to make them look unique. The advantage is these decals can easily be pasted and removed whenever we want. These decals by Shappy will be a great option if you wish to add a little shine to your room.
  • Wooden panels: If you want to give your room an elegant look, the best choice will be opting for panels using woods. Be it a bedroom or living room, the wooden panels will make your wall stand out from the rest of the walls. Try this sample pack by Timberchic before you decide on wooden panels. If you find it perfect, then you can order in bulk.
  • Wall art: If you don’t want to try painting, wallpaper, decals, or wooden panels to create an accent wall, you can directly pick a beautiful wall art piece and place it on the wall to create an accent wall with no paint. It serves the purpose of creating an accent wall to an extent. Check out this wall art by Konda. It is a five-piece of wall art that can enhance the appearance of your room.

Those mentioned above are some of the best options to create an accent wall with no paint.

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How To Create An Accent Wall In The Bedroom?

Create an accent wall behind your bed, mainly. When you talk about the bedroom, you can create an accent wall on any of the following options:

  • The wall serves as a focal point or which our eye catches when we enter the bedroom.
  • The wall, which is just behind your bed, serves mainly as a focal point in many cases.
  • When you don’t want to pick any of the four walls available, pick the ceiling to create an accent wall.
  • The wall which doesn’t have massive shelves or much of the furniture against it
  • The wall that doesn’t have any furniture against it will have the same beauty once we create an accent wall and keep little furniture against it.

The top picks to create an accent wall in the bedroom using paint will be blue and green. If you have the other walls painted with neutral colors in the bedroom, choose the darker shades of the neutral color to create an accent wall in the bedroom.

When you want to create an accent wall behind your bed, go for colors like blue and green and pick wooden panels to highlight the wall and give a modern look to your bedroom.

How To Create An Accent Wall In A Small Room?

It is an excellent option to create an accent wall in a small room to make it look different. You can either choose a dark or light color to create an accent wall. When you pick a dark color for accent walls, they add uniqueness to your room and make it look beautiful. However, you can create an accent wall with a light color that will reflect the light and make the room look bigger.


People get creative these days and look for a change in everything they see. Adding an accent wall in your surroundings will be a beautiful addition. Remember to create only one accent wall in a room to make it look different. Please read our article, add that change in your life and let us know how it worked for you all.


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