How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively: Step by Step Guide

how to clean high ceilings

Ceilings are that part of the home which are mostly considered as ‘hard to clean.’ However, with knowledge on How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively, you can turn the whole part from daunting to the easiest and most desirable cleaning job in your house. The nature of high ceilings sometimes make them difficult to clean.

How to Clean High Ceilings

However, whether we like it or not, ceilings get dirty and unpleasing to our sights when they are covered with dust and other stains. Luckily enough, by removing debris and knowing the steps to clean your ceiling, you will be in a better place to clean your ceiling and have it retain the newly pleasant look.

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Knowing that cleaning your ceiling will give your home a new look is however not enough. You probably are asking yourself what you need for the process and how to go about it. Well, no need to worry since this guide incorporates all you will need and how to go about the whole process of cleaning your ceiling and giving your home a new look.

The process of cleaning your ceiling is however nor considered complete before you clean the walls too. You are advised to clean the walls last since cleaning the ceiling can lead to dirt falling on the walls. All done, now lets dive into the cleaning process

Remove Debris

Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the surface of the ceiling. The amount of debris removed will absolutely depend on the type of cleaner you are using for the process. Using a duster, clean the entire surface of the ceiling to your satisfaction. You may need to clean or change the duster periodically depending on the amount of dirt that accumulates on it during cleaning. 

Wipe Dirt With a Microfibre Cloth

Some dirt and debris might not respond to a vacuum cleaner or a dry duster. For this sake, use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe the parts. Do not apply too much pressure on the ceiling so as not to rub and stick dust into the ceiling. Once your cloth is dirty or worn out, get a new one. If you cannot reach the ceiling comfortably, use a ladder or chair, or take a broom and fix the piece of cloth on one end and use it to clean. 

how to clean high ceilings

Deep Cleaning – Spraying

After dusting your ceiling, the next step is embarking on deep cleaning. In this stage, you will need water, a detergent, a spray bottle, and a paint roller. Some teaspoons of vinegar are an added advantage although it is not a must. Mix the water with a detergent in proportionable amounts and pour the mixture in a spray bottle.

Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure complete mixing. Take the spray bottle and spray the ceiling. Make sure to cover at least every part since you will get patches if you fail to do so. However, avoid soaking the ceiling due to excessive spraying as this will lead to dropping of water to lower places which may be harmful to other house accessories. 

Roll Over The Ceiling Using a Paint Roller

Dampen your paint roller and roll over the ceiling. You can choose to use a systematic pattern so as to cover the whole surface of the ceiling. You can choose to roll ina dubbing or wiping motion depending on the texture of your ceiling. If you have a textured ceiling, use a dabbing motion to get the most out of the cleaning process. Ensure you remove all the detergent solution you sprayed on the ceiling. 

Dry The Ceiling

After using a roller to roll over the ceiling, take a piece of cloth and gently pat dry the ceiling. The purpose of the drying is to absorb any residual waters and detergent on the ceiling. If you have difficulties reaching the ceiling surface, tie up the piece of cloth on a broom or a long-handled roller. Alternatively, you can use a chair or ladder.

Clean Stains

If you have marks or pencil stains on the surface of the ceiling, use an eraser to remove the marks. Take an eraser and gently rub the marks on your ceiling. An eraser will work well and get rid of pencil or even crayon marks on your ceiling. To remove large stains easily and faster, use a large surface eraser. Some stains may be persisting despite using an eraser severally, use baking soda in such cases.

Simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda and water in a bowl and let it settle for two minutes. Use the paste to wipe off the stains in a circular motion. For soot stains on the ceiling, apply Trisodium Sulphate mixed with water. For use of the trisodium sulphate ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on the TSP container for safety.

how to clean high ceilings

Safety Precautions

The whole process of cleaning your ceiling, just like any other process at home, can lead to accidents. No one likes accidents. Here are some precautions to take to ensure the whole process of cleaning your ceiling is safe and effective.

Be careful when using the detergent to avoid it from getting into your eyes since it may be irritating. Wear safety goggles when spraying the ceiling if need be.

Turn off your ceiling fans prior to your cleaning session to prevent accidents.

If your ceiling is made of asbestos, avoid disturbing the ceiling tiles. If you are unsure of this, consult an environmental testing service to confirm. 

If you are using a ladder, ensure it is firmly placed on the ground before going up to clean your ceiling. Have the ladder leaning on a wall if it is shaky. 

All caught up, you are now all set and know How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively Go ahead and schedule for your ceiling cleaning session. Ensure you clean your ceiling regularly to ensure it maintains a great impression for you and your visitors altogether.