How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom

Whether you have finally made your decision to renovate your bathroom or are currently weighing your options, there is one question that is bound to come to your mind: How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

On average, a bathroom renovation can take anywhere from seven days to even months. It depends on how extensive your renovation is and with which contractor you end up partnering.

Here we have broken out the phases you should expect, giving you an idea of how the process works.

Pre-Construction Phase

Understanding the project (1 to 4 weeks)

You need to know what you are after in terms of your renovation. You would need to find a contractor who gels well with how you would like to renovate.

Going with a layout plan and the materials and products required will make the planning process of your renovation more efficient.

Find the right renovation company (1 to 4 weeks)

It is important to find a company that can represent your style well. Some companies specialize in specific looks and styles. Find someone that aligns with your idea.

Are you looking for a complete or only a partial renovation? It is essential to know, as some companies don’t offer partial remodeling service.

Sign And Finalize Construction Project (1 Week)

Once you decide on a contractor that best fits you, you will need to sign the contract before the construct starts. The agreement will include:

  • Information related to the work needed.
  • Estimate timeline of completion.
  • Payments throughout the Project.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Obtain Permits And Approvals (Variable)

If you are remodeling an apartment room or space, you need to obtain board approval. The time taken would depend on which approvals you need to obtain and allow for weeks to months.

Material Procurement (prepare in advance for weeks)

If you are responsible for procuring all materials, make sure to place orders as soon as you complete the layout plan. Shopping for features you need for a bathroom can be a fun experience.

Construction Phase

Demolition (1 Day)

Now that you have completed all the paperwork, it’s time to start your bathroom construction. Depending on how large your bathroom is and things you would want to keep, this process should take 4 hours approximately.

Reroute Electrical And Plumbing (1 To 3 Days)

By this stage, you might have stripped the bathroom thoroughly. It will be easy for you to get new plumbing or electrical where it needs to go. It will take anywhere between 1 to 3 days. It depends on the amount of work required to complete the original framework.

Installation: Floor Tiles (1 day)

Depending on your bathroom space, laying down the floor tile should take approximately one day. It will be exciting to see how well it comes together!

Installation Completion (1 to 3 days)

At this stage, installation of everything else, including your tub, vanity, sink, toilet, shower, and lighting, will be completed. It will take one to three days to complete.

Clean-Up Day (1 Day)

Most contracts allow that space to be left in “broom swept” condition. You might even want to hire a cleaning specialist. A cleaning specialist will ensure a thorough job.

Post Construction Phase

Final Walk-Through (30 Minutes)

After spending a lot of time and money remodeling your bathroom, you might want to make sure everything is perfect. Simply walk through the space testing, doors, taps, and drawers. Make sure everything works fine. Make a note of anything that you need to fix.

Punch list Items (1 to 5 days)

The Punch list refers to items that you need to fix. It includes anything from a cabinet door to installing the out-of-stock item. It can take a few weeks.

Once the contractor has installed all the items, it is time to make the final payment.

Factors Affecting The Remodeling Time

Various factors affect the remodeling time even after your best efforts at scheduling:

  • Does the project need partial or a complete renovation? Depending on the nature of the renovation, the work can take a few days or months.
  • Are you hiring a contractor or doing the work all by yourself? Doing all the work yourself, taking out time to work when you can, leads to a project that can take a long time to complete.
  • If you are hiring for the workout, is the contractor an owner-operator? Or is he hiring electricians, plumbers, and carpenters?
  • Working with the owner-operator remodeler is affordable. They might be juggling with several people for the job as they try to do everything by themselves. Working alone means the work that takes ten to fifteen days will take a longer time to complete.
  • Are all materials available, or are they special order goods that might take time to deliver? For example, waiting for an imported tile may delay the project by several weeks.
  • Demolition might reveal some unexpected issues. The products might arrive damaged, and you might need to replace them. Contractors like plumbers or carpenters might have scheduling conflicts, which can delay the work.

How Do You Set Your Budget For Remodeling A Bathroom?

You will need to install various parts while renovating a bathroom. Here are a few things to consider to set a specific amount for remodeling your bathroom.

Establish your budget.

The average amount for renovating a bathroom is $9600. That can be about $2500 on a lower budget and $23000 on a higher budget. So how to analyze the amount that you can spend on remodeling? For this, you need to look at your goals, the things you require to achieve what you want, and avail those finances.

Analyze The Value Of A Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling a bathroom, it is great to analyze its effect on your house’s value.

Ask for Actual Costs

When talking with a constructor, it’s essential to know the actual estimate. If one person quotes the project for $3500 and another one quotes it for $10000, then you have to be aware. You need to procure your materials before the construction starts to make sure you get the best estimate.

Staying While The Bathroom Is Under Renovation

Here’s how you can live when your bathroom is under construction and is rebuilt?

  • Assign Projects Carefully. If anyone in your home is working almost every day and needs to use the shower, try planning up projects that don’t require plumbers accordingly. (Like repairing any lightings)
  • Ask Your neighbors. People around have gone through remodeling at some time or the other, so they understand what it is like remodeling a bathroom. You can reach out to your close neighbors nearby and ask them if you can share their bathroom for some days.
  • Set Up A Portable Restroom. If you cannot ask your neighbors due to some reason, you can set up a portable restroom. You can set up a portable bathroom in the garage. You can even go for the outdoor portable restrooms that meant for camping.


Renovating a bathroom isn’t an easy task. Are you thinking of how long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

On average, remodeling a small bathroom can take about 23 days. Assuming that there is no work done on weekends, it takes about four and half weeks or more. Setting a timeline in advance will help your project to stay on track and on time.