Home Bar Designs for Small Spaces

Do you like calling your friends and colleagues to chill at your place? You will then like to have a minibar at your place.

Whether you would like to have a trendy corner to keep your cocktail accessories and drinks or just want to chill out with your friends on weekends, a mini home bar is a great place to enjoy.

All of us make a lot of effort at adding more comfort and convenience to our home. Minibars make an excellent add-on along with your standard rooms, patios, yard, and home accessories to a well-designed home.

Are you looking for home bar designs for small spaces?

Here are some home bar designs for small spaces for you to chill out with friends and family.

Cart To Hold Your Drinks

A bar cart can look unique and trendy and make your life easy. It can hold your wines, ice buckets, and glasses in a clutter-free manner.

With a lot of storage space to keep all your cocktail accessories, a bar cart is affordable and is the best option to have at your home. You can move it around with ease. You can sit in your favorite place and enjoy your drink.

If you are looking for a bar cart with a glass holder, we recommend the HOMECHO wine bar cart. It uses eco-friendly MDF and a strong metal frame. It is easy to assemble and clean with a damp cloth.

Bar Cabinets

A bar cabinet at your home comes with big storage space to keep your drinks. You can turn your wardrobe into a bar, and you won’t even realize that this bar was a wardrobe. You can construct it easily at your home.

If you don’t have space at your home to design a minibar, you can convert your wardrobe into a mini bar unit.

Standalone Cabinets

If you search for home bar designs for small spaces, you can have a small standalone cabinet. It has enough storage space to store your drinks safely. You can arrange your drinks immaculately and stylishly. Standalone bar cabinets come in many different sizes and designs.

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We recommend you Ladder-shaped home bar cabinets. It is a 60-inch high ladder-style cabinet. It is perfect for entertaining your friends at home. It features a fine quality drawer, has a space to hang wine glasses, shelf space to make drinks, and a rack to store liquors.

A Barrel Mini-Bar

A unique and creative way to use an old barrel is to convert it into a minibar. Most of the barrel has a tabletop to place your bottles, wines glasses, and other things. You can ask your carpenter to design a home bar using an old wine barrel.

If you are looking to buy one, we recommend a Vintiquewise wooden barrel. The metal hardware offers sturdy support and industrial style. The interior room of the barrel provides plenty of room to keep the wine bottle secure.

A Pallet Bar

You don’t need to spend a lot of time designing a home bar. A DIY recycled pallet is easy to assemble and is affordable. You need to clean and sand the pallets, put them together and add some colorful lighting and drinks.

Design A Storage On the Wall

Home bar designs for small spaces are becoming more creative. You can save your space by designing your bar space on the divider. You can use box shelves as counters, storage, and install light fixtures. You can think of some unique ideas for designing the best divider home bar that fits your choice and style.

Enjoy With Some View

You can convert your balcony, verandah, or window room into a mini home bar. You can set a mini bar on some corners of your room with racks and storage units.

The dark shade is an excellent combination that can go with the white theme and the natural light coming from outside.

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Garden Theme Mini-Bar

A garden-themed mini bar at home is trendy, refreshing, and fun. You can build a mini home bar that can fulfill your requirement for planting while enjoying your drink at the same time. You can put in a cooler, sink, racks, and even have a small counter area. Your friends will enjoy chilling out with a beautiful view around.

A Nook Bar

A nook bar can be bright and charming, compact and accessible. You can turn the awkward corner of the house into a cozy home bar. You can add a cooler, drawer, cabinet, a small counter, and a couple of shelves. It will provide you and your friends the refreshment you will need all day.

Cabinet With some texture

A wall-mounted bar cabinet with some texture designs will give your living room a style. You can choose a texture you like most and design the bar unit. You can use transparent shelves to keep your wine bottles and give them a vintage look.

Modern Bar Cabinet

A modern bar cabinet looks classic and is spacious enough to keep your wine bottles, liquors, and wine glasses.

We recommend you Walker Edison bar cabinet. This bar cabinet provides a perfect place to entertain guests with your collection of liquors and wines.

Innovative Mini Bar Rack

If you are looking for a creative mini bar rack for your home, the best way is to transform your old TV into a simple and stylish bar unit. It looks innovative and can also hold a lot of bottles. It gives a compact look to your home bar and is perfect for enjoying yourself with family.

What Are Different Types of Minibars?

Straight Bars

On one side, these bars can accommodate the host while the guests are on the other side. You can pair them with back bars, which have shelves to display and store liquors, storage cabinets, and countertops.

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A built-in back bar paired with front bars creates a traditional clubhouse feel. It is perfect for traditional homes.

Corner Bars

You can use a corner bar to sit in the corner of your room rather than having to face a wall. They are best suitable in rooms, which have limited floor space.

Folding Bars

Folding bars are the best space-saving option for rooms. The bars’ sides can open out to extend a home bar of standard size. When you don’t want to use it, you can fold the sides and free up space.

Hidden Bars

Hidden bars are the best option if you have children at home. They are lockable cabinets, which can safely lock your home bar with shelves, racks, drawers, and worktop counters.

How Much Does a Mini Home Bar Cost?

The cost of designing a mini home bar depends on the bar’s size and the specific features you choose. The average price of a small custom-made bar with basic features starts at $2500, or you can buy different mini bar units at just $200.

Getting a home bar is an exciting thing. You can easily get tempted to buy a small unit equipped with some great designs and made using the finest materials. If money is not an issue, you can buy any unit you want. It’s good to have an idea of a budget to avoid any financial implications on your purchase.


Home bars provide a safe and organized storage for your collection of wines and liquors. It helps prepare your drinks quickly and efficiently by having all bar accouterments in one place. Whether you prefer a refined atmosphere, rustic or vintage, there is a design for everyone.

Make your home bar designs for small spaces with these ideas and styles to fit into your room groove.

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