Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Decorating

Although the holiday season is a time of widespread peace, love and togetherness, many parents agree that Christmastime is primarily about their children. While plenty of adults look forward to the holidays, this time of year carries a special magic for children, and most kids are determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

So, if your little ones have been anticipating the arrival of Christmas all year long, why not provide them with some seasonal activities to tide them over until the big day arrives? As you’ll find, getting your kids involved in the holiday decorating process can be both fun and deeply rewarding.

Create Homemade Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are particularly popular in homes with small children. In addition to providing kids with a fun and festive way to count down the days until Christmas, these calendars often dispense small treats. Each time one of the calendar’s doors is opened, kids are presented with a holiday-themed image and/or piece of candy.

While there are a lot of great Advent calendars on the market, going the homemade route stands to save you money and provide your little ones with a fantastic creative outlet. Although creating Advent calendars may strike your kids as a daunting task, it’s among the simplest – and most enjoyable – holiday crafting activities children can undertake.

With some construction paper, safety scissors, crayons and markers, kids can let their creative energy flow and craft a fascinating array of one-of-a-kind Advent calendars.

Hanging Lights

Outdoor lighting displays are among the foremost staples of holiday decorating. Each winter, people adorn their homes, garages and yard-based trees with a colorful array of Christmas lights. However, because of the various risks involved with hanging lights, this is generally regarded as a job for adults.

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While tasking children with doing the actual light-hanging is a bit too dangerous, your little ones can get involved in the process in other ways. For example, they can decide how they’d like the lights to be hung and then task you with bringing their vision to life. As long as their desired lighting display is both feasible and safe, they should enjoy seeing their parents make it a reality.

Fortunately for budget-conscious households, Christmas lights are among the most affordable holiday decorations on the market. While it’s true that pricey high-end lights exist, many varieties of Christmas lights are affordable on even the most stringent of budgets. So, if you’re on the hunt for eye-catching Christmas lights, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank.

Toilet Roll Reindeer

When it comes to iconic holiday imagery, reindeer are among the most popular figures. Since reindeer are intrinsically tied to Santa Claus, describing them as a big deal would be an understatement.

If you’ve been meaning to incorporate reindeer into your home’s holiday décor scheme, your children can prove tremendously helpful in this endeavour. With some sanitised toilet paper rolls and basic crafting supplies, your little ones can create their own reindeer and have hours of fun in the process.

Although there are many varieties of toilet roll reindeer, the most common type has a TP roll for a face and pipe-cleaners for antlers. The face is either drawn on with markers or created using other crafting supplies. For example, googly-eyes are often placed toward the top of the head, and coloured cotton balls are used for the nose.

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However, if your children are fond of putting things in their mouths, the “drawn-on face” route is probably the best. Older kids may enjoy getting a bit more detailed by using multiple TP rolls to create a body and legs for their reindeer.

Countless children spend the entire year looking forward to the holiday season. Although Christmas morning is what they anticipate the most, the various festivities associated with this time of year serve to capture their imaginations and create lifelong memories.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t love seeing their home decked out for the holidays. However, since decorating is generally regarded as the domain of adults, small children don’t often get to play a direct role in this process. Parents looking to change things up and get their little ones more involved with decorating should undertake the projects discussed above.

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