French Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Do you own a French Country Cottage? If you love beautiful architectural designs and always try to add new sophisticated changes to your house, decorating your French country cottages is the best way to do it. The decoration will give out elegance and will enhance the beauty because of the addition of new decor. So let us bring out the elegance by trying any of the below-mentioned French Country Cottage Decorating Ideas.

Country French Cottage Decorating Ideas

French country cottages are all about giving a natural look using stone or wooden floors, wooden ceilings, and a stone fireplace. They talk about weathered finishes, chandeliers, antique items, and warm shades of paints in the house. So when you decorate these cottages, you should see that the rustic feel remains. Some of the Country french cottage decorating ideas are:

The best way to decorate the french country cottage is by adding a chandelier in every room, adding a luxurious look to your place. You can get some old jars or white clay jars for the kitchen shelves. These will make the kitchen look calm and classy.

You can get an iron planter with hooks and stick on the wall, which will help in hanging your utensils or pots. The planter will serve as a space saver if you do not have many cabinets in the kitchen.

You can get a wooden dining table and chairs or whitewash the present dining table and chairs. Place some fancy vases with flowers on the table and hang a trendy chandelier from the ceilingPlace some candlelight stands on the dining table, which will give a special feeling when you have food with your loved ones.

You can get some ceramic plates and cookware and replace your kitchen utensils. You can also decorate your dining or kitchen walls using these plates in different patterns. If you have a wooden wall, this decoration will be a unique add-on to the wall.

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You can choose a different variety and size of Toile to decorate your living room furniture and dining chairs or the surroundings.

You can buy some vintage accessories or bring out a rustic feel by incorporating more rustic furniture additions in your cottage.

Using gold drapes or curtains having gold borders and draws with gold duvet will get the sense of royalty along with elegance to your French country cottage.

With warm colors on the walls, you can get some artwork or a painting and hang it on the walls. These artwork or images attract anyone’s eyes when placed on empty walls in the living room.

You need not stick on with warm colors around the room. You can go for a combination of white walls or white ceiling lights with dark flooring making the room look attractive. You can also bring a new variety with a dark ceiling or walls with light flooring, adding uniqueness to the room.

French Country Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

  • You need not stick to one idea; you can go for a wooden headboard and keep everything in the room using antique accessories.
  • To give a luxurious look to your country cottage room, you can go for a mixed pattern of colors and add a chandelier in the room’s center.
  • You can go for a contrasting mix of patterns and Toile and decorate your bedroom. It will add a dynamic look to your bedroom.
  • You can decorate the wall of your bedroom with various photo frames or themed picture frames. It will help in keeping your memories alive.
  • You can go for a rug for the bedroom flooring, having a color that will complement the wall colors and the ceiling.
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French Country Cottage Fall Decorating Ideas

Who doesn’t love fall? The change in color of the leaves and the weather, which is not too hot or too cold, make us fall in love with it. Bringing the feel of fall into our house is a beautiful idea because fall is all about happiness. Below are some french country cottage fall decorating ideas.

  • Get home a pumpkin-shaped centerpiece and place it on the center of the tables in your cottage.
  • Decorating the porch is as important as the interior. Get a goat cart and fill it with pumpkins of different sizes. This cart addition will make your patio attractive and catch everyone’s attention.
  • Change the sheets and pillow covers of your house with those having a fall theme.
  • Get yourself a vintage flower wreath and add it on the main door of your french country cottage or the walls of your cottage’s living room. It will be another addition to your vintage accessories in your cottage.
  • You can decorate your living room shelves with a white ceramic plate full of natural pumpkin stems, pinecones, and painted pumpkins brought from the craft store. The shelves will
  • You can get some classy white vases and fill them with dried flowers or dried leaves. It brings nature inside your house and gives you a fresh look.

French Country Cottage Decorating Ideas Unpainted Furniture

  • You can use the raw furniture material in its original shape without adding any colors or making any changes to them.
  • The cabinets and the folding shelves in the kitchen and the living room can be pure wood; this will add a vintage look to your cottage.
  • The shades of the wood can be kept darker and lighter and be used interchangeably in a room, for example, dining tables and chairs with a light shade of wood and the other cabinets around in a darker shade.
  • You need not go for an expensive chandelier, and you can pick a rustic chandelier made of wooden material and attach some lanterns or bulbs to that and keep it natural and simple.
  • The doors of the cottage can have a simple design. They can be of pure wood or add some glass to the wooden door with a simple doorknob. It will look elegant though it is unpainted.
  • The living room walls can be left unpainted, and the sofa and chairs can be of pure wood material with different types of pillows on them. You can add a different look to the living room by getting various pillow covers in different colors with unique floral designs to look fancy.
  • You can keep the other small accessories in your cottage minimal or simple by getting rustic metal vases or a simple wooden candle stand and fill the living room or dining area tables. You can fill the vase with fresh flowers or branch cuts every day to add elegance to the room.
  • The draws or lamps, or wall clocks in the cottage can be entirely vintage and natural with no added paints and kept raw.
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Making changes to your house and decorating it will keep you refresh and calm. It will keep you updated, and you will never get bored of your interiors. Doing a French country cottage renovation will enhance its beauty keeping it simple and elegant yet giving you very good vibes. So here we have provided some decorating ideas for a French country cottage. If you like any, implement them and give a review. Happy decorating!

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