5 UK Exterior Design Tips You Can Learn From

It’s true that you can never judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to buildings, the exterior usually gives a hint of what’s inside. Home exterior design plays an important role in creating a great first impression for your home. Your neighbours, guests, and friends are going to judge your house based on what they saw on the outside. A poorly designed exterior could ruin your reputation, and this can affect the overall value of your home property as well.

So if you’re investing a lot of money for your home, then you should also consider its outer designs. Here are some tips on how you can make a great first impression through the exterior design of your home.

1. Planning

The worst mistake that you can make is rushing into your exterior remodelling project without a concrete plan. So, the first step is to think through the things that you want for your home’s exterior. Then decide which tasks are most important and make them a priority. Consider the potential expenses as well as the necessary permits that you need to get.

Most large projects that will involve making major changes in the structure of your home will require a permit. You may also need permission from your neighbours before the work starts, especially if you are planning a house extension. Each country within the UK has very particular laws about planning permission and it can even vary from city to city. It will certainly be different trying to gain permission in London to Northamptonshire. So, for example, if you live in Northampton, it’s advisable to hire a Northampton specific planning consultant to make sure you have someone who understands the nuance of the area before trying to take on a project yourself. This goes for anywhere in the UK, US or the rest of the world.

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Consider the timeline of the project when making a plan. The timeline will vary depending on the type of projects involved in your exterior home renovations. A few cosmetic updates can be accomplished in one weekend, but major renovations could take several weeks or months to be completed. Never rush the project and cut corners. Besides, the goal is to improve the look of your home and not create bigger issues down the road.

2. Do Research

Conduct some research on your neighbourhood before you get started with the renovation project. Check the area and determine the sale value of the properties in the surrounding. Walk around the neighbourhood and take note of the exterior design trends. Have they gone modern or maintained the classic look? The exterior design that you have planned for your home must fit well with the existing atmosphere.

Of course, you certainly do not want your exterior design to be a cookie-cutter copy of that of your neighbours. However, blending in with the overall style of the area is important. Renovations that are not in line with the properties in your neighbourhood may not have a high return on investment. When you finally decide to sell your home, it will be much easier to attract potential buyers if the exterior blends with the rest of the properties in the area.

3. Style Versus Practicality

When most homeowners think of how their exterior design will look like, their first thought is the aesthetic. They will usually think of ways on how the overall façade of their home will look better and which colour schemes would work well. However, when it comes to renovating your home exterior, visual improvement is not enough. You also need to make sure that the designs are functional and something that will benefit you in the long run.

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For instance, if you are changing your windows, consider the economical aspects and not just the aesthetics. Aside from helping to improve the look of your home exterior, the windows must also help to contain the heat inside your home, which is important during the cold season. Don’t hesitate to invest in for your home’s exterior design. Go for furnishings and accessories that will last for a long time. Remember, designing your home exterior is not only about making your home look better. It is also about making it function better.

4. Stripping It Back

Everyone knows that the easiest way to remodel a home is to apply a fresh coat of paint over it. However, after only a few months, the new paint will become old again and you’ll have to do it over and over again. So when it comes to changing the exterior design of your home, it is best to do a strip out. Stripping out means taking away all the unwanted features to make way for the new ones. In most cases, stripping back to the original wall will look better instead of covering the exterior with new paint or cladding. Some 18th and 19th-century buildings in the UK were built with quality materials, for example, sand-stone, and stripping them back to reveal the beautiful structure and shape that was originally intended.

Stripping out will require removing all the structure’s exterior features except for the essential support columns and framework. It may also require tearing the old windows and door to make way for newer and more durable options. But before you do a strip out, make sure you know what your final goal is to ensure a smooth process.

5. Extending

When changing the look of your exterior, consider doing an extension. Having a house extension allows you to make good use of the extra space while having a new function room where you can relax and host small parties. Furthermore, home extensions can add value to your home’s worth. If you will end up building a functional room that can also improve the look of your home, this will absolutely increase your property’s market value. A great example in the UK of adding extensions onto properties is Birmingham which was heavily bombed in WW2 meaning that a lot of residential and commercial properties needed to be semi rebuild and then extended. Very talented residential architects from Birmingham managed to blend contemporary extensions on older building and now, this is a feature and style of the city that is incredibility architecturally diverse.

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In order for your house extension project to be a success, make sure that you plan it well. Do not just rush into it without having any concrete plans. There are various ways to extend your home and improve the look of your exterior. But first, check the existing structure of your home and see if it’s strong enough to handle the structure of the new extension. Next, decide on the type of extension that you want. You can have a glass conservatory, which adds a contemporary style to your exterior and can make for a perfect space for a dining or living room.

If you don’t have enough space in front of your home, you can make use of the space beside your house and opt for a side extension instead. But if you have ample space left in the front, you can build an enclosed porch where you can entertain guests and spend time with loved ones. Although a home extension is a daunting project to undertake, the benefits that it comes with are truly worth it.

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