Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring To Work On Your Home

We’ve all sacrificed a lot this year. We’ve locked down and stayed in, we’ve done video calls with family instead of seeing them, and we’ve watched documentaries about far-flung places instead of going travelling.

We’ve also achieved a lot too, and we’re not just talking about that new groove we’ve made in the sofa after almost a year of parking our butts. We’ve learned new languages and recipes, we’ve got better at checking on our mental health and being honest about how we’re doing, and we’re all taking better care of ourselves.

A big part of making sure that we’re taking care of ourselves and our families is making sure that our living space is as nice as it can possibly be, and many of us have found home improvement projects to be a great way of focusing our minds this year.

Whether it’s little things, like rearranging our home offices to optimise our working from home, or big redesigns and new additions, working on our homes has been a big help.

You Still Need To Keep An Eye On The Usual Problems

So many things have been different this year, with so many unexpected challenges and difficulties, and it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the old problems and issues are not going anywhere. You still need to keep an eye on how your house is handling the wet weather.

Is that patch of damp still there even after you’ve done all the usual quick fixes? Is your boiler in need of a service, or even a boiler replacement? Are the roof tiles handling the winds and rains as well as they did last year? And is that sink still not draining properly even after you’ve put that bottle of cleaner down it?

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TIP: It is highly important to check if your boiler is in need of a service or replacement. But if you are eligible for a Government backed boiler grant then you will get an “A” rated brand boiler installation for free of cost.

We’ve all got a lot on our plates in 2020 but these problems will crop up whether there’s a pandemic or not, and it’s vital to stay on top of it.

You Can Do More With Your Green Space

Anyone with a garden has been profoundly grateful for it this year, and with a little bit of love and attention, it can transform into anything you want it to be.

Many of us have turned our hand to working on our home cooking skills this year, and winter is the perfect time to be thinking about what vegetables and fruit you would like to try growing yourself. Some new lighting around the borders and key features can make your garden feel warm and welcoming even in the darkest, nastiest winter weather.

And we should never forget the lynchpin that holds the yard together: the lawn. It’s easy to let lawn maintenance slide but with a bit of work you can make it shine. Forget about that garden house and those old sprinklers and invest in an automatic irrigation system.

Their automated features help you to reduce water usage and will give you a beautiful green and healthy lawn. R & L Irrigation have more than 15 years of experience with lawn care and turf management and can help you install a system that suits your needs.

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It Can Make The Old Feel New Again

We’ve all spent more time indoors and at home than we would like this year, and it is completely understandable if you’re starting to get a little bit bored of your home. We’ve been staring at the same environment for months on end, so why not try and bring a bit of new life to it?

This can be as big or small a project as you’d like, from adding a new exterior feature to your garden like a shed or a gazebo, to converting your garage space into a bar! If you’re tired of the same old patio space, why not consider adding a fire pit to add some new life to those evening get-togethers, or a covered deck area?

Start thinking about the space you’re not using, and how you can make it work for you with an entirely new purpose. The sky is the limit!

Give That Exterior A Makeover

When was the last time you did some work on the exterior of your house? We’re not talking about getting on a ladder and unclogging the drains or slapping some paint on the front door.

We’re talking about getting in there and repairing brickwork, replacing doors and windows that have gone unchanged and unrepaired for far too long. Why not consider adding a porch light to bring a little illumination and warmth, or even a beautiful trellis to bring some plant life into the equation?

It can be as simple as adding a new door number and as elaborate as a whole new front porch, but changes big and small can make your arrival home so much more welcoming.

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