Decorative Wall Panels for Living Room

Wall paneling is the best way to decorate your living room. Decorative wall panels for the living room adds beauty to the plane’s dull, boring wall.

Once upon a time, people used wall panels as an insulating material between walls and room. Today people are using them to enhance the beauty of their homes.

Apart from enhancing beauty, the wall panels prevent wall damage and hide unwanted electrical cables and pipes. They also provide structural support to the wall.

You can use different materials for wall paneling like wood, wainscot, fabric, metals, chipboard, PVC, and glass. The cost of each material varies from one another.

Stunning Wall Panelling Ideas

#1. Wainscoting Panel

This style of wall paneling consists of wood and various synthetic materials. People usually install them at the bottom portion of the wall. You can choose a bright color to highlight the wainscot. It gives a unique look to your living room.

#2. Wooden wall Panels

If you don’t want to highlight your living room walls, you can choose one wall and highlight it. You can use wooden panels having beautiful grains on one portion of the wall. This panel will act as a highlight wall behind the Television or any entertainment unit, which will look great in your living room.

You can place a grey color sofa with blue and yellow decorating pillows just in front of the wood panel. A white color center table will look good. Hang some painting or artwork which will be yellow, blue, and white. Your living room will look stunning.

#3. Solid Wood Panel

Decorative wood wall panels for the living room are an excellent idea. It enhances the aesthetic value of your living room. You can use solid dark wood panels in your living room and hang some decorative showpieces and lamps. Keep a black color sofa near the wood panel. It will give a modern look.

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#4. Veneer Paneling

Veneer paneling is the replacement of wood. Usually, wood paneling is costly. So, some house owners prefer to use veneer paneling. They are lightweight. You can use pure white veneer panels, giving clean and cheerful vives in the living room. Try to keep your walls white. Just in front of all the panels, you can place a grey color sofa with grey pillows. If your living room has windows, then you can prefer to use draperies that will be greyish. Try to hang your Television on the veneer wall panels.

#5. Acoustic Fabric Panel

If you want to make your living room soundproof, then you can use decorative acoustic wall panels in your living room. It will not only give a modern touch but also keep your living room away from unwanted sound. You can relax on the couch and watch Television or gossip with your family members or guests.

#6. Faux Brick Look

The living room with rigid board wood panels can make your living room ten times cozier than a living room without a panel.

#7. Fabric Paneling

You can use fabric panels on one of the walls of your living room. These panels give the walls a soft touch. They are even acoustic or sound absorbers and add warmth and drama to your living room. You don’t need to hang any artwork on these panels. These panels are a piece of art that adds aesthetic value to your living room. You can use golden color fabric panels on your living room and match them with golden color draperies. The sofa can be white or golden.

#8. Wood Wall Panel With Three Dimensional Effect

The ideas for decorative wall panels for the living room are many. Wood wall panels with 3D effects on your dwelling are one of them. You can use wooden wall panels, which have some patterned three-dimensional effect on your living room, giving a modern touch to your living room.

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#9. Metal Wall Panel

A plane wall is quite dull. It gives a dull effect. You can choose a decorative metal wall panel that has a hexagonal pattern in your living room. It will add a lot of style and interest to your living room.

You can prefer metal wall panels that consist of aluminum, steel, or copper. They are durable.

#10. Decorative PVC Panel

You can choose a decorative PVC panel for your living room. It will give an ultra-modern look to your living room. A grey color sofa with some indoor plants will look great near the decorative PVC panel. These panels are water-resistant and durable.

#11. Wood Wall Panel With Shelves

You can choose a wooden wall panel from floor to ceiling of your living room. It will have an array of shelves where a homeowner can keep various decorative items. Your living room will look attractive and classy.

#12. Skinny Panelling

Maximum people use thick wood panels and chunkey. But you can prefer super slim wood panels for your living room which will create a good contrast with the white walls.

#13. Mix It Up

If you have wood panels on one wall of your living room, then you can use a simple wood panel pattern on your ceiling. It will make your space cozy and attractive.

#14. Use Panels as Design Template

A deep slate color wall panel looks attractive when we paint all the living room walls with a bright color.

#15. Distinguished Panels With Bookshelf

A white color bookshelf looks great near-white color wall panel. You can keep your books or novels and some decorative items on that shelf that will look great in your living room.

#16.Spread Panels Out

You should not always pack your panels. Try to fix a few panels on your living room walls and space them out, which will create a modern vibe.

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#17.Think Beyond Farmhouse

Decorative wall panels for the living room are limitless. One of the beautiful ideas is to white color wood panels on your living room and match it with a blue velvet sofa and blue and bold pink decorative pillows. If your living room has windows, you can choose curtains of light pink, which will look stunning.

#18. Go for a Simple Look

Instead of using wood panels on one complete wall of your living room, you can use the white color wood panels near your living room’s fireplace. Try to keep the walls of your living room white in color. Hand a vintage decorative mirror on the wood panel. If there is a side table, I prefer to keep some indoor plants on it. IT will give a stunning and attractive look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on wood panels as you are only using them near the fireplace.

#16. Cover Panels in White Paint

If your walls of the living room are white and you opt to choose panels on your living room, paint your panels white. Your living room will look spacious and attractive. It will give a cute cottage vibe.

Wrap Up

The living room is essential in our dwelling. You spend maximum time in this area. Even you entertain guests in the living room. So, the decoration of these rooms is quite essential. Wall paneling is an excellent option. Decorative wall panels for the living room are endless. You can choose any of the above ideas to decorate your dwelling.

Do let us know your suggestions and comments on the ideas we have shared in this article. We would love to see how you have implemented these ideas in your living room. Please share your pictures in the comment section.

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