Creative Ways to Cover a Door

Do you think your front door needs a renovation or need some changes to look even better? Do you plan to add something extra to your room door to make it fancier?

I love to experiment with my house and try something different every time I get a chance. The door is the first thing anyone will see, be it your house or your bedroom or any other room. Some want it to be subtle, and some want it to be fancy. Here are some tips we have mentioned for creative ways to cover a door.

Creative Ways to Cover a Bedroom Door

  • Wall art: It is the fastest way you can decorate the bedroom door. You just need to put some beautiful pictures or some great artwork paintings. You need to make sure that it goes with the room’s color theme and should look classy.
  • Wallpaper: Instead of just repainting the door, you can choose the different design of the wallpaper and make the door look unique. Also, if you don’t want the same format all over the door, you can play with two or three wallpaper and make a fantastic design out of them. You can also pick a wallpaper that contrasts with the surrounding walls to add a new look.
  • Custom molding: If you have a wooden door and want to redecorate it, you can go for molding. You can choose woods and can come out with a beautiful design of the molding. It appears like a 3D effect on the door and gives a luxurious look to the door. You can also do this yourself, or you can ask a carpenter to design this for you. You can also order the molding, and it won’t cost you much. It is inexpensive and does not need much woodwork. Ensure you are not using wooden molding on the plastic or aluminum door because it won’t look great as they will have different textures.
  • Decorative nails: To give a luxurious decoration to your room door, you can use decorative pins. They have a unique head that offers an artistic look whenever you use them. It has many varieties and shapes like round, triangle, rectangle, etc. It also comes in different colors like chrome, silver, golden, etc. You can use the nails to make a pattern, motifs, geometric designs, etc. It will look classy and elegant.
  • Door stickers: You can go for either a ready-made sticker or a customized sticker especially made for you. You can stick to anything motivational or a random classy one. You can also choose one which defines your personality, or is related to your hobby, etc.
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Creative Ways to Cover a Door Opening

  • You can add curtains: The curtains are the best option to cover the open space. It adds different textures and also gives a visual treat to the guest. Also, it comes in many varieties out of which you can the best color going with the area’s walls. It is also an inexpensive option and is very easy to fix the curtains. It does not give a proper blocking like the door, but it does partial work at least.
  • Beaded string: One of the trendy options is to use beaded string to cover the door opening. You need to select the perfect color for the bead and some small and big beads, which will look beautiful when hanging in the area. The bead is like a line that covers from top to down and gives maximum coverage.
  • Flooding screen: You can place the folding screen in front of the door to hide the door. You can make a folding screen using wooden frames, plastics, etc. You have to carefully locate the screen to disturb the opening and closing of the door.
  • Bookshelf: You can place a bookshelf in a better position to cover the full door opening area. You need to properly give the measurement to the carpenter so that it can give proper coverage. You can also attach the shelf to the doorway. It will also fulfill the desire to decorate the area and attract readers to your house.

Creative Ways to Cover a Plastic Screen Door

  • Colorful screens: Instead of using just a plain transparent screen, you can opt for a colored screen to give a tang. It is not necessary to go for the full-colored screen, and you can also go for half-colored or shaded screens, which will fulfill your requirement of a transparent screen and give a nice pleasant look.
  • Engraved screens: You can also use a screen which has some form of drawing on it. Be it a transparent design or a colored one. It will make the curtain look more stylish instead of a blend screen door. You can choose the design according to the room you want to cover it with.
  • Curtain straps: These are slim curtains in different straps that will cover the screen but won’t give full coverage. It will show a little bit of screen also from here and there and will cover it beautifully. You can choose the strap according to the room’s color or the room’s texture, which will complement its interior.
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Creative Ways to Cover up an Ugly Front Exterior Door

  • All-season wreath: These days, there are many varieties of wreaths available in the market. They are not only for summer or Christmas, but you can also use them around the year. You can choose the wreath which complements the door color or house color. You need to put a nail and hang the wreath over it. You have to tightly attach the wreath to avoid falling when the door is opening and closing.
  • Contrast shade: The front gate with a bright hue is very much in now. The colorful bright color can give a vibrant and shiny look to the house. You can also add additional items like flowers, or you can also give tint of some other colors to match the house color and make it look more elegant and designer. The color will make a lot of difference and will give a classy look.
  • Accessories: You can also add shiny handles, some different shades of knobs to make it more elegant and designer. You can add a black or silver or golden color handle, which will add a royal look to the door. It should be in ratio with the door. It should be very small, which is not visible from the street and it should be big to give a weird look on the door. You can also add a decorative nameplate that adds a style to the door. You can add a few lights or scones that will give brightness to the entrance and give a good look.
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Decorating doors is easy these days with so many options available in the market. There are many designs on the internet from which you can select and recreate in your house. The door is the first and most important part of the house. So, if you liked any of the tips, do implement them and give us your review. Happy decorating!

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