Bohemian Decorating Ideas for Living Room

Are you looking for a new change in your home décor? If yes, then you can switch on to a bohemian decoration for your living room. The word ‘bohemian’ is a French word that means gypsy. The entire idea of the bohemian decoration has a distinct lifestyle. These decorations attract people that are into arts and crafts.

Bohemian décor gives you the ideal platform to express your individuality, many youngsters like this style because of their unique patterns, designs, and bold colors. You will find the vibe of bohemian decoration to be very warm and cozy.

8 Bohemian Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

You can follow the following suggestions to change or transform your living room with bohemian decorations. You will find bold colors and striking patterns and designs with contrast to be prominent in bohemian decorations.

#1 Warm Colors

Warm and vibrant colors are an essential part of bohemian decorations. You can start by replacing the already existing accessories with decorative items that have a warm color. Remember not to overdo the warm colors, as the bohemian decorations are not just about the warm colors. Your living room should have a neutral look overall with added sparks of warm colors.

Bohemian decorations also have distinct and bold patterns. You can purchase bohemian rugs and textile that have these wild and bold patterns to hang them inside your living room. For instance, you can choose the curtains, rugs, covers with fabric that represents a bohemian vibe. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable going with warm hues, you can also use decorations with a decent mix of light and warm colors such as orange, red, and pink.

#2 Furniture

The type of furniture you have in your living room will help you massively to switch to a bohemian style décor. The main feel and vibe of the bohemian culture are to be relaxed and be laid-back.

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You must use furniture close to the ground or surface for your living room. If you have sofas, chairs, or tables that are too high, you cannot get the proper bohemian feel.

Low-height sofas, chairs, and tables are preferable if you want to go all out on the bohemian decorations for your living room. Other than this, the material or the fabric used on the furniture is also essential. Bohemian decorations mainly use natural materials and fiber for their furniture. For instance, you will find bamboo, wooden, jute chairs, and decorations around your living room.

Furniture with a decent texture will fit the bill as bohemian decorations as their style is highly influenced by nature and softer materials. You will rarely find the use of metal and steel furniture in a bohemian setup. A graphite accent also helps to set up the bohemian style of your living room.

#3 Integrate Nature

The bohemian culture relies heavily on inspiration as most people following this culture or lifestyle belong to a traditionally creative field. The best way of integrating or introducing nature to your living room is to use plants. Plants will also neutralize the presence of excess warm and vibrant colors in your living room.

You can mix various plants that differ in size and keep them in different corners of the room. Some people also prefer to keep the smaller plants on unique wooden shelves, keeping the larger plants at the corner. Keeping plants in your living room will cleanse the air inside your house.

People that prefer the company of nature can use these plants as a substitute for the outside environment. If you lack the space to accommodate plants in your living room, then you can hang these plants with the ceiling. This method of placing plants in your living room is a space-saving method.

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#4 Use Softer Materials

You must use softer fabric materials to decorate your living room as more delicate fabrics are suitable for warmth. One of the significant aspects of the bohemian decorations is the warm and cozy vibe; you can achieve this feel or vibe with the bright and warm colors or warmer fabrics.

For instance, a fur or wool rug is ideal for bohemian decorations than a cotton rug, as you will get a cozier and warm impression with a fur rug. Your living room will look appealing if you also try to pose your style and personality along with these bohemian decorations.

#5 Add Art

The Bohemian style and culture are all about art and artists. You can add art that resonates with you, such as paintings, drawings, murals, etc. Your living room will look inspired by bohemian culture with the presence of antique and abstract art pieces. Art pieces depicting nature will be perfect for your bohemian decoration living room.

You can use a large painting or use multiple miniature paintings to create a more extensive art piece in your living room. The main objective of adding bohemian art in your living room is that it immediately catches people’s attention. Many people prefer these art pieces to be the central or focal point of their living room.

#6 Use Tents And Outdoor Setup

The Bohemian style has a gypsy and artistic feel to it. You can style or remodel your living room so that it has a tent-like structure. You can follow this method by covering your living room walls with canvas cloth with warm colors.

You must avoid having white or blank spots in your living room. If you are not looking forward to changing your living room color or paint, you can use colorful, bright, and warm clothes to cover these white spaces. Adding outdoor elements such as beach chairs, swinging chairs in your living room will accentuate the bohemian look.

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#7 Integrate Different Styles

The bohemian decorations can also be mixed with different styles. For instance, if you like the bohemian style and modern colors and decorations, you can easily combine both styles to create a personalized style that you can relate yourself to. You can add large metallic mirrors in your living room. Large metallic glasses and mirrors fit well with the modern interior styles and the bohemian decoration style.

#8 Change The Walls Or The Flooring

You can change the flooring or the walls of your living room to suit the bohemian style. You can switch the standard materials with a more natural and earthy look to serve the bohemian style. For instance, wooden flooring will suit perfectly with bohemian decorations and style. You can also construct a stone wall in your living room to increase your living room’s earthy look.


Bohemian style and culture have solid values and types that you will have to follow to transform your ordinary living room into a bohemian style place. Bohemian decorations are rich in color and contrast. You will find these bohemian decorative items to have unique designs and patterns. Your living room will appear to be warm and cozy with these decorative items.

Although bohemian decorations have some common aspects, you can completely personalize your room by mixing different materials, styles, and colors. If you follow the methods given above in this article, you will find decorating your living room simple.

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