Blue and White Home Décor

Blue and White Home Décor

The blue color symbolizes trust, confidence, and loyalty. White represents simplicity and cleanliness. When you mix both the colors and decorate your dwelling, then they create a tranquil space in your home.

There are numerous ways to decorate your dwelling in these two beautiful colors, blue and white. Well, those who don’t have sufficient money to hire an interior designer can also decorate their dwelling with these two colors. You can never go wrong while decorating your house with blue and white.

Blue and white home décor will add sparkle to your house. You can use these two colors to not only decorate your bedroom or living room, or dining room, but also you can use these colors in the bathroom.

Blue and White Home Décor Ideas

#1. Use Blue Accents With White Walls

You can paint your walls white in color in your living room. Keep some blue accents and furniture. You can hang some decorative mirrors which will have a white frame. White and blue pillows on the blue sofa will look great. You can also choose a white and blue color rug for your living room. This blue and white combination will create an excellent environment in your living room.

#2. Punctuate a Room With Black

The black color goes well with blue and white. You can add a black coffee table near the blue velvet sofa having white and blue decorative pillows on it will look great. Again you can hang some black painting wall art on the white walls of your living room. Place a  white and blue rug below the black coffee table. Mixing black with blue and white will create an exemplary environment in your living room.

#3. Take Your Cues From Mother Nature

Blue and white home décor are endless. You can choose these two colors to decorate your dining room by keeping the dining table white and dining chairs blue in color. Hang some white pendants from the ceiling. It will look great. Again you can put some indoor pants on white color pots, which will look fantastic. Adding mother nature to your dining will create a wow environment.

#4. Pile on the Stripes

You can decorate your bedroom by using blue and white color. White and blue stripe bedsheet and decorative throw pillows on your bedroom make your bedroom beautiful. You can paint your bedroom walls white. Hang some artwork that will have a white and blue theme. Your bedroom will look excellent and beautiful.

#5. Paint the Walls Blue

Most of the people choose a white color to paint their walls. But you chose the opposite color, i.e., blue, to paint the walls of your living room. Add some white accents like white cushions and draperies to your living room. You can prefer to keep a blue velvet sofa in your living room. You can place a white color center table on the blue and white rug. Keep a flower vase on the white color center table. It will create an inviting environment in your living room.

#6. Wallpaper

You can create a fantastic effect near your washbasin. Just use white and blue wallpaper near your washbasin and hang a vintage mirror. It will look excellent and beautiful.

#7. Combine With Orange

Orange color can go with blue and white paint to decorate your guest bedroom. You can choose a white color bedding top sheet with orange color pillows on it. Hang some blue paintings on the white walls of your guest bedroom. It will look fantastic.

#8. Put Blue and White on the Ceiling

You can use wallpaper with blue and white color on your ceiling and place a rugby matching with the wallpaper. Combine it with the various accents in your living room, which will be blue and white. Keep some indoor plants to add some freshness in your living room. It will give a modern look to your dwelling.

#9. Mix Your Blues

Finding the exact color of blue to decorate your room is a challenging task. So, you can mix up various blues with white paint to decorate your house. Try to hang some paintings or artwork on your wall, which will have multiple blue and white shades. You can hang them in your bedroom or living room, which will give a unique look to your wall and beautify your room.

#10. Add Gold Color

White and blue home décor is just endless. There are numerous ways to decorate your dwelling. You can add gold color to the blue and white color. It will look fantastic. Paint your ceiling gold in color and walls dark blue. Place white sofa on your living room with white and blue decorative pillows. Place a rug that will be white and blue.

You can keep some vases that will be blue and white in color and a decorative mirror with a gold border. Even you can keep a gold color statue in your showcase. The house owner who knows good painting can paint some gold dots on blue walls. So you are combining three colors, i.e., blue, white, and gold. These three colors will enhance your space. It will create a vibrant look in your living room.

#11. Blue and White Tableware

Blue and white plates, napkins, table cloth on your dining table will look attractive. Even you can arrange all those things easily. They are so popular color, so they are readily available in the market.

Even, there is another beautiful idea of blue and white home décor. You can hang white and blue plates of different sizes on your wall. It will look nice.

You can keep few jars on the shelf of your kitchen, which will be white and blue.

#12. Make a Tiny Space Bigger

The homeowner should paint blue color on the kitchen walls and white color on the cabinet, making the kitchen space look bigger.

#13. Use Small Accents to Make a Big Difference

You can use blue and white color in your bathroom. It will look nice. Just paint one portion of the all bright blue and hang a small shelf where you can keep all the items you use in the day out life. You can place a flower vase of white and blue on the shelf. These small accents will beautify your bathroom.

#14. Keep It Simple

You can use blue and white color in a simpler way to decorate your bathroom. They are not expensive. You can paint your bathroom walls white and keep some indoor plants in blue pots.

Wrap Up

Blue and white home décor are limitless. These two colors are relaxed and comfortable, and we love to see these colors in our house. By using these two colors, we can decorate every room of our dwelling.

You can choose any of the above ideas and decorate your dwelling.

Do let us know your suggestions and comments on the ideas we have shared in this article. We would love to see how you have implemented these ideas in your dwelling. Please share your pictures in the comment section.