42 Lounge is looking for GMs to host one-off games Sundays as part of our RPG Sunday focus.

Adventurer’s Guild: Local 42 has met once a month on Sundays for several months, and has been a success. The premise of this event is that players can show up, sit down, and immediately play a RPG of their choosing. Players no longer need to fret about character creation or finding a time that works for everyone in their group, they just get to relax and enjoy the game.

Now, we’re looking to expand on that idea and make these events weekly or bi-weekly instead of just monthly. For that, we’re going to need more GMs to join our team.

We’re looking for GMs who love D&D, 7th Sea, Velvet Glove, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or any other RPG variations. Our requirements are that you are familiar enough with your selected game that you feel confident running a 4-5 hour session with new players, you have a scenario ready to run at the time that you arrive, and you bring with you pre made character sheets to each session. The character background should be brief, but focus on specific details that help to define and flesh out the characters, but still leave some room for improvisation like any good RPG.

We will be looking for a good mixture of game styles and formats. You will need to be available on Sundays from approximately 3pm – 9pm to run the game. If you are interested in joining our GM team, please use the Contact Us section of this site to send us a message. Please include your name, email, the name of the game you wish to run, a brief overview of your proposed first session and a minimum and maximum number of players you can host. Please, no more than about a page worth of details about your game.

  1. Michael Buikus 2 years ago


    I have only been to your establishment once, but I was impressed by the concept and layout.
    I am interested in running as a gm for your Sunday night RPG events. I may not be the best GM, but I believe I can bring a lot of fun to the table and help those new to rpgs. I would like to know a few things first. How often? How many in a group? And, how PG will the groups be.

    I am excited at the prospect and eagerly await your reply.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Michael Buikus

    • Author
      Lynn Richter 2 years ago

      Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. Would you be able to send me an email at Lynn at 42lounge.com so I can discuss this further with you?

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