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Frankhouse and I have been using Facebook Live to talk about 42’s weekly updates for about a month now. Each week at approximately 3pm on Monday, we talk about what events we’re developing, what new beers we have in stock, and anything else exciting that’s happening at 42. As our Go Live updates continue to grow in viewership, I feel it’s important to support community-driven geek events in Milwaukee. We’ve started doing that already, mentioning events like the Dainty Rogues‘ performance at Next Act Theater last week, but I want to do more of this. So I’m reaching out to you, our community, to let us know about geeky Milwaukee events that you’re interested in and trying to get the word out about. I’m not interested in talking about events like Summerfest, for example, which has a much larger marketing presence than we ever will– I’m talking about smaller, community-driven events and groups that our customers might be interested in being a part of. Let’s continue to build Milwaukee’s geek community by supporting one another!

While I’m at it, this might be a good time to discuss what’s been happening with our community-driven Sunday D&D events. These started off with a bang, back in the winter, with volunteer GMs hosting one-off campaigns for people to play. As time wore on, many of our GMs had other obligations that interfered with their ability to host regular Sunday events. We would still like to encourage GMs to come in and host one-off campaigns, but as anyone who has played in a campaign knows: consistency is key. We’re looking for people to host Sundays starting at 4pm. Campaigns should be 2-4 hours long and GMs need to provide character sheets. If you’re looking for another D&D event to meet players and GMs, join us for D&D Players’ Night hosted by game developer Rob Wieland.

So, this is where you come in! Are you working on developing a community event and you want to get the word out? Do you want to GM for our Sunday D&D sessions? Do you have another event or idea that you want to host at 42? Contact us! You can use the Contact Us form right here on the website, or send us a direct message through Facebook. Thanks so much, Milwaukee!





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