Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend and gamed with us as we celebrated International Tabletop Weekend 2017! We had a great turnout of our regular customers and we welcomed a ton of new people to 42. Friday evening, No Dice Improv D&D captivated the entire bar with their crazy adventuring hijinks, which were directly impacted by the whims of the audience. Saturday and Sunday were filled with hours upon hours of games of all kinds. We played everything from Arkham Horror to Kill Doctor Lucky. Captain Sonar proved to be a fan favorite this year, as did Secret Hitler. Pictures from the weekend are featured below.

Our tireless volunteers spent Friday through Sunday with us, hosting, teaching and playing games. Truly, they are what make this event unique. Each of them brings their own style of gameplay and love for gaming to the table, so to speak. I’d like to take a moment to warmly thank everyone who volunteered their time. Our 2017 volunteers are listed at the conclusion of this post.

As you may know, we recently moved our tabletop games to free-standing shelving in the bar, making them more accessible to customers. You no longer need to give a bartender an ID in order to play a tabletop game. We’re hoping this change will allow more customers to enjoy games at their leisure and experience new games they wouldn’t have previously known by name. We only ask that in return you make a purchase and treat our games with kindness.

It’s our goal to make every customer’s event experience a positive one. How did we do? What would you like to see done differently next Tabletop Weekend? Would you like to see more events like this? Let us know! Use the “Contact Us” form on this website to leave feedback, or send us a message on Facebook.

Thank You to our 2017 Volunteers:

Christopher Conklin
Kelly Dawson
Erik Frankhouse
Justin Gramling
Edward Gross
Ian Gunther
Elyse Hobson
Mike Holmes
Krista Lee Malone
Kim Morrison
Paige Pritchard
Richard Rademan
Paul Regner
Tony Rome
Anne Samata
Jason Schmul
Bert Song
Rob Wieland

Special Thanks:
No Dice Improv D&D


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