Inspiration hit suddenly last night during event planning when looking at the calendar. Beauty and the Beast comes out March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day. After a bit of debate, wondering whether to do one party or the other (or combine them– St. Beast’s Day?), we decided, “Why not both?” And so, we present to you: Be Our Guest, taking place on March 18th, one day after the movie premieres in theaters.

We’ll have music, with some of our best DJs, and we want you to dance! The night will start off light, then we’ll turn up the volume as we go deeper into the night.

Our bartenders are eagerly working on their drinks for the evening. As always, we’ll have some fantastic options for you to imbibe. And if you’re looking to get the best deal, VIP Packages will be available right here on our website beginning March 1st.

The movie looks fantastic, with set design, costuming and characters on point. And of course, everyone is excited to see what Emma Watson will bring to the table, as she seems to be a perfect fit for the roll. Hint: bring your ticket stub from the movie.

See you all there!


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