Best Girls Bedroom Ideas for Your Daughter

Girl's Bedroom Ideas

When decorating and designing a bedroom for your daughter, you may be thinking about her personality and what she would like. You might be taking into account her favorite colors or characters.

You might also be thinking about how you can make the room inspire creativity or help your daughter to feel comforted and welcomed.

A girl’s room should be something she would embrace and where she would want to spend a lot of time. It should be a place of comfort and safety, and a lot of that comes from how smartly it is designed. Here are some girls’ bedroom ideas that we want to share with you as we try to inspire you how to craft and decorate your child’s room.

Starry Sky

If you live in the city, you may not even be able to see the stars at night when you look up into the sky. The lights from the city can drown them out, even if it’s just a small city you live in. You can give your girl the ability to see the stars whenever she likes by using glow-in-the-dark stars that are pasted or stuck onto the ceiling. It will take a tall ladder and some adhesive (like putty), but the effect will be incredible.

You can carry that star theme throughout the room, buying or creating a star-shaped pillow, creating a hanging planet display, and adding star-printed sheets to the bed. You will help your child to feel like she is in another world once she steps into her room.

If you are using glow-in-the-dark stars, be sure that plenty of natural light can get into the room during the day so that the stars can absorb light.

High and Low Colors

Part of what make a room exciting and have some energy to it depends on where your eyes are drawn to. You can brighten up the room by using a color floor mat and completing it with a wall mural.

If these are colorful and enticing, they will draw the eyes across the room and up and down the wall as well. This creates a greater sense of space, making the bedroom feel more open and larger than it really is.

A lot of kids’ rooms have very bland floor, unfortunately, but you can make this one come alive by creating a colorful pattern on the floor using a mat like we suggested, or an area rug or even a floor print. These are great girls’ bedroom ideas for small rooms as they help the room have more openness to it.

One of the girls bedroom ideas that we know really creates a sense of fun and wonder to the room is adding a huge wall mural. A lot of people will pick one that has animals all over it, and while that is busy and colorful usually, it isn’t your only option.

You should consider the advantages of using a quieter, more subdued mural, like a nearly empty forest or grassy plains. These create a nature theme as well and help the room to feel not as noisy and busy.

Artwork Corner

If your girl loves being creative, then one of the best bedroom ideas for girls in your situation is to give your girl a creative space. You can set up a corner of the room that is just for drawing or crafting, giving her plenty of storage space for her art supplies.

If the desk doesn’t have much storage space, you can add a small set of drawers beside it or install some shelves on the wall.

It’s teen girls bedroom ideas like this that will really spur her creativity, helping her to have a quiet, personal place that she can work and letting her have a private space where she can make mistakes and get things just right before showing her final creation off.

Strategically Painted

Sometimes, it is easy to go overboard with painting  a bedroom, and you may have all sorts of girls bedroom colour ideas but feel like the job is going to be overwhelming if you attempt to do it yourself. You don’t have to paint the entire room, though. The room can still look special if it is only partially painted.

You could do an accent wall, which won’t take as long as painting the entire room. This is a single wall painted in the preferred style and used to draw the eye to that part of the room. That could be where photos and drawings are hung to help give the wall a bit more importance.

You could also paint sparingly throughout the room, creating a vista or panorama look. So, working with the original color of the room, you take some girls bedroom painting ideas and put them use. If you have a blue room, for example, you can paint in stars or clouds here and there. A pink room may be able to be filled with fun and colorful gold pattern spread across the walls.

You can add in animals or shapes or patterns onto various places in the room, using sparse, strategically placed paint. The limits of what you can do will be determined by your artistic ability and the time you have to work with.

Another one of the better bedroom ideas for teen girls and a way to play with the paint and use it only sparingly is to paint out from the furniture in the room. So, you can paint a canopy on the wall over the bed. You could paint animals peeking out from the sides of the clock. You could paint a stand on the wall to “hold” a small wall mirror. The possibilities are endless, but you have to be aware that this makes the idea of moving any furniture later on a problem.

Decorative lettering

One of the more commonly used little girls bedroom ideas is using lettering on the walls to spell out the girl’s name. There are lots of ways you can take this idea and implement it into your child’s bedroom.

You could buy letters that are already crafted and stick them or nail them to the wall. You could also use stencils and paint the letters on yourself. You can use different fonts and sizes as well to create a disjointed, wacky look. You can also make letters on your own, using whatever materials you have handy. These are just a few girls bedroom ideas for lettering, and you will probably think of some more as you consider this decorating idea.

Pattern Clash

If you want to bring some crazy energy to your little girl’s room, then consider decorating with differing patterns. Looking for girls bedroom paint ideas? Try creating images from stripes, spots, wavy lines, and other shapes. You could also use clashing patterns with pieces of fabric cut into shapes or designs. Spreading these through the room gives it a really cool vibe that is full of fun energy for your kid.

Yes, making everything match in the room might be one of the smarter teenage girl bedroom ideas, but it’s not always what appeals to a smaller girl. Consider using a variety of patterns to make the room’s design look more varied and interesting. You’ll give the eye a lot to focus on, drawing attention around the room. When you use clashing patterns, however, it is usually best to use them sparingly. Overkill can be a problem with this kind of decorating motif.

Dashes of Color

If you’re in need of some cool bedroom ideas for girls, consider spicing up the look of a room with some bits of color here and there. You can choose a few colorful decorations and spread them throughout the room to give it some dashes of energy.

Here are a few different boy and girl bedroom ideas for adding color to a room:

  • A colorful pillow on the bed
  • A decorative lamp on the desk
  • A bright toybox in the corner
  • A festive floor mat by the bed
  • A repaint of the dresser in a brighter color
  • A set of colorful storage drawers by the window

We have shared some of the best kids bedroom ideas for girls to make rooms feel livelier, more exciting and interesting. Your girl’s own preferences will probably dictate some of what you do and may help inspire you as to which direction to go with the decoration.

Be sure to get some ideas from your daughter and find out what she is interested in. You can probably incorporate some of that into these girls small bedroom ideas we have provided and create a room that she loves to spend time in.

Keep in mind that your girl’s interests may change over time, so be prepared to switch some things around and keep from making your decorations too permanent, just in case. Consider decorating in a way that won’t be too difficult to change up and refresh in a few years.