Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

Did you start renovating your home and bathroom? Do you want to make the changes that look trendy? If so, one of the best changes you can add to your bathroom is a bathtub shower combo design. You can design a bathtub that matches your bathroom design and add a shower to it, thus saving space and serving multiple uses. Here we are giving some ideas for a bathtub shower combo design to make it easy for you.

Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

  • You can design a combo by going for a rain shower and placing a glass partition from the other bath area. This idea will make your bathroom look trendy and modern, and this will keep the other bath area dry and clean.
  • Unlike routine ideas, you can go for a circular bathtub with a shower and design them with glass doors adding uniqueness to the corner of your bathroom.
  • Those having a small bathroom can design a bathtub and shower in the bathroom corner and save space. To this, add a glass partition which will make the bathroom look big. A glass partition will add elegance to your bathroom. You can also put shampoos, soaps, etc., on the edges of the bathtub. You can also add a bathtub drain on which you can put shampoo, loofah, etc., so that they are easily accessible to you.
  • If you are designing a bathtub shower combo for adding a classy look to your bathroom, you can go for an overhead shower, making the bathroom look different from others. You can also mount a glass floating shelf on the corner of the wall where you can keep your bathing accessories.
  • You can get a clawfoot tub and fix a rim-mounted faucet with a tall shower riser; this will serve your combo purpose. But when you go for this bathtub, you need to arrange for water connections. Such a bathtub shower combo can be inconvenient sometimes as water may splash out and be challenging for the kids to maintain balance without walls around. You can design these clawfoot tubs with bold colors adding an attractive look to your bathroom.
  • If you have a bathroom in white color, you can get a simple bathtub with a shower in pure white and stainless steel shower, adding a simple and elegant look to your bathroom.

You can try the above ideas for bathroom shower combo designs in your bathroom.

Bathtub And Shower Combo Tile Design Ideas

  • You can go for complete white tiles in the bathroom and go for a bathtub and shower design. A white tile background is simple and takes less investment. White tiles will make the room look more prominent as they will adequately reflect light.
  • One way to design bathroom and shower combo tiles is to go for marble tiles in the bathroom and bathtub completely. These marble tiles will give a luxurious look to your bathroom.
  • You can go for contrasting colors of tiles for your bathtub and the wall you fix it to. These contrast color tiles from that of the bathroom floor will make the bathtub shower combo design stand out.
  • You can also combine different shapes of the same tiles for other bathroom areas to make your new bathtub shower combo design look different.
  • You can go for any tiles on the bathtub shower combo sides but make storage space in the tiles for keeping accessories to use during the bath.
  • You can pick the tiles that complement the bathroom paint color entirely for the bathtub shower combo design. Complementary tiles will add variety to the bathroom.
  • You can match the backsplash near the cabinets to the bathtub and shower combo wall tiles. A matching backsplash will add beauty to the bathroom.
  • You can go for a single tile design to the bathroom, including your bathtub area, making it easy to take it in.

Stand-Alone Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

The best part of these free-standing bathtub shower combos is they come finished on all sides of the tub and can stand alone with no support wherever you place them.

  • You can put a stand-alone bathtub and shower combo in any corner or any side of your bathroom and enjoy your shower. You have to give the piping connection for water wherever you place them.
  • You could design the walls of these stand-alone bathtub showers with various tiles if they are placed in any corner to make it appear standing out in the bathroom.
  • You can also add curtains to these bathtub shower combos to cover them and make them look different in your bathroom.
  • The only issue you come across with these bathtub shower combo designs is balancing for the kids when they stand in the bathtub as they may not have a wall attached to it, like in the built-in bathtub shower combo designs. To avoid this issue, you can get an anti-slippery bathtub mat, which will prevent any accidents.
  • You can also make arrangements for water connectivity and place these stand-alone bathtub shower combo designs in the center of your bathroom. Still, the splashes of water onto the bathroom floor may be an issue for you. To avoid water splashes, you can go for curtains around the tub if you are comfortable.
  • You can also get a different colored stand-alone bathtub shower combo, unlike white color, and place it, making the bathtub look unique inside your bathroom.

Floor To Ceiling Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

After placing your bathroom shower combo in your bathroom, it is also essential to design the bathroom floor and ceiling to give a complete look to your bathroom. Here are some ideas for a floor-to-ceiling bathtub shower combo design.

  • You can paint the ceiling with dark color, contrasting to other light walls making it look like an accent wall. A light shade of tiles on the floor and dark-colored ceiling will make the ceiling attractive and give your bathroom a grand look. Use a paint that is water-resistant for long-lasting purposes.
  • You can also add tiles to the ceiling; you can create different ceiling patterns or add wooden panels to the ceiling. When you use panels to the ceiling, you can install them on the existing ceiling.
  • Adding lights to the ceiling will add beauty to the ceiling. These lights will make the bathroom look brighter and give a classy look to your bathroom with a bathtub shower combo.
  • You can exclusively go for different paint or panels over the bathtub shower combo area to make the area look different from other bath areas.
  • One of the best ideas to design your bathtub shower combo ceiling area is Plaster of the Paris ceiling, which can be made creative and will give a trendy interior look to the area. You can also mount different light strips or bulbs onto the POP designs, adding a classy look to your bathroom.


These days, people like to relax in a bathtub after a stressful day. Having a small bathroom will make it difficult for you to accommodate a bathtub in your small bathroom.

So you can get a bathtub shower combo design and place it in your bathroom. This article will help you by giving different ways to accommodate this, implement our ideas, and write a review on how they worked for you.