Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

BBQ parties are all about fun, frolic, and delectable food. The taste and aroma of freshly grilled food and the company of friends are all we need to rejuvenate after a hectic week at work, isn’t it? The fun element can be taken to the next level by creating the right kind of ambiance. Never given a thought to it, or are you clueless about how to go about the whole thing? Don’t worry; we have compiled a few Backyard BBQ area design ideas. Read on to find out.

Wood Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

If you wish to render an earthy appeal to the place, then going for a wood backyard design is probably the best bet for you. A Bbq area done with wooden slabs and wooden flooring looks fabulous. You can place lightweight wooden tables and chairs to complete the look.

You may hang cane chandeliers to augment the appeal of the place. There are several design ideas under this category. However, make sure you cover the area if you opt for this style, as rain showers may ruin the whole setup.

Just in case you like the idea of an open-air barbeque set up, then you may go for concrete shelves that offer the look and feel of wood. You wouldn’t have to cover the place and wouldn’t even have to spend much on maintenance if you go for a concrete setup.

Built Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

Built-in design is best for those of you who host barbeque parties frequently. Save yourself the trouble of setting up the entire space from scratch each time you plan to host a party. Go for a built-in style backyard bbq area design wherein everything from your grill, furniture to pieces of art are affixed.

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It is essential to ensure you hire an experienced designer to design this area, even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks. After all, it will be a one-time activity, and you wouldn’t have a chance to recreate it for a long time. So, it should look appealing.

Poolside BBQ Area

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, if you have a pool in your backyard and thus haven’t given a thought to hosting a BBQ party in this area, then you probably are missing out on a lot of fun. We believe that the reason you haven’t considered this option is that the pool may have taken away most of the space.

However, this shouldn’t keep you from having a BBQ party in this area. At least, you can have one with your family members and few close friends. The grill can be set up near the pool, and a few chairs can also be placed around it. Never thought of it?

Well, there is always a first time. Try it and have double the fun. Don’t forget to ask your friends to bring their swimming costumes along! Imagine sipping refreshing cocktails and having delicious grilled snacks in between the cool dips you take in the pool.

Small Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

So, you have a small backyard? Well, you can still set up your BBQ grill and host parties in the area if you design it creatively. Just look for a suitable place where you can place the grill. This is the crucial part.

It is best to look for an appropriate corner where the barbeque stand can be set up in smaller spaces. It is a good idea to limit the number of chairs and tables if there is a space constraint. Instead, you may choose to spread a beautiful rug that covers most parts of your backyard.

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You may throw in a few cushions so that your guests can sit comfortably. We are sure your guests will love this unique idea.

Backyard BBQ Covered Area Design Ideas

While most of us prefer an open-air backyard however if you plan to go for a permanent BBQ set up in this part of the house, it is better to get the area covered to keep it guarded against rain, snowfall, and other extreme weather conditions.

This will also give you the freedom to enjoy barbeque even as it drizzles or snows outside. How wonderful would it be to have your favorite grilled food and sip mouthwatering cocktails watching the snow slowly covering the rest of your backyard.

Are you excited already? Well, then check the wide variety of design ideas for creating a fabulous covered BBQ area in your backyard. You may opt for a concrete roof, green roof, or one made with metal when it comes to this area.

Custom BBQ Backyard Area Design Ideas

So, you have checked numerous backyard BBQ area designs, but none of them has caught your fancy? Well, then why don’t you get one designed as per your unique taste. Don’t have any specific thing in mind either? Then let us help you with some creative ideas.

How about a small artificial pond? Yes, if you have the budget, then why not go for it? Revamp your backyard with this beautiful addition as you decide to turn it into a party zone. You may use pebble tiles for the shelves constructed around the BBQ grill set up.

Look for furniture that goes well with the place’s ambiance and spread a grass carpet to complete the look. Another idea can be to set up a long solid marble slab along the grill set up and place a few bar tools where you can sit and enjoy the mouthwatering grilled food.

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Likewise, you may use your creativity to mix and match different ideas to create a fabulous barbeque area design.

Temporary Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

Many of you may not have enough space to create a permanent BBQ set up in your backyard. Or you might not wish to block an area for this purpose. Well, in that case, you can choose from several temporary backyard BBQ area designs.

This can be a good idea as you can recreate the look and feel of the place each time you host a party. You may place small-sized chairs, spread a colorful rug around, and place a small grill if you wish to host a kid’s BBQ party.

You may also add a lot of color to the place by hanging bright pinatas, vibrant pinwheels, and colorful fairy lights to create a fascinating ambiance. You may choose to deck up the area in a completely different manner if you are calling over your friends.

Set up that big charcoal or gas grill in a corner and place the chairs or couch so that the place not only looks appealing but also ensures everyone around can sit comfortably and chit chat. You may place oversized vases filled with fresh flowers and certain artifacts to enhance the ambiance.

Wrap Up

So, these were some cool backyard barbeque design ideas for all you barbeque lovers. Do let us know as to which one you liked the most and are planning to incorporate. We would love to hear from you. Also, if you liked the article, then please share it with your loved ones.

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