More than a little proud to say that we got the ONLY Nitro keg of B. Nektar’s Episode 13, a bourbon barrel aged mead with strong honey, caramel and bourbon notes.

Try it now, or during our Meaducation July 14th!

From the meadery:

Honey Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Appearance – Golden color, brilliantly clear and still with long, thick streaming legs.

Aroma – Alcohol heat with subtle hints of sweet bourbon whiskey. Deep fermented honey, with notes of earthy buckwheat and light caramel. Clean fermentation.

Experience – Sweet, rich honey with subtle vanilla and toasted bourbon notes. Lingering sweetness with a grainy caramel aftertaste. Very smooth mouthfeel with a warming alcohol sensation on sides of tongue.

Type: Mead

Alcohol: 15.5%



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