Spring is finally here, and you’re likely more than ready for long, sunny days and warmer weather. The change in seasons means it’s time to put away the cozy layers that made your bedroom a welcoming retreat all winter and make the switch to bright, fresh, and summery decor that keeps you cool all season long.

Summer is all about easy, breezy and carefree, so changing out your bedroom for the season should be focused on letting the outside in and keeping it simple and fresh. That’s easy to do when you follow these summer decor tips.

The Best Ways to Get Your Room Ready for Summer

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

Nothing says “summer” quite like a ceiling fan. If you have the space, consider having a fan installed; even small bedrooms can benefit from a fan. While ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, they help circulate it, which can make you feel cooler — and let you turn down the AC. In fact, you can even use the fan in the winter to help the room feel warmer. Simply switch the direction of the fan blades, which will push warm air back down into the room and keep it cozy.

2. Change the Window Treatments

If you hung heavy insulated drapes to keep out the winter chill, replace them with lighter curtains for the warmer months. Pair some sheers with slatted blinds that can be adjusted to keep the heat out during the day, or hang crisp white curtains that will instantly lighten and brighten the space. Another benefit? Letting the natural light wake you up each morning is gentler and more likely to help you rise earlier and have more energy throughout the day.

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3. Change the Duvet

One of the best things about a duvet is the option to change the cover each season. Change out your heavy bedding in flannels, fleece, velvets and other warm fabrics for lighter summery fabrics. Try covering your bed with crisp linen, soft cottons, seersucker and other cool fabrics to stay cool and add a fresh feeling to your space. Choose colours on the cooler end of the spectrum, including blues, greens, and purples, to help the space feel cool and create a relaxing space.

4. Add plants

Houseplants are on trend right now, but they do a lot more than make your room feel current. Adding greenery to your bedroom can actually help improve sleep, improve air quality, and increase the amount of oxygen in the space. Adding plants can also help a small room feel larger. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose easy-care varieties like snake plants, spider plants, or the impressive Monstera, all of which thrive in moderate light environments and only need watering every week or two. Succulents are also popular options that thrive on neglect, but add interest to the space.

5. Change Accents

Changing the accessories and accents in your bedroom can quickly take your space from winter to summer. Put away the fall and winter scented candles, and replace them with lighter summery scents. Have photos in your room? Consider changing wintry scenes to happy, summer snapshots. Implement accents inspired by nature, made from natural materials that invoke the carefree feelings of summer. Summer is also the perfect time to bring in pops of bright, cheerful colours. Add a few throw pillows in popsicle-hues, or a colourful patterned throw rug to add some cheer.

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6. Dust and Declutter

One thing that can make a huge difference in your summer bedroom is cleaning and decluttering. Throw open the windows and let in some fresh air while you clean and clear out unwanted items. For example, while putting your winter wardrobe away, donate or give away any sweaters you didn’t wear this year. Clear out the books from the nightstand, and give everything a thorough dusting.

7. Change Artwork

Another way to freshen up the space is to change the artwork hanging on your walls. Try hanging some botanical or beach inspired prints to add colour and interest to the walls. Choose artwork to invoke feelings of rest, serenity and relaxation.

8. Change the Lighting

Finally, during the winter months, you want lighting that feels warm and cozy. In the summer, you want cool, light, and bright. Replace your light bulbs with those that produce whiter light, and

Making these simple changes can keep your bedroom a restful sanctuary all summer long – a place where you can relax and recharge after a long day in the sun.