Top 5 Glass Shower Doors Reviews for Your Small to Luxury Bathrooms


Glass shower doors might seem like a minor part of designing a bathroom. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, your shower doors are the binding aesthetic element that can tie the whole space together.

With that said, choosing the right door for your shower room can prove to be an overwhelming task. There are several types of shower doors, each different from the rest both in style and budget. To help you make an informed decision, here are our top 5 glass shower doors reviews.

1. Bypass or Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, also known as bypass shower doors are very popular in use, especially in small bathrooms. Fabglassandmirror shower doors provide a certain versatility that you cannot get with other types of shower doors.

Bypass shower doors usually consist of two or three glass panels that slide along installed tracks. They can serve as a blockade to a bathtub, or to create a standalone shower altogether.



● Incredibly space-saving
● Makes the shower look larger and more open
● Easy to install
● Ideal for alcoves or wide openings


● Relatively hard to maintain (bottom track can be festering ground for mold and grime)
● Requires frequent cleaning
● Sliding movement may deteriorate over time
● The cost goes up the bigger glass panels get (also thickness)

2. Fixed Shower Door

Fixed shower doors, or rather screens do just that. They save you from the hassle of opening and closing a door each time you get into the shower. They usually consist of one or two glass panels that do not move after installation.



● Sleek and elegant modern finish
● Variety in options
● Customisable
● Easy maintenance
● Lower price than other more elaborate designs


● Not suitable for small bathrooms
● Water splashing and steam leaking outside (which could potentially damage your bathroom)
● Less privacy
● It feels colder

3. Hinged Doors

Hinged shower doors function similarly to regular doors. They have hinges that allow them to swing fully open. Some hinged doors can swing all the way, making it a 180-degree pivotal movement. While these doors are very common in use, they do require sufficient space to be able to swing fully open.



● Easy to clean and maintain (due to the lack of bottom tracks)
● Much larger opening compared to sliding doors
● Polished and contemporary look (as it blends nicely with the interior)
● Some models can swing inward and outward


● It requires a bigger bathroom for the door to be able to open fully
● Water might leak outside after the door opens
● Can run pretty expensive (especially with thicker glass)

4. Folding Glass Shower Doors

Bifold and trifold shower doors have an intricate mechanism that allows them to fold up on themselves. In fact, these are one of the most reliable and durable tried and tested doors. They’re used in regular homes, apartments, but also tiny living spaces and caravans. They operate in the same manner as folding closet doors or folding patio doors.


● Very easy to open and close
● Perfect for smaller spaces
● Design that makes the bathroom appear larger


● Not as aesthetically pleasing as some other designs
● Thinner glass

5. Infold or Inswing Door

This is one of the most peculiarly unique and singular designs in shower doors. The ‘infold’ incorporates a particular mechanism that allows the door to open into the shower room. Then once the person is inside, they close the door which then wraps back around them. The sweeping motion is truly stunning and makes for a gorgeous interior.



● Very rare and unique style
● Saves space
● Smooth opening movement


● Can be as high as 3 times more expensive than other shower doors
● Intricate mechanism (requires professional installation)

Review Of Different Glass Types Used In Shower Doors

Clear (Standard) – for unobstructed view

Clear glass doors are one of the most popular choices amongst home interiors. They offer the advantage of an unobstructed view. They also make space look much bigger, brighter, and more open. If you live alone or if you lock the bathroom while showering, then this is the ideal option for you.

Additionally, one of the major aspects behind the popularity of clear glass is how modern and elegant it looks. It’s even more beneficial if you have a small or dark bathroom that doesn’t get much sunlight. Clear standard glass will definitely solve that issue for you.

Low Iron – for maximum clarity and brightness

When it comes to light transparency, low iron glass provides an improvement of 6% compared to standard clear glass. Like the name states, its composition is very low in iron.

This eliminates the blueish and greenish hues that could transmit through standard glass. So this type of glass provides maximum clarity and brightness. This makes it perfect for shower doors looking to enhance the modern look of a bathroom.

Rain – for minimal appearance and privacy

Rain glass is very similar to frosted glass but with a minimal appearance. The rain finish is very subtle. It also provides you with the privacy needed for a shower room. The pattern is much less obvious than that of frosted or etched glass. So it won’t disturb the overall aesthetic of the decor.

Frosted – aesthetic appeal without compromising one’s privacy

Frosted glass allows light to flow naturally into the room without compromising one’s privacy. So this is a perfect option for anyone sharing a bathroom with family members or roommates. Keep in mind that the level of frost changes from one manufacturer to another. As some frosted glass panels can still be somewhat see-through.

Tinted: Bronze, Gray – for elegance and sparkle in interior

The tinted glass trend is one of the most cutting edge elements of decor you can implement into your bathroom. It will instantly elevate the interior and make it look more modern and elegant. While see-through, tinted glass reduces the amount of light that’s allowed to enter.

Although the tint adds to the shade of the bathroom, some people won’t mind hiding their simple shower stall. This makes for a unique aesthetic that you can complement with other decor features.

Review of Hardware and Accessories of Glass Shower Doors

Shower door hardware and accessories can make or break the decor and overall look of your bathroom. Anything from handles, towel bars, clamps, and hinges to robe hooks, seals, and u-channels should be considered. After all, the devil is in the details.

If you’re going for a minimalistic contemporary aesthetic, use accessories with a light hand. You don’t want the clutter to take away from the sleek beauty of your shower room.

If you want a more modern appearance, opt for monochromatic hardware. Chrome, matte black, and brushed or polished stainless steel are ideal for that.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is more rustic or mid century modern, implement metallic elements like brushed nickel, brass, or oil rubbed bronze.

The best way to go about hardware and accessories is to match everything. This will make the task of picking out everything much easier. Not only that but it allows you creative freedom through adding different elements of decoration without overloading the space.