3 Ways to Upgrade Your Porch

Our porches are the precipice of our houses. These spaces are the border between our homes and the rest of the world, and because of this, we have to pay attention to how they look and feel to other people. Your porch is one of the first things people will notice when they come over or drive down your street, so you want it to look great.

If we can keep them interesting and beautiful, people will go into our homes with a good first impression and a curiosity about what else you’ve done with the place. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to get more enjoyment out of it, you need to keep your porch in great condition.

Instead of letting this great space go to waste, here are the top three ways to upgrade your porch!

Add Color Where You Can

Colors help carry our eyes to see what we’re meant to see. If you want people to keep their gaze on your home, you can help them do that with color pops that stand out. Of course, having too much color doesn’t always work, and doing something like an uncommon or brightly colored siding can bring down your home’s value.

However, small pops of color to your home’s exterior are just enough to draw positive attention and make a big difference. If, instead, you want your home to be as welcoming as possible and lead the eye to the door, do this by making your door stand out the most.

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This option is achieved on Los Angeles homes for sale by using muted decor and paint on most of the exterior and then adding a large splash of color with the front door being a classic red or something more striking like purple or green.

Some people read into the meaning of the color of a door, so if you want to make sure you’re making the best impression possible, research what the colors mean and find one that suits your household. Painting your house colors that you love for everyone makes it easy to show off your taste and individuality.

Pay Attention to Texture

In addition to adding more color to your home, you can also make it pop by bringing in different textures that go together. Our minds love variance: but don’t take it too far! You can update a concrete porch by laying down a layer of wood on top or by painting it. Consider the texture of the furniture you put out.

Playing around with different textures can enhance the appearance of your porch, but not all textures go with one another, and too many different kinds can be overwhelming. If you have a sleek metal framed porch swing, ensure that the rest of the table out there matches that texture. You can play against it with soft outdoor-friendly cushions and pillows.

Although smooth surfaces go well against harsh furniture lines, if your porch cushions are too soft, you could risk mold, mildew, or bad odors by leaving them outside.

Don’t Be Afraid to Scrub It Clean

Your porch is exposed to dirt and the elements every day, so it can get extremely dirty over time, and you might not even realize just how bad it is. What’s the point in making your porch as comfortable as possible if people don’t want to touch it because it looks like it’s covered in pollen or cobwebs? It’s a good idea to scrub the exterior of your home and get it looking shiny.

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To start with, focus on cleaning the inside and outside of your windows. A dirty window is easy to spot since these panes of glass love holding onto dirt and dust. Clean inside the window as well, where bugs, pollen, and dust often get caught.

After this, many think they can hose down their siding or bricks to clean it off: but that often won’t do what you need! Instead, rent a pressure washer at least once a year! Pressure washers cost between fifty to a hundred dollars to rent for a day and can offer you the chance to scrub the outside of your home.

In addition, pressure washers can kick away grime and dirt, even if it’s built up over years and years. Pressure washing your porch and the areas around it can make it more enjoyable to spend time outside, but if it’s really dirty, it may even be a change noticeable by those just passing by your house.

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